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***The "9000" Saga Edit***


This project has been replaced by the following, more recent edits:

Original first post:

Special thanks to Adigitalman, Darth Editous, Niel S., Rebel11_38 for their help and assistance! As a disclaimer: I used footage and/or audio from the following people's edits: Adigitalman, Ocpmovie, Darth Editous, Attack of the Phantom, and Magnoliafan. So a very special thanks to them as well. I make sure to give credit where it is due.

Episode I: TPM
This film seemed to be decently edited, with most of it's flaws being conceptual. But other than that, what we're given plays out well on it's own. Most of the edits are for pacing, as well as removing junk that takes the focus off the main characters and plot development. And of course, many of these changes have been made in almost all other fan edits. This film has been "fan edited" the most.

- New opening crawl, thanks to Rebel11_38
- Removed lots of Panaka's bad one-liners
- Removed the second half of the planet core sequence, and the redundant Nemodian/Sidious scene caught in the middle
- Removed the battle droid's line to Qui-Gon
- Removed the scene of Padme cleaning Artoo with Jar Jar
- Changed some of the subtitles
- Trimming a few bits of the Anakin meets Padme scene, also removing Jar Jar's encounter with the pit droid
- Removed Jar Jar talking to Qui-Gon about being "robbed and crunched"
- Removed lots of Jake Lloyd-isms
- Snipped the scene with Anakin's "friends" laughing at him, and Jar Jar's toungue getting fried by the power couplings (Thanks to Adigitalman!)
- Altered the podrace grid sequence, trimming and adding
- Altered the podrace, both trimming and extending
- Added the Greedo deleted scene (Thanks to Adigitalman!)
- Added in the probe droid deleted scene (Thanks to Adigitalman!)
- Removed the Air Taxi scene
- Removed a lot of Jar Jar silliness during the battle scenes (Partially using Adigitalman's footage)
- Removed lots of Anakin stuff too, during the battle scenes, although he still flies on autopilot (Partially using Adigitalman's footage)

Episode II: AOTC
This was the flim that, IMHO, needed to be edited the most. The was the Star Wars film that I found most difficult to watch all the way through. While it's a good story, it suffered a lot from bad dialogue writing, poor editing, and other things that could be corrected. Entire scenes and action sequences could be removed with no effect to the story whatsoever. And a few of the deleted scenes should have been left in the final cut. And R2 does not have any new abilities that we don't see in the OT (No flying, or stair-stepping). So this was the one that was edited most, and is the most different. This version is much easier to sit through and actually enjoy as a whole, instead of just the parts with action. After doing this, I'd never watch the original Attack of the Clones for fun again.

- New opening title crawl (Thanks to Rebel11_38)
- Opening shot now pans down to Coruscant
- Removed Typho's line that completely ruins and cheapens the explosion. (used audio from Attack of the Phantom)
- Removed Corde's line of "I've failed you, Senator"
- Removed Yoda's line to Padme about his heart. Wonderful line, but sets Padme up as a witch.
- Removed Jar-Jar's greeting at the elevator.
- Trimmed the worst of Anakin's dialogue in the next few scenes.
- During the speeder chase, removed the shots of alien drivers.
- Removed Anakin's nosedive and flying through power couplings. (Using audio from Attack of the Phantom)
- Shortened Anakin's dive for Zam's ship.
- Removed the changeling sub-plot, giving us the original joke Obi-Wan makes about Zam being a 'she'.
- Removed the scene with Yoda, Mace, and Obi-Wan talking about Anakin, as well as the scene with Padme leaving Jar Jar instructions. (Using Adigitalman's footage.)
- Removed Anakin's entire annoying rant about Obi-Wan.
- Reinstated the following deleted scenes: Droid Analysis, Extended Naboo landing, Padme's Family Dinner, and Mace and Obi-Wan on the Platform.
- Now the audiece is left hanging as to what Anakin's opinion is about sand.
- Removed the picnic scene.
- Greatly revisioned the fireplace scene, removing a few chunks of the worst of the dialogue.
- Added a few different shots of Anakin's mother to the dream scene.
- Removed the entire asteroid fight between Jango and Obi-Wan.
- Tightened Shmi's death.
- Removed the entire droid factory sequence, replacing it with the two deleted scenes with Dooku "interrogating" Padme, and the Geonosian trial. (More similar to the original script than the final cut)
- We are left to assume the droids never leave Padme's ship. They are totally removed seamlessly from the battle, helping pacing and music greatly. (I have a feeling it was scored without the droid's segments, and they had to add extra music)
- Changed some of Poggle the Lesser's subtitled dialogue during the War Room scenes.

Final running time: about 2hrs and 10 minutes.

Episode III: ROTS
Of the prequels, this one was the one that needed editing the least. But still, there was some work to be done! Most of the glaring things like squeaky droid voices have been taken care of, and we even get to hear from Qui-Gon now! Three scenes have been removed, and the three Seeds of Rebellion deleted scenes have been added in. R2 again does not have any new abilities (No flying, bounding out of Anakin's TIE, etc.)

- Used a new opening crawl (Thanks to Rebel11_38)
- Removed Anakin's line about vulture droids.
- Shortened Artoo's little scuttle with the buzz droids.
- THANKS to Aditigalman for doing something about those terrible squeaky voices for the battle droids. In most cases, I used audio from his version
- Removed the elevator sequence completely, taking the squeaky super battle droid voices with it
- (This is a geeky one) There was a shot of Palpatine watching the duel, with a saber sound effect lifted from ESB. Replaced it.
- Removed Palpatine's "yeah!" and Obi-Wan's legs being clearly crushed. (Using Adigitalman footage)
- On the flagship, trimmed Grevious's ranting
- Removed Jar Jar's one line (Thanks to Adigitalman)
- Removed the balcony scene with Padme and Anakin.
- Removed the scene with Yoda and Anakin discussing his dream.
- Inserted the three 'Seeds of Rebellion' deleted scenes.
- Boga "barks" one too many times.
- During the Mace vs. Palpy duel, cut some of the flips and jumps.
- Removed the cutaway shot of Yoda during the 'Vader dubbing' scene.
- Added Adigitalman's line of "Leave us" to the Yoda vs. Sidious duel, taken from ROTJ.
- Inserted some dialogue for Qui-Gon by Liam Neeson during the rotating shot of Yoda meditating.
- Removed the line about Padme loosing the will to live. Good riddance.

Final running time: about 2 hr. 18 min.

The original trilogy edits have been radically postponed until September to take advantage of the new source material.

That's it, folks! Using the best of the best, this is my humble edit of thde saga. I say humble, because I absolutley couldn't have done them to satisfaction by myself. I am greatly indebted to the people I listed above! Thank you all who have helped me out and whose footage I used.
This is not an ego-trip on my part; I'm just trying to make these movies the best they can be, using all sources. I can't really accept too much credit for myself, even though this did take quite a few months to complete!
I do accept complaints, comments and feedback! Plans for distribution have not yet been thoroughly thought out yet, but probably will be a Pay-it-forward deal. (Hopefully a torrent, eventually?)

Dark_Jedi has agreed to watch and review these for me, so you'll be hearing about it later. So far no one's expressed much interest, but hopefully there'll be enough to get the Pay it Forward system working.

IIRC, Rikter has the TPM LD.
MeBeJedi: Sadly, I believe the prequels are beyond repair.
JediRandy: They're certainly beyond any repair you're capable of making.

MeBeJedi: You aren't one of us.
Go-Mer-Tonic: I can't say I find that very disappointing.

JediRandy: I won't suck as much as a fan edit.
No edit has addressed the fact that in the first transmission, the Nemodian says "Yes of course, as you know, our blockade is perfectly legal.". It's a bit redundant to have that there, as the crawl just told us there was a blockade, and it makes the Viceroy look stupid for thinking that by saying this, the Jedi are going to go "Oh, really.....well, then we will turn back".
The Jedi are all but extinct.......
Hmm... that is true.

I may go back and adress that. As for now, I'm trying for the billionth time to correctly save the mpeg file. If it doesn't work this time, I'll see about removing that bit of dialogue as well. (it may not look decent with the music in the background. if so, there's nothing I can do.)
And that awful "you dirty rat" accent they use that makes them sound shady, is way, way too overt and cartoony, but so is Jar-jar's voice (Meessa/Yooousa POOODOOO Peeeyoosa crap), and Watto (crusty I-Talian mario Luigi thing).
16 years I wait and this is what I get???
Yeah, I mean....I don't want you to have to do more work than you already have. It was just something I was pointing out in passing. I had a whole list of dialogue that could be removed that wasn't necessary, but that is one of the ones that stick out to me. I mean, it's obvious that Lucas wanted that beginning to be 'mysterious' as this is the first reveal of the Jedi in the saga, so minimal dialogue is key.
The Jedi are all but extinct.......
Yeah, looking again I don't think I can make that cut.
I would like to though, oh well.

And about character's voices and accents... Not only do I not have the ability to change this, I don't want to. I'm not changing anything major, or messing with the essense of any part of the movie.
Like Jar Jar. He's still Jar Jar in my edit, and still has his crazy antics, albiet trimmed down. I'm trying to keep GL's honest intentions in mind, and am making the same exact movie only more watchable and enjoyable.

I'm not trying to create a new movie out of it.

EDIT: And when I edit the OT, I will not make any creative decisions like this. The only modifications will be reverting between DVD, SE AND OT Laserdisc footage. (Also some of Darth Editous's technical fixes)
Goodness, womble's been giving me a hard time about saving.

When I save the MPEG-2 file, it is a jerky picture with very little flow and there is no audio except the occasional odd clicking sound.

This has happend every time I try to save it. Anyone know what is wrong?? I'm using Womble MPEG-VCR.

Thanks, it'll help me get episode I finished.
Originally posted by: Hardcore Legend
No edit has addressed the fact that in the first transmission, the Nemodian says "Yes of course, as you know, our blockade is perfectly legal.". It's a bit redundant to have that there, as the crawl just told us there was a blockade, and it makes the Viceroy look stupid for thinking that by saying this, the Jedi are going to go "Oh, really.....well, then we will turn back".

I took care of that years ago in "Balance of the Force".
That entire scene is cut.

Originally posted by: MagnoliaFan
Originally posted by: Hardcore Legend
No edit has addressed the fact that in the first transmission, the Nemodian says "Yes of course, as you know, our blockade is perfectly legal.". It's a bit redundant to have that there, as the crawl just told us there was a blockade, and it makes the Viceroy look stupid for thinking that by saying this, the Jedi are going to go "Oh, really.....well, then we will turn back".

I took care of that years ago in "Balance of the Force".
That entire scene is cut.

Haha, well....I guess that is one way of doing it.
The Jedi are all but extinct.......
There's no point in it being there at all - especially if you're cutting the Nemodian's lines. Definately works better cut (as I did in my edit).

I too took out the spinning of Anakin's pod. It seems totally ridiculous that before then he'd never even finished a race - now he stalls, spins out of control and loses power to one engine - and still goes on to win! The Jedi are meant to be skilled, but it seems too much of this movie relies on good/bad luck. That's why I cut the entire bongo sequence - you've got these 'invincible' Jedi who have to rely on the bigger fish coming to rescue them (twice)!

H9K, you know I want to see this when it's done.
I am fluent in over six million forms of procrastination.
Of course, Digie! Absolutley!

Do you know of my problem with saving in womble mpeg-vcr?? There's no audio in the saved file except for weird clicky sounds as the picture jerks constantly.
but you can leave in the neimodian thing about the blockade being legal.

of course you can. just because it is illegal doesn't mean they don'y beleive it to be legal for their own purposes. admittedly the dialogue is dumb and it's a good example of why George shouldn't be allowed to write dialogue for scripts but cut it for the right reasons.

what the neimodians say regarding the blockade reinforces for the audience that they believe they're right and are therefore the bad guys. take the scene away and you also then have a knock on effect to the scene where they talk to amidala.
When a woman says yes, she means no - when she says maybe, she means no.
In re-doing my edits for TPM (due to technical frustrations), some of the little things may have been left in, and I may have cut a few more little things out.
But it's the same spirit and philosophy: change nothing about the story or plot, just alter the context in which it's told.

In episode two, this philosophy kept me from removing the 'changeling' subplot. I want it gone, but I'm not going to change the story or characters. So I left it in.
Yes! I've finished The Phantom Menace.

Subtitles work, the movie works, chapter stops work, it all works! There's no menu, because I couldn't make one that looked decent.

A huge thank you to AdigitalMan, not only for a few shots of borrowed footage, but for the help and 'video wizardry' along the way.

I expect Episodes II, IV, V and VI should be completed in the near future as well.
Sweet! What are your "distribution" plans?
I am fluent in over six million forms of procrastination.
Originally posted by: Hal 9000
-Took out Obi-Wan's "That was good!" after they fly threw the 'power coupling'.

I think this whole part of the scene should be removed. In TPM Anakin tells Jar-Jar that if his hand gets in the power coupling on the pod racer that it will be numb for hours...then Obi-Wan and Anakin fly through a much more powerful one and they are fine seconds later? It just didnt sit right with me. Of course it may work if you removed this scene from TPM (which i think you said you did) but i still remember that, so im always biased agains that scene cause of the continuity i mentioned

-Darth Simon

Why Anakin really turned to the dark side:
"Anakin, You're father I am" - Yoda
"No. No. That's not true! That's impossible!" - Anakin


*touchy people disclaimer*
some or all of the above comments are partially exaggerated to convey a point, none of the comments are meant as personal attacks on anyone mentioned or reference in the above post
In Episode I, Anakin calls them "energy binders". They're designed to hold the pods together.

In Episode II, they only reason the 'purple electricity' is between the two things is b/c Zam shoots one of them. I doubt they're the same thing. These are "power couplings".

That's just my guess. Besides, I'm not changing anything with continuity in these films anyway.
For A New Hope, I will be using Darth Editious's version as the base, because it's pretty comprehensive in itself!

For Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, I will use AdigitalMan's versions as the base.

For The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones, I used the official DVDs as the base. Revenge of the Sith will be done the same way.
And if rumors are true, than I will return to TPM in November to take advantage of the new digital transfer.
Here's what's changed in my version of A New Hope...

I used Darth Editous's amazing edit as the base. Many changes I wanted to make were already there, as well as technical miracles like fixing Luke's saber.

I did however, fix some of the things he did that I wanted to change back. I put the red R5 back in, as well as the "look sir, droids" scene from the official DVDs. (If you leave it the way DE did it, you loose some of the musical score... I'd rather have it the way it is. Sorry.) Also, the stormtrooper now hits his head again.

I put in the original Dewback call Obi-Wan makes to scare away the tusken raiders.

Left DE's Mos Eisley alone, but I did put the Wolfman back in.

Greedo shoots first, with the regular length of "yes, I bet you have" shot, and no long shot of either one shooting. It's the way it is on LD.

Put back the English "power" control that Obi-Wan deactivates.

From Classed Edition, replaced "Blast it, Biggs where are you?" with "Blast it, Wedge where are you?"

From the '97 SE, added in the line "He's on your tail!"

That's it. The rest is the same as the Darth Editous edit. There's very little that I could improve on his already comprehensive edit!