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Terminator Countdown (Released)


The first of my 2 part Terminator Series is done. The countdown has begun, zero hour, Judgement Day will soon be upon them.

Poster for Plex -

Terminator Countdown / Aka a Fan edit of Terminator

  • We open with the Skynet War. Scenes from T3 showing the world being destroyed With Bale from Salvation added in as John. He’s lines about “If you can hear me, you are the resistance” as well as others added to this opening scene.

  • Adding in Deleted Scenes including the Detective Believing Kyle, Kyle and Sarah arguing about stopping the war. “I don’t belong here” “Everywhere you go, you bring the war with you” (In DVD order it’s Scene 3, 4, 5, and 6)

  • The alternate ending added in with the Scientist finding the T-800’s computer Chip (Scene 8) With a ticking clock added to the background when the building name “Cyberdyne” appears.

  • Countdown Clock to Judgement Day is added when scene fades away.

Other then that the film is left alone.

Film is done rendering and ready for viewing 😃

To me, Star Wars is a brand that means quality, just because it’s a bad SW film, doesn’t mean it’s a bad movie.


I just watched the movie yesterday and since I don’t have it too fresh I have to say that I got really into it and everything seemed to fit really well. Nitpicking I would say that it felt weird to hear a voice at the beginning (Bale’s one) while there was a text on screen saying something completely different and maybe even more important for the story. But other than that It’s a really good edit!