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The "ISOMIX" DVDs (Released)


I received these DVD’s in the Mail after a few emails with “Iso” - He gave me a rundown of the set and I then used that and some info from the discs themselfs to create the NFO that is include with the torrent download and that is listed below.

I don’t wanna claim any credit for the creation of this set. - If Iso wants to chime in here I’m sure he will - but for what it’s worth I’m really impressed with the overall presentation of this set. IMHO this is one of the the most complete sets with menus so if EXTRAS and PRESENTATION is your thing - THIS is the POODOO!

So on with the info…

Star Wars - Original Trilogy - 1977 - The “ISOMIX” Version

DVD Information

Type…: Movie
Platform…: Video_TS folder
Burn Tested…: Yes
Video Format…: DVD/VOB MPEG2
Video Bitrate…: 5-8 average Mbps
Audio Format…: Dolby Digital 2.0
Resolution…: 720x480 4x3 Pan and Scan
Source…: Definitive Collection LD
Original Format…: NTSC
Genre…: Science Fiction
Size…: 4.36 GB

Release Notes

The “ISOMIX” Original Trilogy Laserdisc Transfer

  • Source - U.S. Definitive Collection/Faces LD rip versions
  • Isolated Musical Score

Basic - Tech Specs

  • Interactive Menus
  • English Subtitles
  • Video: 5-8 Mbps (average bitrate - VBR MPEG2)
  • Audio 1: Main - Dolby Digital 2.0 (448 Kbps)
  • Audio 2: Isolated Musical Score - Dolby Digital 2.0 (448 Kbps)

These DVD’s were created from the Definitive Edition Laserdisc Box Set. Some
small portions (like Leia’s welding scene in EMPIRE) were taken from the “Faces”
set.It was digitized via S-video and edited with Final Cut Pro. The audio was
transferred via a digital coaxial connection to ProTools and converted to AC3.

MPEG2 Encoding Info:

STAR WARS and EMPIRE were encoded with a 2-pass VBR of 3.8 minimum and 8 maximum using Compressor with Final Cut Pro. The ac3 tracks were encoded with a bitrate of 448 kbps with dialogue normalization at -27 DBFS. Due to the longer length of Jedi, it was encoded at 3.7 min, 8 max and the music only track was encoded at 384 kbps.

The music tracks for the isolated score come from the RCA/Victor Special Edition soundtracks, except for some tracks that were only available on the 4-disc Fox Scores/Arista Box set.

The “Music Only” track for STAR WARS contains every cue used in the movie, plus an unused cue in the Trash Compactor scene.

All the music tracks have been edited to match the original soundtrack as closely as possible.

I hope to update this with more info in the future

PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK at this tread ***The “ISOMIX” feedback thread ***

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