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The prequels according to the pre-1999 EU


What would the prequels be like if written by someone trying to keep continuity with the pre-1999 EU above all else?

  • Jedi would have all different lightsaber colors.

  • The Clone Wars would involve “clone masters” and clone madness.

  • No Darths besides Vader

  • Boba Fett would be Jaster Mereel

  • Vader would get coronated by the Korriban Sith Lords

Anything else come to mind?


Jedi could be a little more like what was in the Tales of the Jedi comics, a bit more decentralized and allowed to marry (none of the no attachment BS). They could still have facilities around, since I think The Courtship of Princess Leia mentioned the Jedi have a dome or a council on Coruscant.

Screw lightsabers, I’ll stick with regular swords. At least they won’t blow up in my face like this franchise has.