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The Star Wars Archives, a different kind of preservation — Page 3

Lots of new videos on starwarsarchives

Hi everyone,

I just uploaded a new feature called "The Muppet Connection"
It has some vintage sw related video's in it:

- The 1980 Star Wars Muppet Show
- An episode of Muppet Babies with a Star Wars theme
- R2-D2 and C-3PO on Sesame Street (the workprint video)

These are long video files good for a few hours of fun.

I also added a new section to 1980 called 'rare video' which includes:

- Clapperboard (interviews with Anthony Daniels, Dave Prowse and Peter Mayhew)
- A very rare BBC documentary on John Williams from just before the release of The Empire Strikes Back (lots of BTS clips from the editing and interview with John Williams, Gary Kurtz and Irvin Kershner)
- Walter Cronkite visits ILM (larger file available for download at the starwarsarchives forums)
- A dutch broadcast from 1980 with lots of clips from the lost Michel Parbot documentary (the making of the Empire Strikes Back)
- A german broadcast from 1980 with interviews with Irvin Kershner and Anthony Daniels.

Also from the 30th anniversary B/W set from officialpix which was released at Celebration IV. It is limited to 250 sets. It has 30 wonderfull images that you can all find in the movie stills section (1977) on

Enjoy and tell me what you think in the forums.

Darth Neo
humanity is a flawed creation.........
More updates: (also a lot of great high-res images have been uploaded to the forum)

I just opened the year 1976 with some fun content: sketch gallery, rare image gallery, the various Star Wars script drafts and of course the audition tapes from Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and some extra stuff from Harisson Ford.

Other updates are:

Captions have been added to the images in the galleries of those images that can be found in higher resolutions in the forum of this site.

1977 promotion - photoshoots is updated with some great images including some never before released alternate images from the 1977 Fangoria photoshoot.
1979 - photography - elstree studios is updated with some great images including some never before released images from the ice hangar set at elstree.
Added 1977 - principal photography -Tikal Guatamala to 1977
Added 1977 - principal photography -Death Valley to 1977
added 4 images to 1977 production - elstree studio backlot
added 42 images to 1977 production - esltree studio
added 27 images to 1977 production - tunisia
added 15 images to 1977 promotion - photoshoot
added 5 images to 1978 the oscars
added 76 images to 1983 promotion - photoshoot

Changed a few galleries from 1977 to the correct year of 1976
added a early prototype gallery to 1976
added 52 images to the 1976 props and models gallery
added 22 images to the 1977 photoshoot gallery
added 24 images to the 1980 photoshoot gallery

Added a new rare video section to 1983 with:

- 20/20 on John Williams
- Siskel and Ebert review
- SneakPreview Teaser

Added a new rare video section to 1978 with:

- Carrie Fisher on Saturday Night Live
- Cartoon from the holiday special
- Princess Leia sings from the Holiday Special
- Star Wars Burger King Commercial
- Star Wars anti smoking commercial
- Star Wars Toy commercial with C-3PO and R2-D2
- Star Wars re/release trailer

Added 2 new video sections to 1977:

cut scenes
- Luke spots the space battle above Tatooine
- Luke tells his friends at anchorhead about the space battle
- Biggs tells Luke he is going to join the rebellion
- extended cantina scene

rare video
- interviews with the cast from The Today Show
- Bob Wilkins interviews Anthony Daniels
- Star Wars sketch from the Richard Pryor Show
- The Donnie and Marie Star Wars episode (perhaps even worse than the Holiday Special


Darth Neo
humanity is a flawed creation.........
the BBC documentary about John Williams is on demonoid:
My God, I think this might just be the greatest thing ever!

I haven't seen that Donny and Marie and Richard Pryor footage since 1977! What a trip! And the 1981 shots of the cast of the Radio Drama all gathered around the mic are a joy(I still say Perry King was the only one who could have given Harrison Ford a run for his money....)

Darth Neo, you are my hero!

(Did I use enough exclamation points)?.....................!
I just stumbled on this thread and the website. Fark me! This is awesome! VERY VERY VERY cool site.

Well done mate, well done.

timdiggerm said:

With a tremendous amount of Flash? :(
What are you, Amish?

(ALLOL when I read that)


The new design is absolutely terrible and almost nothing from the original contents is there :-(


Darth telly said:

what happened to this site?

It was a great site, very cool.
Maybe send a PM to Darth Neo and ask him? He was on here not so long ago.
I hope the site returns soon.