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Superman III: The Ultimate Lester Cut (coming soon)


Richard Lester gets a bad rep. In the 1980s he was very much the Joss Whedon to Richard Donner’s Zack Snyder, a man tasked with working on a troubled production and producing a film that proved to be quite divisive amongst fans, who fought tooth and nail to see the ‘true’ vision restored.

Lester’s Superman movies have their place in history, but are all too often frowned upon, and yet, there is still so much to admire about both his version of Superman II and the film he had 100% control over, Superman III.

Superman II has the pink bear reveal (much more grounded, sweet, and humane than Lois firing blanks at Clark), the Paris bomb threat, Lois making orange juice for herself, scenes that I feel you can throw into virtually any of the four movies, even the first one, and it wouldn’t make a difference.

So to this extent, I decided to create a unique edit…a Superman III cut which retains almost all the familiar elements, but not they are ‘strengthened’ by the addition of as much non-story essential moments from Lester’s Superman II as I can find. To make the edit even more unique, I have rearranged some scenes and used one of Lester’s Superman II sequences to close out an important plot point of the third film.

Here’s the timeline (spoilers ahead for a near 40-year old movie)

-Classic 1980s Warner Bros movie logo
-Jor-El narration/Krypton’s destruction from Superman Returns
-Opening titles (Superman III outer space titles)
-Establishing shot of Metropolis (Superman IV)
-Junkyard Fight now a dream sequence to kick things off
-Clark wakes up, gets call from Lois (Superman IV)
-Clark heads off to the Planet, we see Gus at work
-Clark and Lois arrange their travel plans, we cut Lois mentioning Bermuda.
-Gus at work and taking money out of the company
-Lois makes orange juice (Superman II LC)
-Superman III plays unaltered for a while
-Gus’ fall from Webster’s apartment cut
-Superman III plays unaltered for a while
-Lois at the Eiffel Tower (Superman II LC)
-Drunken Evil Superman hears Lois in distress and snaps out of his funk to rescue her, disposes of the bomb
-Superman III resumes as normal until Clark visits Lana and Ricky, and a drunken Brad is humiliated
-Pink Bear reveal for Lois, her referring to jumping in the river is cut. Instead you’re led to believe she’s talking about her Paris assingment
-End scene of Superman III/Flyby
-End Credits