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The Final Steps: a movie-length epilogue to TROS featuring Rey searching for Ben's ghost, Finn character development,...


This is not in any way my work, just sharing this here for anyone possibly interested. I am not the biggest fan of fan fiction, however I am liking this ongoing project which started off in comic form (linked below) and is being continued in novel form. So far, I find it justifies some of the choices made in TROS which I had trouble accepting.

The premise is this: It is several weeks after TROS. The galaxy is trying to reestablish diplomatic relations and peace. Rey is on a soul-searching quest on Tatooine, and is struggling to find purpose and to grieve over the loss of the second half of her force dyad, Ben. She has not felt him pass on into the force, and finds that he instead is in some sort of force limbo/purgatory (for which the author borrows a concept from Rebels).

Finn, Jannah, Lando and Chewie set off on a mission to find the long-lost parents of the First Order stormtroopers who were kidnapped when they were children and Finn begins awakening more of his force abilities.

Poe and Zorii go off on their own adventure which takes a left turn.