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Superman Crusades: My Superman IV Fan Cut

WB logo "aqauticly" dissolves into a scene underwater where the military launch a missle, it roars out of the ocean, Superman captures it, in Russia, the Soviets launch their own missles, Superman intercepts the missle and also captures it. Places missile into the giant net and hurtles them into the sun.

-Opening credits

-"Five Months Earlier" line appears as we open on Smallville, Clark finds the energy module. Clark's entire conversation with Mr. Hornesby? Gone, but not quite edited out. All will become clear

-Luthor escapes. Lenny kills the guards

-The Warfields still buy the planet, since I actually liked the characters and the whole Clark/Lacy/Lois triangle. No Jeremy. At all.

-No UN summit as Clark decides to take the law into his own hands, the scene where he broods in front of the television consists of his conversation with the Kryptonian Elders as a "thought bubble", ("I know I am forbidden to interfere") with Marlon Brando's line "you must never interfere in the course of human history", and Glen Ford as Johnathan Kent voice echoing that Clark was here for a reason.

-The M-X missile from Superman III is used to begin Superman's crusade. Superman hurtles himself directly into it's path to prevent it reaching it's target.

-Lex schemes with the weapon dealers

-Lex's dialouge about Nuclear Man is spoken over his developing the protoplasm

-The Paris scene from Superman II is used (again!), only this time with a twist, Superman takes the elevator and dumps it on the moon. (the protoplasm is in the bomb), as the sun rises over it, Nuclear Man, fully developed , comes to life (an alternate scene HAS been put in some of the cuts though where the elevator explodes as normal, and Nuclear Man emerges from it, tell me which is better)

-Much of Superman and Nuclear Man's battle has been shuffled around

-Clark is wounded, recovers the same way, and returns preventing another missile from being launched as a way of resurfacing with his priorities still intact. Then he confronts Nuclear Man. All of the inane s*it from the battle is cut

-The Warfields lose control of the Daily Planet, Clark makes his speech.

-Lex and Lenny are'nt captured, and escape. Final scene for them is Lex discarding Lenny's drum sticks.

-Clark's conversation with Horensby is here, bringing the film full circle in Smallville and ends with him smashing the baseball into orbit as a way of paroding the end sequence before it actually happens, with Superman flying into the sun.

I'll have screencaps shortly of the cut

In order to keep the films within a sense of "continuity" with TJC, I may just scrap the Paris scene from Superman III: TJC, as it fits here MUCH better (the MX missile is'nt in TJC either, as it was a "WTF" moment)
Wow. Another cool sounding Supes project.

I'm interested in anyone who can try and create a good movie out of this.

Sounds very interesting...

where have i been all this time ?
Nice to see you're tackling Superman IV as well.

I like your approach to the material here, with Superman just taking it upon himself to stop the arms race without a letter from Jeremy or an addressing the UN. Using the apparently all-purpose Paris sequence in IV while tying it in with Nuclear Man's creation is a great idea. What's with the "5 Months Earlier" though? Is it just to give the film a more exciting opening? And if I may suggest nixing Lara's dialogue alltogether and totally replacing her with similar Jor-El lines. I never much liked the idea of BOTH parents talking to him, and that wasn't how it was originally conceived anyway.

I look forward to seeing more progress on this and your Superman III edit.