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The Witcher - The Last Wish


Ok then, so here is my first attempt at editing streaming content. As a fan of Sapkowski’s books for the last 23 years, I was anticipating this adaptation but was eventually disappointed by it. Too much unnecessary filler, pointless attempt to make Yennefer main character which she never was in the books, omitting things crucial to the story, logical errors, geographical errors, too many things to count… It can’t be fixed the way i would want it to be, but I could at least make it a little closer to my beloved books, at least first one of them, as the show later deviates from the books more and more, making the story unrecognizable (season 2 is a complete mess which I dont think can be fixed like the first one could).

So here’s a 2,5 hour long edit of episodes 1-5 of Netflix show. The goal was to keep it closer to the book, in a form of a few short stories presented one after another (there is no “The Voice of Reason” framing story as it was not in the show, and since “Grain of Truth” short story was changed in the show, and moved to season 2, it’s not present here either).

Geralt is the only main character here, we stay with him most of the time, there’s no Ciri (yet), and Yennefer shows up when Geralt meets her.
Episodes 2 and 3 were switched here for better flow, so Jaskier doesn’t disappear just after he is introduced. Because of that, prostitute’s line mentioning bard was cut.

There are also additional audio tracks (english and polish), re-scored with music from Witcher games soundtracks and “Hexer” TV show music by Grzegorz Ciechowski (which I consider to be the best witcher related music ever created), but for all those who enjoyed Sonya Belousova and Giona Ostinelli’s work, there’s original audio track too.

I think this is as close to a proper adaptation of first Witcher book, as we can get with this material.

PS. The sequel will follow (based on episodes 6-8), but it won’t be that close to the corresponding book (“Sword of Destiny”) as more than half of it was completely omitted in the show.