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The Brave Little Toaster - Restoration (WIP)


Hi y’all. Just joined the site but I’ve already taken on a fairly difficult project. One of my favorite movies as a kid was the brave little toaster. I think I wore out at least two VHS copy’s. I’m such a big fan ive collected the original book, a vintage sunbeam toaster and a Kirby dual sanitronic 80(I plan to get them all). However back to the topic at hand, without a nice blu ray copy the best we are left with as a really crappy dvd. It’s the same transfer as the VHS. Lots of camera shake, frame flick, more artifacts than in a museum and all kinds of other things. The one good positive is it has a fairly descent dolby digital 5.1 track. My goal is to rip the film, convert to 1080p and clean it up while improving or keeping the decent 5.1 track. Stay tuned!