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The 'Movie that you will have seen three movies from now' thread...



  1. Your post must be about the movie you will see exactly three movies from the current or last movie you are seeing.

  2. You must provide photographic evidence of you watching this movie and proof that you watched two movies in between your last or current movie seen and that movie.

  3. dahmage is eternally forbidden from posting in this thread.

  4. As creator of this thread, I am exempt from these rules.

  5. I am not exempt from these rules during the two-minute period from 8:15 to 8:17 A.M., Eastern time. Thank you.

Edit by poster:-

Posters are strongly encouraged to abide by the forum and thread rules… and have a think the you press the “Submit your reply” button 😃


This is the best night ever.

ChainsawAsh disappears a lot - bkev


I’ve updated the rules.

I’ve sent a PM to make sure that you all know of this change.


Please mail that tape over to:

News Lockbox
The Washington Post
1301 K St. NW
Washington, DC 20071