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The entire Star Wars Saga on HD-DVD/Blu-Ray format!!!

It is time to have ALL the Star Wars fans petition Lucasfilm to release all 6 Star Wars films on HD-DVD and Blu-Ray format! Including the uncut original versions of Episodes 4 through 6 plus Empire of Dreams and the new Legacy Revealed. It would be SOOOO cool if a video companion to the new book Making of Star Wars could be available or added to Empire of Dreams to make it longer. Also an Ultimate SW set should have Clone Wars 1, 2, and CG series be included as well. Having all of the films on HD discs in a very protected format would hopefully prevent pirating. Having the films in HD will be like watching the film masters, it will be very close to that quality! HDTVs and HD players/recorders will come down in price within 10 years so investing in the entire SW saga on HD discs will be worth it!!! Star Wars was MADE for HD, long live SW and the HD-Ready TV series still to come!!!

Mark McLaughlin
Hudson, MA