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TV version of THE THING (Released) — Page 2


Did anyone upload this?  Does it have the dog at the end?  I have been looking for a long copy for awhile.



Speaking of tv versions. Is there a website to download tv versions of films? Theres a Cheech & Chong Next movie tv edit that I'd like. It has lots of deleted scenes and newly added scenes and dialogue.


I think I saw that tv cut of the thing on youtube a few months ago. Perhaps it's still there...?


I have downloaded it to my pc at some point.

Same Make. Same Model. New Mission.


Is there an extended cut out there of the thing using the deleted scenes or some of them?

Not only that but the prequal has some potential scenes to extend the introduction.



I have not seen the prequal and actually don't want to... But I ran across these and thought hmmmmm....

I would remove the subs though for sure... And only a quick flash of the burnt thing in the ice.

The original deleted scenes


Although I think the film is fine as it is... It's just conjecture.

For any fans of the thing though this is a must watch
Part 1

Part 2


The Griff said:

Apparently the infamous alternate TV version of THE THING (1982) is playing on AMC on the 11th April. Anyone keen on capturing and preserving this bizarre anomally? I know I’d love to see it!

<span class=“Italics”>CBS edited 12 minutes from this film for its 1986 network television premiere.

The American syndicated televison version features:
A voiceover for title card reading “Antarctica, 1982”.
A voiceover added and film re-cut introducing each character and providing their back stories.

The version broadcast on television in the eighties ended with a few shots of a dog running, stopping to look around and heading off into the distance, leading the spectator to believe the Thing had survived. Also, the scene where a man’s head tears itself apart from his body, grows legs and eyes and runs off, was cut.

The television broadcast version of The Thing sometimes has an unknown person narrate the beginning of the film. He introduces all of the characters as they appear and gives a brief blurb about their goals/reasons for being there. At the end of the film, the narrator returns once more to deliver a haunting speech, and then a shot of the Huskie running away from the burning base is shown. This version often appears on TNT or TBS. This version also has so much of the gore edited out that originally deleted scenes are used as time fillers to extend existing scenes.

The American syndicated television version has a slightly extended version of the scene where outside in the tractor Macready and Fuchs secretly discuss Blair’s sanity. In the extended version Fuchs remarks that while Blair may be losing his mind he is still a brilliant scientist and his rantings should not be totally dismissed.</span>

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ReverendBeastly said:

I never got a copy from Mitch, but I did finally get a copy from another trader today. I was thinking of ripping an XviD and putting it up on a bay somewhere. Anyone interested in that?

Of what the tv cut full movie?? if you have it i would like to have it, im starting to collect tv cut films and so far I got robocop (ABC Version), and Scarface 1983(History Channel verison), now I just wanted this movie because I grew up watching it alot back then when it aired


maurice2029 said:

I think I saw that tv cut of the thing on youtube a few months ago. Perhaps it’s still there…?

I have downloaded it to my pc at some point.

If you do can you share it with me on email???