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Terminator Countdown / Terminator 2: Zero Hour


Here’s an idea I’ll be doing after finishing ‘Transformers Primeval’ Writing my own books, family, and playing video games got me distracted. Anyway here is my idea for my next two projects.

Terminator Countdown / Aka a Fan edit of Terminator

  • We open with the Skynet War. Scenes from T3 showing the world being destroyed and fight scenes from Genesis will be mixed. With Bale from Salvation added in as John. He’s lines about “If you can hear me, you are the resistance” as well as others added to this opening scene. With John’s radio signal being in the background of the future scene, in the resistance hide out.

  • Any time you see John, he is replaced with Bale. When Kyle is explaining who he is to Sarah you can hear Bale saying “Kyle Reese”

Most of the movie is left alone, except to add in these moments.

Terminator 2 : Zero Hour / Aka a Fan edit of T2: Judgement Day

  • Music is changed when T100 walks out of the bar. From Wild Thing to ‘Swat Attack’ from the T1 Soundtrack. This is to make it look like Arnold maybe another treat to John. More serious tones are taken with Arnold’s character until it is revealed that he is on John’s side.

  • Movie Ends with the flash forward of Sarah in the park. Clipped in with her dialog about winning is the scene from Dark Knight Rises with Bale drinking at the bar in Paris. Showing the audience that John is a happy adult in this future. They’ve won, the T100’s sacrifice worked. Ending off the series.

  • Any scenes of John will be replaced with Bale.

Most of the movie will be left alone other then that.

If anyone has any changes they think would make these two better. I’m open to suggestions. I’m not really that huge of a Terminator Fan, but I like 1, 2, and Salvation. Anything you think should be cut out or added?

To me, Star Wars is a brand that means quality, just because it’s a bad SW film, doesn’t mean it’s a bad movie.


This sounds great! Ever since I saw that scene, was wondering if someone would make an edit using the deleted scene of Sarah in the park.
I’ll be looking forward to watching this.


maybe you can also add some deleted scenes to T1 since they forshadowing T2 quite well imho.

Editing T2 to the point you think Arnold is still evil I was thinking of as well. Could probably be done when its not obvious what or who the T1000 is. He could pass as normal cop in the beginning as reaction to john drawing cash from the stolen card.


Unfortunately, “Bad to the Bone”, and “Guitars, Cadillacs” ruins any idea that Arnold is the bad Terminator. They went with the obvious “Arnold humor” that he’s known for throughout his career, and played it up for yucks. I saw one fan edit someone made of T2 where they removed “Bad to the Bone” and put the Terminator ‘theme’ (the ambient, irregular heartbeat noise in the first film’s score) and it works quite well.

I decided to take that idea a step further. The videogame “Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon” has a soundtrack that is very much an homage to Brad Fiedel’s score to the first Terminator. So I decided to try out something. Have a look: