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THE FORCE AWAKENS (direct connection with THE LAST JEDI)


My plan for this montage is slightly inspired by HAL9000’s plan for the Battle of Takodana and the Battle of Starkiller Base, the film will be partially rescored and modified to stick with TLJ, at the end of the film you will see the Raddus and his cruiser escort in the air as the Falcon takes off from the rebel base of D’Qar !
The only drawback: I only work with a TRUEFRENCH master, because I am French and I would have a lot of difficulty in making you a version in English since I am not bilingual (even if I watch programs in VO with subtitles), I am sure that among you there will be someone who will be interested in watching the changes of this film. Tell yourself that I look at your montages without any discomfort whatsoever, since I know the lines by heart!

  • Many VFX shots have been added in different parts of the movie you will be pleasantly surprised by these new scenes!
  • The opening scene is an alternative version of JJ Abrams on which we see a damaged imperial cruiser escorted into Jakku orbit by cruisers similar to the Tantive IV of ANH, once it is placed on the right trajectory, the cruisers go into hyperspace and the destroyer crashes on Jakku, then the film continues with Rey in the wreck. (This reveals why Jakku is a dump and also the interest in having wreck looters who continue to prowl around in order to survive. NB: scene where a TIE crashes and looters rush on it)
  • The scene of the attack on the village takes place after meeting Rey on Jakku who looted wrecks and sold his recovered parts to Unkar.
  • The arrival of the First Order troops is more intense with music reflecting the imperial theme
  • Lor San Teka’s dialogue about the Jedi is cut off.
  • LST’s death is faster
  • After Finn was reprimanded by Phasma, the scene continues directly with Poe’s scene, which is interrogated by Kylo Ren
  • After Kylo got the information of the location of the card in BB8, the movie follows on Rey in his AT-AT who is preparing his dinner.
  • In my version, Rey does not refuse BB8’s presence, I find that strange since she is alone while the company of a droid would not hurt her since she lives in a great loneliness.

I will share with you other changes soon



Working on many edits, may take many years to complete…

Also known as Mr. Jung.