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The Fanfiction Request Thread


I opened this thread so that if any of you are looking for some Fanfiction in particular, you can text here and see if anyone knows some Fanfiction corresponding to what you’re looking for.

I want to be the first to make a request. Are any of you aware of a fanfiction set in the Legends universe, in which Anakin’s Force ghost appears to the Skywalker family and explains why he fell to the Dark Side? It would be interesting to read it. I would like this Fanfiction to be set in an Alternate Universe in wich despite the Solo Kids are already adults the Yuuzhan Vong War doesn’t happen. But it’s not an essential requirement, I’m happy even if it’s set after the events of the NJO novels. In particular, I’m looking for something like that:


But with the entire Skywalker family.

«This is where the fun begins!»
(Anakin Skywalker)