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The Muppet Show - Original Zoot Endings


This topic is dedicated to "The Muppet Show" ending credit variants that were used throughout the years, before the season DVD box sets were released.

To start with, the original UK and US broadcasts of "The Muppet Show" used two different styles: in the US, the credits were centered, while in the UK, they rolled on the left side of the screen and mentioned the guest star. Some DVD releases in the US have recently contained the UK-style credits for most episodes of season 1.

As for the Zoot ending shots, if anybody has any of the following below, feel free to PM me!

-Higher quality editions of the 1980s "hit!" variants of the Zoot shots

-The unaltered ATV/ITC alternate ending variants to the Kaye Ballard, Harry Belafonte, Roger Miller, Dudley Moore, and Mac Davis episodes


The German Season 1 DVD contains the original Zoot ending at the end of a few episodes. As for all the other Zoot endings, I have no idea where I can find any of them.