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The Rings of Power (CrossFader revised edit)


So this is my second go at editing the Rings of power, I decided to change my original plan of keeping the harfoot plot in movie one to spreading it out over both movies so I could also create one full length version at some point, also after many viewings I did not feel satisfied overall so decided to start from scratch.

Movie one:
Runtime: 2hrs 12mins
Size 24.0GB
File m2ts
1080p full HD

1 : We start with the familiar Peter Jackson movie style opening.

2: Really trimmed down the valinor stuff, Galadriel does not build a boat or have a fight, briefly see her talk to her brother then we move on.

3: Title card appears as ‘the light of the ELDAR .

4: Trimmed the search for sauron during the mountain expedition.

5: Intro to Nori brandyfoot picking fruit and a brief intro to her farther, (in this version nori only has a father as to keep the story tight for editing some characters had to go unfortunately)

6: Cut the scene of Elrond sitting in the glade, we now move straight to the introduction of lindon home of the eldar.

7: Galadriel speaks with Elrond, night time scene removed.

8: Ceremony remains and transitions into the eldar ship sailing to valinor.

9: Asteroid lands and nori investigates transitions end of episode one into episode two.

10: Elrond meets with celebrimbor to discuss building a forge, they leave for khazad dum, trimmed dialogue on route to the dwarf kingdom, Elrond is permitted to go straight in there is no bad vibes between them in this version.

11: Rock smashing competition has been removed.

12: Brief scene of durin speaking to he’s father, Elrond on he’s way to meet with him goes wandering and stumbles across mithril.

13: No soap opera dwarf family stuff here I’m afraid. (Disa is removed completely)

14: Galadriel is rescued by halbrand alone. Trimmed dialogue between them.

15: scene with nori the stranger and the fireflies trimmed slightly

16: Durin speaks to he’s father about travelling to lindon to meet the high king, scene is heavily edited to remove the whole cavern collapse.

17: The southlands is introduced by Bronwyn warning of the missing villagers.

18: Arondir is first introduced as a captive by the orcs. It plays out as if it’s a vision by Galadriel

19: Intro to Numenor remains exactly he same although a lot of trimming during Galadriels stay.

20: Slow motion horse riding scene gone

21: Arondir meeting Adar trimmed slightly

22: Theo does not have the broken blade, it does not appear at all.

23: Elrond travels to lindon to feast with the elves. The story of the tree and the silmaril remains, the light of the eldar is fading so Elrond must convince durin to help! Hence the title of this first movie.

24: Nori tells the stranger that he is not perilous we then end there storyline with the first appearance of the witches.

25: Theo is chased down by orcs and hides away in the well, rescued by arondir and escape back to the castle.

26: Final scene: Galadriel about to be escorted off the island! The white tree sheds it’s leaves and Numenor decides to fight.

Movie Two:
Runtime 2hrs 16mins
Size 24.3GB
File m2ts
1080p full HD

1: We start with the familiar Peter Jackson movie intro.

2: Pan into the map of middle earth, follow the map along to the southlands title card appears as the three rings.

3: First scene is arondir at the castle warning Bronwyn of the orc army and what’s yet to come.

4: Adar speaks with orc about covering the sun.

5: Bronwyn speaks with the people of the southlands, some stay some leave to join the enemy.

6: Back at Numenor the people get ready for the sail to middle earth.

7: Nori and company are attacked by wolves but rescued by the stranger

8: Elrond goes back to khazad dum to convince King Durin to help them

9: The stranger freezes Nori’s arm then leaves the company.

10: Trimmed a lot of the battle of the southlands, a lot of the violence and gore is really toned down.

11: The Numenorians arrive to save the day and Adar is captured

12: Durin helps Elrond despite he’s father refusing to help

13: Nori and poppy follow the witches! Cut the entire burning of the caravans scene.

14: A few cuts and trims during the aftermath of the battle then straight into the eruption of mount doom

15: Heavily edited the mount doom aftermath episode

16: The Numenorians return home with the queen blinded, this is the last we see of Numenor in this edit

17: Galadriel and halbrand ride to Erigeron.

18: The forging of the 3 rings

19: The stranger and nori battle the witches (no sadoc in this version)

20: Nori leaves the harfoots to travel with the wizard ( goodbyes heavily trimmed) a much more brief departure.

21: Sauron enters Mordor.

22: Credits roll

1080p full HD
AC3 5.1 Channels
Large M2TS Files for perfect HD quality, smaller files will follow in due course.



I’d love a chance to watch 😃

After being beaten and battered by prequel hate, I promise not to be that to the next generation.


Hello, could I get a link please? This sounds amazing. Thanks!


Hi there, could I get a link please? Happy Easter.


I’d love to have a look at your revised edit. Could you provide me a link aswell?


Hi, I would like to see your edition of the series, could you send me a link?


If you have a link, I would love to see this!