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The Multiverse Saga (RE-EDITTED)


So I know how badley Phase 4 has been for many of us MCU Fans, leading to us not being as captivated as we once were. So I layed here a blueprint of sorts of what I want to do to fix Phase 4 of The MCU.

  1. Focus on telling The Multiverse Story as a Limited Story (Just for the beginning, thus this is the first act of the Multiverse Saga)
  2. Less is More (Quality over Quantity)
  3. Focus on the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame
  4. Limit Comedy
  5. Fix Character Arcs

First Movie: Ant-Man: Quantumania

Remove MOST comedy from MODOK
Remove MODOK from final Battle
Remove Kang Being defeated by The Ants (He doesn’t go outside at all)
Make MODOK say “I don’t have the parts for The Pym Patricle” or Something in those lines because of Bad Plothole.
Remove Jokes involving Kang (To make him more threatening)
Remove both Post Credit Scenes (Just to use the two for later)

Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Make into Movie format
Make US Agent more of the Main Villain
Karlee is less sympathetic
Make it feel like “The Winter Soldier”

Thor: Sins of The Gods

Cut out almost every joke
Korg actually dies
No More Hammer Jokes
Make Gorr even more scary
Limit the Bad CGI Scenes
Cut out Bad Dialouge
Keep both Post Credit Scenes: They Work


Make it into a Movie format
Cut whole Love Story (It’s weird and unnneeded)
Cut Infinity Stones being Paper Mechays (Stupid right?)
Cut explanation of The TVA
Write a Better Explanation for The TVA (Say it was just created?)
Cliff Hanger = The Time Keepers aren’t actually real
Post Credit Scene: Loki meeting the Other Lokis

Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3

Cut Adam Warlock being an Idiot
Keep = Everything Else


Make it flow as a Movie
Cut out episode 4 almost entirely
Keep Episodes 1 to 3 mostly
Last Episode Shift around
Post Credit Scene: Kingpin meeting Echo with a Shot, 2nd Post Credit Scene: No Way Home Trailer

Spider-Man: No Way Home

The Extended Cut, Nothing is removed

The Scarlet Witch

Make Wandavision into Movie format
Make her less of a hero at the end of the story
Make her not learn her lesson of letting go?

Shang-Chi: Legend of The Ten Rings

Remove Certain Jokes
Fix Pacing Issues
Include some Deleted Scenes

Loki II

Episodes 5 and 6 of Loki

Remove some Jokes of He Who Remains
Make He Who Remains Kang The Conqueror Varient (They are both the same varient as Kang was “killed” by Ant-Man and The Wasp it landed him in where He Who Remains is in, in Loki)

Post Credit Scene: Time is everything (2nd Ant-Man Post Credit Scene)

Doctor Strange: Prophecy of The Scarlet Witch

Cut out a lot of the movie
Cut out The Illumanti
Cut out other stuff

Post Credit Scene: The Council of Kang (1st Ant-Man: Quantumania Post Credit Scene)

End of Phase 4

Projects Canceled: She-Hulk (Because I dont’ know how to fix it, Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight is moved to Phase 5. What If is not needed. Werewolf by Night isn’t needed either. Black Panther Wakanda Forever is moved to the First Installment of Phase 5.



I’m paying attention. Let us know when you need viewers.