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Terminator 3 - Coming Storm Redux (Released)


So I kinda made my own Cut of T3 now, since I wanted the best from Coming Storm and Skynet Paradox. Also my goal was to bring the movie down to 90min. Well, after cutting the Credits i was on 79min 😄 So all awkward scenes, stupid dialogues and camp is gone now.

Cut has some minor flaws, since its my first one and Paradox was altered already.


Is it in HD? I’d like to check it out.

Do you have a list of changes?

I tried doing my own edit of the Coming Storm edit.
I completely cut out the male stip bar scene. How he gets clothes doesnt matter. He walks into town, that’s it.
I removed the modem sound effect joke TX does searching for victims. It’s lame and outdated.
I removed TX grabbing Arnold’s balls and going through toilet stalls.
I removed TX blowing fire into her own face running with the flamethrower.
I reinserted “I’m back” into the ending.


Did you get permission from Uncanny Antman to use his title for your edit. Pretty poor form to make a project that sounds like it was made by a different editor without clearing it with them first.