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Third times the charm! Final versions, 18 film saga


I’m happy with these until the final piece, ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ drops.

18 films - blueprints as how to ‘fix everything’ really - not 100% polished fan edits lol This is (and post Jedi is still to come) self contained. No shows, books or games etc… The only two films we really need are an Obi Wan movie (set between I & II) and Solo II to make it snug. I’m not going to list what I changed 'cuz there’s so much. I fixed everything I could, sometimes imagination MAY be needed or I had to create special effects or use an animated scene…all kinds of surprises await. ALL the dots are connected now, no contradictions, etc. I know many have made edits, many have watched…MANY…edits.

Mine is the ENTIRE SAGA - not just one movie. My goal is to fix the STORY and characters and bring that early 80’s feel to ALL of them. I’m not concerned with how GREAT something looks. That means nothing to me. I don’t want anything to look like crap lol but if footage has a different quality sometimes - so be it. That doesn’t ruin my enjoyment. In the Rebels trilogy, SOMETIMES I may have needed a shot from an earlier season and sabine’s hair is a different color for one scene lol, stuff like that. I want YOU to have so much fun again that it doesn’t matter. I love Star Wars, I hate what’s happened to it and I made it so that EVERYTHING feels like the OT. I wish my Dad could have seen it RIP - he’s the only opinion I care about but I’ve had great feedback. It’s a journey, 18 films I Know but who can sit through ALL the other stuff to enjoy stars wars. It’s too diluted now (for me). So hopefully people enjoy my take. Maybe I’ll expand here later but I say just take the journey…

The Phantom Menace
Shroud of the Darkside
The Clone Wars
Sons of Dathomir
The Wrong Jedi
Revenge of the Sith
The Siege of Lothal
Twilight of the Apprentice
Rogue One
A New Hope
The Empire Strikes Back
Return of the Jedi
The Ewok Adventure
Resistance II (eventually)
Resistance III (eventually)
The Force Awakens
The Last Jedi
The Rise of Skywalker (eventually)

So it’s,

The Prequel Trilogy
The Clone Wars Trilogy
The Rebels Trilogy
The Anothology
The Original Trilogy
The Resistance Trilogy
The Sequel Trilogy

I’m out after that haha, except for maybe a second anthology trilogy (like Mandalorian and Caspian, etc), that I could get with.

I’d love to know what people think of it - you have to start at Ep I and watch all the way through though…I’ve had people just start later cuz they didn’t like the prequels but then they missed all the good stuff. I enjoy the prequels just as much as the OT. EVERY Star Wars film is GOLD when cut right - even the Ewoks movie was good family entertainment. If only I had the negatives!

May the force be with you!

Questions - ask away. I’m on ALOT of pain medication and my brain doesn’t work well enough anymore to just go into FULL details, I apologize (I’ve been told i’ll prob be in a wheel chair in a few years boo hoo hoo etc) so just ask. I’f you’re gonna hate then save it pls lol 😃

Thanks again.

I consider my edits ‘blueprints’…not fan edits. They represent what could have been… 😉


DigMod said:

Are you open to feedback this go around?

Yes, but judge THESE versions please lol IMO you have to go through it ALL upto The Last Jedi and then - take it all in.
I stick to my guns on that though because if you don’t go through the whole STORY - it’s not all clear. Once you’ve gone through it once with ALL the changes then (hopefully) you can/will bounce back and forth lol

Again, I’m not concerned with how things look because I didn’t get paid, this isn’t official - it’s just a what should/could have been… It’s impossible to ever be fully satisfied with a star wars edit because of the wipes. So I left that vanity behind and it’s all STORY. The Skywalker story. Father, then Son, then their Legacy. And it ALL connects. Enjoy or hate away lol My goal was just to LOVE these movies like I did and FEEL like I did when I was 8, and hopefully make others feel that way again…cuz the studio never will. They COULD and this is the point of my edits…but they won’t lol So head canon is the only canon now imo 😃

You can skip the Ewok movie if you don’t have kids lol but it’s a great family movie - I wish they’d originally been in widescreen.

two notes - TPM is a lil rough - the hindi audio track was crap an not my fault and nothing can be done - it WORKS though and that’s all that’s important to me. also the ending to The Wrong Jedi is only a placeholder until the final season of TCW airs.

Also TCW is a lil rough because I spliced two eps in, so the story lines don’t all resolve in the best of sync/order so
if anyone has any ideas on re-ordering etc… I’m all ears. Again, it works enough that you get the idea lol

Everything else I’m pretty happy with.

I tried to keep them at under 2hrs 5 mins but the rebels and resistance are a bit longer so if anyone can see anything else to be cut in the ones over 2hrs 5 mins lemme know pls

Plus if anyone can think of better phrasing or words for the crawls fel free to post that too. My memory loss has diminished my big words lol Thanks. Also, the only thing I couldn’t add was HOW Rex and his troops are still around in Rebels. I just had no way of putting it in so if anyone can think of a way, PLEASE do. It’s addressed in The Clone Wars movie (which I’ll be honest I was a bit burnt out on lol) so I just assume we/you can figure it out lol

I’m always changing them too - every time I watch them. I’m TIRED now though… like an example is in II - the I hate the sand scene lol Anakin says ‘and smooth’ and his mouth doesn’t move because I used a diff shot…now ONE DAY I will find out how to add his mouth speaking (hopefully), but there’s little things like that you know - this IS Star Wars though, so use that imagination we once had lol 😉

Fire away!

P.S. sorry if I double responded to anyone personally - the old grey matter just ain’t what she used to be 😉 Thanks.


I found an ERROR in The Clone Wars - I cut off the subtitles…CRAP. I’ll fix it soon as I can. My bad.

I consider my edits ‘blueprints’…not fan edits. They represent what could have been… 😉


hi a new hope empire strikes back and return of the jedi and star wars resistance links aremt working


anakinskywalker said:

Hi your link for the ewok adventures isn’t working

you’re right! My bad, I’ll re-upload it right now. I also changed the endings for Shroud of the Darkside and The Wrong Jedi and also added 3hr 15 mins extended ROTS (with Clone Wars season 7 spliced in)!!!

I’ll fit it right now and send u new links!

I consider my edits ‘blueprints’…not fan edits. They represent what could have been… 😉


anakinskywalker said:

Hi your link for the ewok adventures isn’t working

Everything’s fixed with the new ROTS, etc added. Ewoks still needs work as the quality is just ok since I had to zoom in to make it 'widescreen (from a 4:3 source). It’s just a bonus anyways (but a good family films which I like ALOT). Thanks for your patience.

I consider my edits ‘blueprints’…not fan edits. They represent what could have been… 😉