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The Stranger Things Thread — Page 3


I’m adding briefly, trying to avoid any season three spoilers. I’m four episodes in and so far really liking it. It seems better built and written than season two. My only real complaint is one I’ve had through all the seasons and it’s regarding their often times heavy handed homages to popular films of the 70s and 80s.

I’m fine with the feel of the classics, but I wear a bit on direct lifts. There was a scene in this current season where I could see a Hopper line coming a few minutes before he said it. It was a lift, verbatim, from a classic film. I was very disappointed when I was right. Homage of not, it was lazy writing following a lazy setup.

As a reference, Super 8 is to me a perfect film at paying homage while still standing on its own originality. Moderator

"Why are you here, Rey from nowhere?”