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The Last Jedi - Saga Conclusion Fanedit


Hi all,

I’m currently working on an edit of Last Jedi and was hoping to receive input on what changes you all feel would make the film work better as a conclusion to the saga. I’m hoping to work with footage and deleted scenes exclusively from TLJ as I find the film to be pretty conclusive as it is.

My edit seeks to strengthen the sense of finality in the film, treating it as a conclusion to the Skywalker Saga.

So far my changes are as follows:

  • removed one reference to the Knights of Ren being Luke’s former students. Viewers who remember their reference in TFA could simply assume they are Snoke’s guards.

  • remove Luke’s “the war is just beginning” and Kylo’s previous statement about it being over

  • removed the last scene with the First Order and all references to Kylo being named Supreme Leader. The last we see of them is Kylo screaming.

  • Another change in the film will be to add a new crawl that stresses the vulnerability of the First Order from the beginning. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for this. Primarily I’m looking to make it seem like the First Order is useless or completely defeated by the end.

This is what I have so far:
The FIRST ORDER has been
weakened. But despite the
destruction of their most
feared weapon, Supreme
Leader Snoke has now deployed
his merciless legions to
seize military control of the
vulnerable galaxy.

Only General Leia’s small band
of RESISTANCE freedom fighters
stand against this tyranny,
certain that Jedi Master Luke
Skywalker will return and
restore a spark of hope to the

But the Resistance has been
exposed. As the First Order
speeds toward the Rebel base,
the brave heroes mount a
desperate escape…

I’d love your input on this and please add any other suggestions. Thank you


Remove the “oh no” in the opening Resistance evacuation scene and give Luke his green lightsaber back, and it’s perfect.

The unfortunate reality of the Star Wars prequel and Disney trilogies is that they will always be around. Forever. They will never go away. It can never be undone.

I also prefer to be referred to as “TNT”, not “Freezing”.



Rey could have her scene on Tatooine after Luke says “I will not be the last Jedi”. Her taking up the family name is a strong parallel to Kylo’s “let the past die”.

Maul- A Star Wars Story


Add star destroyer destruction montage from end of TROS.

Since TFA and TLJ orbit one another so closely yet say different things, maybe giving them a deferent title might help. As if they were a two-part comic or novel duology.
No ‘Episode VII(I),’ just a unifying name.

Maybe ‘Shadows of the Empire’ or whatever parts I and II.

Well done. I will disengage self-destruct initiative.