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The NumeralJoker/MechaSalesman 4K HDR Edits Megathread, Clips Previews, and Release Info — Page 4


Could I get a Link to your Episode I edit, please?

“This is my emotional support dog.”
“Cool. This is my physical damage donkey.”


Revenge of the Sith OST Darkness Edition (Deluxe):

  1. 20th Century Fox Fanfare (Removed from edit)
  2. Lucasfilm Logo (Ahsoka is Back 00:00 - 00:15)
  3. SW Intro
  4. The end starts now! (KOTOR Theme song)
  5. Battle of Yerbana
  6. Anakin surrenders to the Separatists/The clones charged in
  7. Obi-Wan and Anakin speaks
  8. The Battle of Coruscant begins
  9. Mace takes a Vulture droid
  10. Taking to the skies
  11. Things are getting tense to the group
  12. Offering a proposal
  13. Yoda and Mace teamed up
  14. Greivous appears
  15. Blowed down
  16. Going after the Chancellor
  17. Loyalty means everything (Ahsoka and the 501st)
  18. Obi-Wan and Ahsoka argue (Obi-Wan and Ahsoka Argue 00:36-end)
  19. Ahsoka sees Anakin leave
  20. Battle at the urban area
  21. The Jedi have the left
  22. Confronting the Magnaguards
  23. Chancellor kidnapped!!
  24. Return to Coruscant
  25. Invading Madalore
  26. Bo-Katan is fine with that
  27. Battle in the clouds
  28. Race you to the surface
  29. Boys into battle (Unused version)
  30. They’re coming around
  31. Get’em R2 (Unused version)
  32. Elevator Antics (Unused)
  33. The Mauldalorians retreat
  34. Entering the undercity
  35. You’re walking into a trap
  36. Ambush in the Sewers/Why are you here?
  37. Maul Corners Ahsoka
  38. Tunnel Pursuit
  39. Dooku’s entrance
  40. The death of Dooku
  41. Going down
  42. Greivous and the droids
  43. We’re really picking up speed
  44. Another Happy Landing
  45. Revisiting Padme
  46. Greivous travels to Palpatine
  47. Scenes and Dreams
  48. Becareful of Your Friend
  49. Council Meeting (Unused version)
  50. Hold me
  51. Palpatine’s Television Screen
  52. Palpatine’s Big Pitch
  53. Battle of Kashyyk
  54. Sidious discussion
  55. Word with Ahsoka
  56. Goodbye Old Friend (Unused version)
  57. The only plan that matters
  58. Almec’s cell
  59. Chasing Saxon
  60. Going to Utapau
  61. Seeing over Mandalore
  62. The throne
  63. Maul speaks to Ahsoka
  64. Ahsoka vs. Maul
  65. The Red Mandalorians fall back
  66. A fight in the rafters
  67. Maul’s final warning
  68. Riding Boga
  69. Obi-Wan fights the droids
  70. Drawing Swords
  71. Arm cutter-up
  72. Good Guys arrive
  73. Aftermath on Mandalore
  74. A plot to destroy the Jedi
  75. Ahsoka and the Coucil
  76. Leaving Mandalore
    Transporting MAul
  77. Palpatine’s seduction (Unused version)
  78. Rolling and Fighting with Greivous
  79. Conversation with Mace
  80. Padme’s ruminations
  81. Ahsoka Pensive
  82. I am the Senate (Unused version)
  83. Palpatine instructs ANakin (Unused version which comes from the album version of Padme’s Ruminations)
  84. Jedi Temple March
  85. Lament (Album version)
  86. Bail’s escape
  87. Ahsoka attacked
  88. Let’s get moving
  89. Swimming, Droids, and Yoda’s farewell
  90. Releasing Maul
  91. The Clones hunt
  92. We don’t understand
  93. Rex in the medical bay
  94. One with the Force/It’s all of us
  95. Obi-Wan escaping Utapau
  96. Victory and Death
  97. Best Bet
  98. News of the attack
  99. Mauls destroys the Hyperdrive
  100. Crash Course Moon
  101. Ahsoka decides
  102. Moving Things Along
  103. Anakin’s Dark Deeds
  104. Rex confronting Jesse
  105. Break for the Shuttle
  106. The Y-Wing
  107. Bridge explodes/Dodgin Debris
  108. It can’t be
  109. I’m so sorry
  110. A moody trip
  111. Padme’s visit
  112. The path I can’t follow
  113. Heroes Collide
  114. The duel of Yoda and Sidious
  115. Yoda’s fall
  116. The boys continue
  117. Yoda into Exile
  118. Battle of the Heroes (Film Version)
  119. Immolation scene
  120. Anakin crawling
  121. The birth of the twins
  122. The Death of Padme
  123. The plans For the Twins
  124. Burying the Dead
  125. Padme’s Funeral
  126. Exile to Dagohbah (Yoda’s farewell +1 pitch up)
  127. A Home for the Twins
  128. Vader find Lightsaber
  129. End Credits (Album version)

If Lucasfilms released the deleted scenes of ROTS (Extended Battle of Coruscant in Space, Extended Jedi Temple hallway scene, Extended Padme and Anakin scene before the Opera scene, Obi-Wan visiting Padme before he leaves Utapau, Sheev talking to Anakin after Obi-Wan leaves for Utapau, Obi-Wan fighting off the Magnaguards, Alternate Mace vs. Sheev duel with Anakin watching the duel, The Nos Monster, Extended version of Yoda leaving Kashyyk, Extended Padme and Anakin scene before he leaves for Mustafar, An extended Separatist Slaughter which features the deaths of San Hill, Shu Mai, Rune Haako, and Wat Tambor, and R2-D2 and C3-PO Taking an unconsious Padme to the ship), I am sure it would pleased you.


So I’m beginning the long process to edit the remaining small arcs of the show, as well as the longer season 7 arcs. Seasons 1-6 content will again be upscaled to 4K HDR while season 7 was animated in native 4K HDR already and will recieve the same encoding methods as applied in the ROTS 4.5 hour cut, keeping all the native color data intact.

There will be 10 2 part 42(ish) minute film cuts, 9 solo episodes, 3 season 7 film cuts (including a bonus cut of Siege of Mandalore alone, separate from the ROTS cut), and a bonus edit for the Crystal Crisis Animatic to go with the Son of Dathomir Audio Comic edit. To keep the files all in the right order, I’m updating the chronological order of releases as follows. Don’t pay too much attention to the numbers themselves, other than 1.0, 2.0 releases designating cuts from the first batch that are the most crucial to the plot of the show. Beyond that, the numbering system just ensures the episodes will be put in the right order when all cut together. Only one file will need to be renamed to fit in order due to a small continuity error, and that’s the Young Boba Fett arc (renamed from 1.4 to 1.01). All other files will keep the same number.

I will NOT be doing a film cut of the Rookies arc due to the idea that you are meant to watch Domino Squad grow over the course of the war, so I will be leaving their episodes as solo adventures and putting them in the right spot with this numbering system. Solo Episodes will still get the 4K HDR treatment and then that source will be downscaled back to 1080p SDR in the batch for consistency’s sake, as even at 1080p, there are some benefits to the new color transfer.

Prequel/Clone Wars Film Edits Watching Order:

Episode I Extended Cut
Episode II Extended Cut

2D Clone Wars MicroSeries Edited
Episode 1
Episode 2

The Clone Wars Season 1 Content:
The Clone Wars 2008 Film Extended Cut

0.0 Clone Cadets
0.1 The Malevolence Film Cut
0.1a Rookies
0.2 Duel of the Droids Film Cut
0.3 The Gunray Chase Film Cut
0.4 Dooku Captured Film Cut
0.5 Jedi Crash Film Cut
0.5a Trespass
0.6 The Blue Shadow Virus Film Cut
0.7 The Battle of Ryloth Film Cut

Season 2 & 3 Content
0.7a Bounty Hunters
0.7b The Zillo Beast Film Cut
0.8 The Second Battle of Geonosis Film Cut
0.9 The Deserter Film Cut
0.9a Lightsaber Lost
1.0 The Mandalore Plot Film Cut
1.0a The Young Boba Film Cut
1.0b Corruption Film Cut
1.0c Assassin
1.0d Arc Trooper
1.0e Sphere of Influence
1.1 The Menace of Cad Bane Film Cut
1.9 The Heroes on Both Sides Film Cut
2.0 The Nightsisters Film Cut
3.0 The Mortis Film Cut
3.1 The Citadel Film Cut
3.2 Padawan Lost Film Cut

Season 4 & 5 Content
3.3 The Mon Cala War Film Cut
3.4 Shadow Warrior
3.5 Nomad Droids Film Cut
4.0 The Battle of Umbara Film Cut
4.1 The Slavers of Zygerria Film Cut
4.2 The Rako Hardeen Film Cut
4.3 The Rebellion of Onderon Film Cut
4.4 The Young Jedi Film Cut
4.5 The Droid Adventure Film Cut
5.0 The Return of Darth Maul Film Cut
6.0 The Wrong Jedi Film Cut

Season 6 Content
6.1 The Order 66 Arc Film Cut
6.2 The Banking Clan Film Cut
6.3 The Disappeared Film Cut
7.0 Yoda’s Journey Film Cut
The Son of Dathomir Audio Comic (Bonus)
The Crystal Crisis Story Reel Film Cut (Bonus)

Season 7 Content
7.1 Ahsoka’s Walkabout Film Cut
7.2 The Bad Batch Film Cut

2D Clone Wars Micro Series Edited
Episode 3

Episode III - Revenge of the Sith - The Siege of Mandalore Cut

Alternative Bonus Cuts (Not included in viewing order, as these feature content already in the ROTS 4.5 hour cut)
Micro Series Episode 4 - The Battle of Coruscant
7.3 The Siege of Mandalore Theatrical Cut

I would love to make a special project of some kind for Dark Disciple, but I sadly can’t think of any reasonable way to edit the novel into a more digestible/viewable form without requiring some kind of extensive fan art archive to cover the visuals. My goal is to get this project wrapped up sometime over the next 2 weeks.


You forgot the Disappeared Film cut.


If TCW were to have the Crisis on Utapau Arc finished, made Maul of Dathomir arc and Dark Disciple arc animated and not adapted into a comic and novel, and brought the Boba and Cad Bane team-up arc, Bad Batch on Kashyyk arc, Yuuzhan Vong arc, R2/Rex Adventures arc, Secrets of the Temple arc, and Politics of Mon Cala arc were animated and brought to life, You would’ve make them into film cuts. And if Dave Filoni brought the Battle of Muunilist and DUel of Yavin, the War Expands as teh Jedi lead, the final weeks and the Battle of Nelvaan, and the Battle of Coruscant into 3D, then it would amaze you.


SandMTV said:

You forgot the Disappeared Film cut.

Added. Was already planning to make it. Just forgot to slip it into the list.


I’m very curious if you would do a Bounty Hunter Video Game Film Cut.


That sounds great. It’ll be nice to have most of the show in film form. Bad Batch seems to be CW S8, so I guess there’ll be stuff to work with there as well.


If you add NV II scenes like Yoda sensing Dooku’s death (The scene placement after Anakin says that Obi-wan’s fate will be the same as him and Palpatine), Palpatine talking to the ancient sith lords before his duel with Mace Windu, ETC., it would be new.


With Bad Batch, I don’t want to commit to anything at this time until I know the content of the show better. It’s possible that I could use bits of it to update the ROTS cut, but I can’t assume anything until the show is out and I have an idea of how much, if any, real overlap it contains. For all I know, the entire first arc could be set explicitly during ROTS/Order 66, or it could only be the opening first minutes. I’m also very happy with where my ROTS cut is currently at and worry that How they tell that story will greatly determine what I do with any content from that show, if anything.

For now, my main goal remains to get TCW S1-7 wrapped up in once nice package.


That’s a good point. I think the quality of a individual edit would be more important than adding everything that could fit. Will you be revisiting Rebels beyond the finale supercut? Does seem like that one is a lot harder than Clone Wars to work with. I’ve thought about how different arcs could be combined, but a straight edit seems incredibly difficult considering the episodic style


I’m leaving projects beyond TCW open-ended at this time. I’ve considered compilation films for Rebels Seasons 1-3 using about the best 8 or so episodes from each, but that’s still a tough challenge and may not be as worthwhile to pursue, as only the final arc truly benefited from the film structure.

I’ll still be working on these TCW edits for a number of days anyway, so we’ll see.


Have you ever considered adding those four scenes into A New Hope: the Rogue Cut?

  1. Darth Vader reporting The Emporer about Kenobi’s death and Obi-Wan suggesting Yoda to train Luke (Scene placement is after Kenobi’s death):

  2. The Emporer dissolving the senate (Scene placement is after Obi-Wan says to Luke that he must do what is right and before we see the Deathstar for the first time):

  3. An interlude to ANH (Scene placement after the Tantive IV goes to hyperspace and before we see Luke the first time):

  4. Qui-Gon talking to Obi-Wan (Scene placement is after Tarkin visits Leia’s cell and before Luke returns to Obi-Wan at the Sandcrawler):


Keep up the great work! I’ve been enjoying your edits so much! Especially your A New Hope Edit.


Brand new trailer for the final batch of Clone Wars Episodes coming (hopefully) next week, this will complete the release of the entire series as new film cuts, and upscale all of seasons 1-6 into 4K HDR to match the already native 4K HDR release of season 7.

Enjoy this trailer and watch this space for more clips soon.


Every Single Clone Wars content including Crisis on Utapau, Maul son of Dathomir, and Dark Disciple is now released to the public.


Can you make a Prequel Saga Torrent? It will be in Prequel/Clone Wars Film Edits Watching Order.


As Sand has said, the new TCW Film Cuts are all completed and now fully available. The entire project has been finished and I will be updating the main page of this thread soon. There is now a collection out that puts all the cuts in viewing order, though it does not yet include the 2k3 series or Episode I-III cuts. Perhaps at a later time.

Some new 4K Clips to see…

The Zillo Beast Strikes:
George Takei Star Wars Cameo:
R2-D2 vs Goldie:
Mace Windu (and Jar Jar) vs Talzin:
Eeth Koth vs Grievous:
Clips from the 9 Single Episodes:

Also worth noting is that I updated the 2008 Extended Film Cut to be a v2 release based on gaining access to a higher bitrate master of the film and those first 2 episodes, as well as the S6 yoda arc for the same reasons. I also corrected a glitch in the contrast settings in the Umbara arc and updated that to a new v2 as well.

The Boba Fett Arc has also been renamed file 1.0a so it takes place before the Corruption Arc, rather than after the Cad Bane cut as I originally had placed it. The file is identical, so you can just rename the file and keep it in the same folder. No need to redownload the whole file if you already had the “1.4” version.


It really is amazing that you did all this. Thank you so much! I know you did the last 8 episodes of Rebels, but do you plan on doing any others?


Possibly. The source files I have for Rebels don’t make the upscale quite as justified yet, sadly. And the content of Rebels is much more difficult to edit due to it being both more serialized and yet more filled with filler at the same time.

I have ideas, but don’t want to commit to any one project at this time. The finale cut benefits the most at this current time.


Oh this is good news. I’ll get to downloading some today.


I’ve finished updating the Megathread here with new info on the finished TCW 4K releases.

So far, this project has been well received and I personally am pleased with the final results. I’m debating if I should create a separate release for it, since it’s such a large work.

I hope many of you enjoy it as well. I’ll continue uploading clips and samples from various arcs over the coming days/weeks.


Why didn’t you include Obi-Wan’s message from Rebels at the end of the credits or during Bail’s final scene and Obi-Wan’s last scene?

I think Obi-Wan should’ve be the last person to speak in ROTS instead of C3-PO.


I’ve just been having a flick through the various TCW film cuts whilst waiting for several to download (curse my download speed) and I’ve noticed that you included several deleted scenes in the pilot film, the Maul film, and the Yoda arc.

Is there any reason you didn’t include the fully rendered deleted scenes from ‘Duchess of Mandalore’ (Anakin Speaks with Mas Amedda, Padmé Challenges Mas Amedda, & Republic Fleet Ordered to Stand Down), ‘Evil Plans’ (C-3PO Reunited with Shiny R2-D2), ‘Hunt for Ziro’ (Ziro Loses the Bracelet & Quinlan Finding Snooty’s Bracelet), and ‘Escape from Kadavo’ (The Queen and Dooku).

To my knowledge these are the only deleted scenes that are fully rendered and voiced in a similar way to the ones you have included.