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The Hockey Thread


I saw there were some old hockey threads on here but they’ve not been updated in over a decade. So I thought I’d start a new one.

Does anyone else on here like hockey?

I feel like I’ve always been interested in getting into hockey ever since I saw The Mighty Ducks movie as a kid but only last year did I start following the NHL extensively with the Maple Leafs. I’m finding it’s really exceeding my expectations with how much fun and action packed it is. I’m really excited to see what the Kraken can do and how long it takes them to find the success the Golden Knights have had.

"Pleasure’s fun. It’s great, but you can’t keep it going forever; just accept the fact that it’s here and it’s gone, and maybe then again, it will come back, and you’ll get to do it again. Joy lasts forever. Pleasure is purely self-centered. It’s all about your pleasure: it’s about you. It’s a selfish, self-centered emotion, that is created by a self-centered motive of greed. Joy is compassion. Joy is giving yourself to somebody else, or something else. And it’s a kind of thing that is, in its subtlety and lowness, much more powerful than pleasure. You get hung up on pleasure; you’re doomed. If you pursue joy; you will find everlasting happiness.” - George Lucas