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The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (1977) Stereo Mix


Thanks to this playlist, the 1996 VHS of this 1977 film from Walt Disney Productions has a 2-Channel stereo mix that is nowhere on any other release except on this tape. Probably this is a stereo remix for this special VHS edition.

Using the recent remastered version with this stereo mix, it makes me think with most Disney films in the 70s, they released stuff in mono optical sound on 16/35mm prints through the RCA Sound System (Photophone).

For the 1996 VHS, Disney was celebrating 30 years of the first Winnie the Pooh featurette, The Honey Tree in 1966.

When Buddy Baker, the music director/arranger/conductor of the Pooh featurettes, recorded the scores for the 3 (Honey Tree, Blustery Day, Tigger Too!), it was probably recorded in multi-track analog tape and mixed in stereo, downmixed for mono optical sound prints, and was kept in the Disney vaults until this specific video release in '96.

Stereo tapes/records were available in 1965/66, 1968, and 1974 (when the shorts were made.)

(In the link, you’ll notice in the opening music cue, the violins are panned left and the harp is panned right.)

So with the recent release on Blu-Ray and with the 1996 Stereo Mix, it should make a unique experience.


The LaserDisc also has this stereo mix.

LaserDisc sounds better since the VHS still has some noise but digital LaserDisc audio is CD-quality and sounds much clearer.

This actually sounds really great. Ironically, it sounds more stereophonic than the 5.1 remix on the Blu-ray/DVD.
I would definitely do a custom Blu-ray (and also custom DVD for the open matte 4:3 version) with this stereo remix, the original mono mix (from another LaserDisc) and the 5.1 remix from the Blu-ray.

And I’ve loved every pixel of it.
(Clarissa Darling, Clarissa Explains It All)

You’re so right.
(Kylo Ren, Star Wars: The Force Awakens)