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The Force in your PT


Okay, there have been many interpretations of the Force and how its used. Many EU sources have the Force split between Light and Dark, though the OT (and even in the actual PT) only mentioned just the Force and the Dark Side.

I’m mentioning this because I’m curious how to show the Jedi’s views on the Force, as well as those outside of the Jedi (Dark Jedi, Sith, etc). I have seen one version where the Jedi have multiple views in “The Fall” by Khyron42, but it’s not that many. Also, I’ve notice few, if any, have kept the OT’s version of the Force.

So, which interpretation do you plan to use? How will your Jedi see the Force? How will the villains and non-Jedi (including non-Force-sensitives) see the Force? I’d like to hear your answers. Thanks.

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The Force itself is played much more ambiguously in my prequels. There’s some lyrical description by the likes of Kenobi; describing suns’/stars’ connection to Jedi as “It shines, it warms, and it gives. It helps to create life, and from life comes the Force.” There’s definitely a sense of reverence towards it by older Jedi, but there’s not overt discussion about its nature, largely because it be redundant given such conversations already do happen in the original films.

The more significant deviation is what the Jedi are in a pre-Clone Wars galaxy, because only some are Knights. The expansion of the Republic, the troubled problems in various territories, and the lack of any real large scale was for millennia has gradually changed the make up of what the Jedi are. Most are serving the galaxy in peacetime roles as engineers, farmers, teachers, and so forth. The old time role of lightsaber wielding guardians of peace and justice has fallen to people like Obi-Wan and soon Anakin who are first on the front line of the worst galactic war in thousands of years.

This context exist to serve as tragedy in what was lost by the purge (with beneficial cornerstones of communities gone forever), but also serves as the central question and conflict of the prequels “What role are the Jedi to play?” Nellith, the old, mentally scarred former Knight desperately does not want to Jedi to lose what they’ve gained in the past few centuries; a growth into being not just guardians of peace and justice but builders of it as well.

This is the ultimate dividing point Anakin and Obi-Wan, as Skywalker becomes more disillusioned with the war and the flaws of galactic government, in spite of his master’s assurances to have faith in the Force. Kenobi finds himself as the compromising middle ground between Anakin’s desire for the Jedi to take more control as a means to save the Republic and Nellith’s wish to preserve what the Jedi are and prevent the potential fall to the dark side by keeping them away from the front lines.

The dark side itself is presented less as the eternal yin to the light side’s yang and more of a Tolkien esque corruption than anything else. Its not brought up until the second film, and its danger is more underplayed compared the original films, largely because there haven’t been truly dangerous threat from it for a long time. Nellith briefly fell to it in the past, but there’s a subtext that most Dark Jedi are too irrational and emotionally compromised to be a long team threat.

That’s why Palpatine proves to be so dangerous and a complete shock to the Jedi, because an emotionally focused and controlling person mastering the dark side rather than the other way around proved be outside of their expectations. He’s not a devout Sith following tradition, he’s a cunning opportunist who used the Dark side as a tool to gain power. There’s a line I have where Kenobi tells Anakin that the Dark Side takes the best parts of ourselves and makes them our worst; the insidious nature of Palpatine is that he takes the Dark Side and somehow it makes it worse.


In my canon, orthodox Jedi believe that the Force consists of two distinct halves, the light side and the dark. While there is no consensus on the exact nature of the light/dark sides – some Jedi view them as intinsic elements of the Force while others see them more as arising from the individual – they still recognize the distinction and strive to avoid tapping into the dark side.

Dark and gray Jedi have a less rigid interpretation of the Force. Some recognize the light/dark duality but believe that one can tap into both without succumbing to either; others don’t recognize the duality at, believing the Force to be a single whole without any divisions.

The Sith have their own take on the nature of the Force distinct from the Jedi’s. While they accept that the Force has different, distinct parts, they don’t view the Force as consisting of two halves of light and dark; they believe instead that the Force exists in layers of order and chaos, with no sharp dividing line between the two. The Sith believe that order has to be actively maintained to keep nature from falling to chaos, and so they’re willing to use whatever means necessary to ensure order, even violence.

Palpatine views the Force as nothing more than chaotic, all-consuming darkness; the light side, if it has any objective existence at all, is just a pale shadow that will eventually be torn asunder in the end days.

The legion of non-Jedi/Sith Force religions hold to a wide range of differing interpretations of the Force, far too many to go into detail here.

In my mind, no one group or individual has a fully accurate grasp of the Force; they all see the Force, but they see it through a glass darkly. Personally, I think a fusion of the Aing-Tii and Potentium views of the Force comes closest to describing its true nature.

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