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Tech help needed for SW Despecialized eds.


Hello all,

I need your help. I have acquired the Star Wars Despecialized editions online. I have the rar files for all 3 including the Grindhouse Version of Ep.6. I converted them to mkv files. and it seems I’m at a stand still.

My question is; what is the best program, the best way, to convert them to a file that will eventually be burned on a Blu-ray disc? Which file type is best? What converter will get me the best resolution/image? Do they cost money or are they free?

I’m not too technical savvy, but truly any help at all would be greatly appreciated.


Ps: I love that this site exists and that we can all come together over our shared loved of Star Wars.


Can i ask where you found the original editions?

I cant find them.