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Superman Returns: Kryptonian Edition (Released) (DEEPFAKE VFX NEEDED)


This project aims at fixing Superman Returns into a better film that continues from where the first two films left off, rather than being a love letter to Richard Donner’s work.

Superman Returns has a lot of nice moments, and I thought it was great when I first saw it, but like many others, it got worse on repeat viewings. Overall, the film never really does anything to further the story along, and it’s not the most interesting plot either.

The goal here is to help the film focus on its plot, while re-inserting deleted sequences back in that better help explain the story, along with removing sequences that feel out of place or unnecessary. A lot of trimming is needed to improve upon the film’s slow pacing and the entire film has been color corrected to match the brighter and colorful tones of the original two films, removing the dark and muddy brown photography.

A large amount of work here is lovingly borrowed from Tomahawk’s great edit of this film.

It would be great to get help from someone talented in deepfakes to fix some of the CGI close-ups of Superman.

Color correct the entire film.

Remove the text card delivering unneeded exposition.

Add a reversed shot of Krypton from the original film, as well the scene of Jor-El faring Kal-El goodbye, repeating the same lines used in the original prologue. Idea was used from Tomahawk’s edit.

Added the newspaper headlines of Superman from the documentary making-of after the opening credits with music added over it. Idea was used from Tomahawk’s edit.

Added the deleted scene of Superman returning to Krypton, along with scoring it.

Remove the sequence of Gertrude Vanderworth’s passing and Lex obtaining her fortunes.

Removed the jump cut when Martha steps out of the truck.

Added the extended deleted scene of Clark viewing his family photos.

Removed the flashback sequence with young Clark Kent.

Added the deleted sequence of Clark finding the newspapers as well as moving the brief moment with him and the ship to afterwards, while also scoring it.

Integrated the deleted scene in the Kent house with the scene already present, transitioning to the Daily Planet afterwards.

Removed Jimmy’s cake (as well as zooming in slightly on three shots to remove the cake) and Clark asking fellow co-workers that if they know a place for him to live.

Transition to Clark viewing Lois’ desk after asking Jimmy where she is, removing the shot of the newspaper.

Moved the sequences of Lex and Kitty on the boat and invasion of the Fortress of Solitude to later.

Added music to the opening shots of the boat.

Added the extended deleted scene between Lex and Kitty on the boat.

Slightly shortened Lex’s Prometheus speech, as well as his last words to Kitty.

Jor-El’s appearance has been shortened.

Cut off Lex’s line, “Starting with crystals.”

Transition back to the Daily Planet, along with adding a couple shots to Clark meeting Jason, scoring it and removing mentions to Superman and the plane, as well as Lois making Clark out to be like a nobody.

Moved Lex and the others arriving back at the mansion to later, removing some of Kitty’s lines as well as the joke with the dogs.

Cut the joke with Kitty mentioning sea monkeys.

Removed Lois’ question on the plane.

Scored Stanford splitting the crystal, as well as Lex telling his group to wait for the reaction.

Removed the line, “I think I did something wrong,” as well as Lex’s response.

Trimmed the destruction of the train set, as well as the dialogue proceeding it.

Removed Jimmy and the bartender noticing Clark’s disappearance.

Removed Lois feinting.

Removed Perry and Lois discussing the story over the blackout.

Scored Lex viewing the newspaper, cutting straight to the elevator after Lex views the museum article.

Removed the goofy wave between Lois and Clark.

Trimmed some of Lois’ dialogue with Clark outside the Daily Planet, as well as her home address.

Removed Superman eavesdropping on Lois and Richard.

Transition to Superman flying into space.

Trimmed Lex stealing the gem at the museum and Superman dropping Kitty off at the hospital has been removed.

Moved Lex and Kitty’s scene on the boat to after the rescue.

Removed the news reports around the world on Superman.

Remove the suspicion between Richard and Lois surrounding Clark.

Removed Lois asking Clark if he’s found a place to live, along with his response.

Trimmed away Lois’ dialogue about the world not needing a savior.

Trimmed away Superman asking who Clark is since this was already done in the original film.

Removed Lois asking if she’ll see Superman around, along with his response so the repeated scene at the end holds a stronger meaning.

Removed the dinner scene.

Moved the Kryptonite creation scene to after Superman leaves the Fortress.

Shortened Lois on the phone.

Removed Lois and Lex saying each others’ names.

Removed Lois’ “Thanks.”

Removed Lex’s explanation of how he got out of jail.

Removed Lex’s line, “How bout that interview?”

Removed the wide shot of Lex walking over to the crystals.

Scored the first half of Lex explaining his plan to Lois, as well as showing off the Kryptonite.

Removed Lois asking Lex what the Kryptonite is.

Transitioned to the boat’s balcony after Kitty views the map one last time.

Slightly re-scored and trimmed launching the Kryptonite and have it play out in full.

Removed Richard and Clark figuring out Lois’ password, as well as the power outage.

Moved Jason playing the piano after the Kryptonite begins to form underwater, as well as scoring it.

The other half of the island forming plays afterwards.

Heavily trimmed Lois sending the coordinates.

Cut Lois asking Jason to help her open the door.

Transitioned to the Daily Planet with Jimmy presenting the coordinates.

Added the deleted scene of Lex checking on the piano damage and taking the crystals.

Trimmed the reactions in the Daily Planet to the internal vibrations.

Interweaved the Metropolis rescue and crystal smashing boat sequences, based upon Tomahawk’s re-cutting and trimming.

Trimmed away Lois asking Jason if he’s sure Superman is below them.

Trimmed away all the setup of Lex and his men on the island before noticing the island falling apart.

Trimmed away Kitty confessing to Lex again.

Removed the sequence of Superman in the ER being operated on.

The name’s Lawson. Noah Lawson.


Updated the thread with a change list.

The name’s Lawson. Noah Lawson.


Does anyone here know of anyone talented in deepfakes that can help out?

The name’s Lawson. Noah Lawson.


I am now starting work on this project.

I think I may also need someone to do some VFX to digitally re-color Brandon Routh’s eyes from brown to blue in a few shots, since it seems they either decided or forgot to put his contacts in at some points.

The name’s Lawson. Noah Lawson.


Superman Returns is now done and out. I’ll update it once the deepfake shots are done.

The name’s Lawson. Noah Lawson.