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Thunderbirds Are Go-Ring of Fire (Released)


Thunderbirds Are Go! is a worthy revival of the 60s Supermarionation classic, and this edit doesn’t take much away from what the series has to offer…though that’s not to say there’s wiggle room for slight improvements. I took the opportunity to produce a small pre-episode montage of what was to come in the story, just as the classic series had done when they kick started every exciting instalment. I decided not to use the title sequence as it proved a little redundant (half the bloody thing is made up of a montage of what’s to come in the episode, and I’d already pushed that back further to the very start of the episode), however it should not come off as too jarring, at least I hope so.

Afterwards, it was just a small matter of avoiding the dreaded “part one” and “part two” and writers credits (though I included the directors credit)

The links can be accessed via PM.