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Things that would improve Rise of Skywalker

  • When Kylo Ren meets Darth Sidious, he asks how Sidious is alive and Sidious responds, “Did you really think I was foolish enough to send my real body to the second Death Star?”

  • Sidious tells Ren to bring Rey to him rather than to kill Rey.

  • Sidious is called “Darth Sidious” rather than “Palpatine”.

  • When Rey arrives, Sidious immediately drains Rey and Ben Solo rather than trying to essence transfer into Rey.

  • Have the Sovereign Protectors dress like they do in Crimson Empire and use their weapons from that or dress like and use the weapons of the Shadow Guards from The Force Unleashed.

If Plagueis shows up in the ST, not only will I refuse to watch the movies, but I won't so much as watch the trailers, either. - DuracellEnergizer