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The Transformers-The Lost Commentaries


While browsing Youtube for signs of fan-generated Transformer content, I stumbled on some rare commentary tracks from Transformers superfan Chris McFeely, which he did as a favour for a couple of friends over on the Moonbase Two community. While the audio commentaries are still avail bile on the Moonbase 2 website’s archives, the visuals they accompanied remain in pretty bad quality on Youtube.

These commentaries I don’t believe are present on any DVD release that he has contributed to (some of you TF fans may remember he did the commentaries for the Takara trilogy and the Transformers movie)

I downloaded the commentaries and attached them of downloading those commentaries and seeing if I can attach them to higher quality copies of the episode

The episode are

-Seachange (season two)
-Call of the Primatives (season three)
-Carnage In C-Minor (season three)

All three have been uploaded to Internet Archive. DM for link any time.