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Stargate Reimagined: Part II *ON HIATUS*


This is the first of two sequels I plan on writing to the Stargate remake I finished working on some months back. The plan is to base this screenplay very, very loosely on the tie-in novel Stargate: Rebellion written by Bill McCay, but nothing’s set in stone at this point, so that plan may change as I develop it.

What follows is literally all I’ve written thus far.

“Okay, I’m goin’, takin’ off. See ya… bye….” — Chip Douglas

“This concludes our broadcast day. Click.” — Chip Douglas



On the Haru Guard SIHATHOR standing within the pyramid on the planet Abdju, a pendant bearing the Eye of Atum held up to the iridescent black stargate rising before him. Behind him, crumpled upon the floor, is CAPTAIN JACK O’NEAL of the United States Air Force.

As the pendant glows in Sihathor’s hand, the nine panels on the stargate bearing the symbols for Earth light up. Within a second the entire stargate powers up, unleashing a geyser blast of glowing quicksilver to form a bridge back to Terra.

As Sihathor stands there, basking in the silver light of the rippling puddle, O’Neal picks himself up and staggers over to an energy rifle lying upon the floor. Picking it up, he takes aim, wavers on unsteady knees, then fires. The plasma bolt blasts right through the bomb’s arming mechanism, disabling it automatically. Spinning around, Sihathor finds O’Neal standing there with the rifle in hand. Growling, he takes a running leap for the captain.


Aboard the starship perched atop the pyramid, FAIZAH, first prime of the war goddess Sekhmet, strides forward, dark folds of her brown robe unfurling behind her like the wings of a fallen angel as she approaches SHA’URE, a young Abdjuan woman. Battered but alert, Sha’ure scurries backward, fishing around inside her robes until she gets her hands on a pistol. As she pulls it out, Faizah lunges, seizing the girl’s wrist in her right hand, knocking her aim off as she pulls the trigger. Activating the punishment jewel worn over her palm, the demigoddess begins to rearrange the atoms in Sha’ure’s forearm.


Faizah releases Sha’ure’s arm before the jewel can work any serious damage, taking a step back as the Nagadan girl cradles her wrist in agony, evaluating the helpless creature. Faizah brings her hand up again, reactivating the punishment jewel – not to realign the molecules of Sha’ure’s body this time, but to pulverize it into the floor with a force blast.


Collecting himself, Egyptologist DANIEL JACKSON rushes headlong for Faizah, but the demigoddess is quick to redirect her blast, knocking him back as he comes within reach of her.

FAIZAH: (frowns) I am no longer amused.

Leaving Sha’ure where she lies, Faizah moves over to Daniel. Crouching over him, she seizes the crown of his head in her right hand, engaging the dark jewel within the centre of her palm to deliver him a most grisly finale.


O’Neal seizes Sihathor in a bear hug as he comes to him. Wheeling him around, the captain then headbutts him, breaking the Haru Guard’s nose and knocking his head back. Using fists, knees, and elbows, O’Neal turns the tables against Faizah’s first. Locking his leg around Sihathor’s, he brings the Haru Guard crashing down.

Pinning Sihathor in place, O’Neal then brings his heavy, armoured boot down on his throat, crushing it, bringing this conflict to a close.


Faizah and Daniel are locked together, her hand upon his head, the energies of her punishment jewel wreaking havoc upon his nervous system, paralysing him in place. Daniel’s very face begins to ripple, the molecules swelling and contracting. Within seconds, Daniel will be dead.

Sha’ure then comes to Daniel’s aid. Attacking Faizah, she elbows the larger woman in the back. Distracted, Faizah’s concentration breaks and the punishment jewel goes dim. Turning on her heel, she backhands Sha’ure across the face, sending her sprawling and quickly ending her role in this fight. With the matter-displacing energies of the punishment jewel no longer working upon him, however, Daniel’s been bought the opportunity he needs. Lunging at Faizah, Daniel sends his hand forth, plunging it deep into her abdominal pouch. Pulling out a white worm – Faizah’s prim’ta – Daniel tosses the alien creature clear across the room.


All thoughts of anything else forgotten, Faizah’s rushes over to the prim’ta, intent on preserving its health. Daniel and Sha’ure are quick to use this opportunity to escape.


O’Neal steps into the antechamber, dragging the dead form of Sihathor behind him. Bringing it around, he deposits it directly beneath the inactive ring transporter.

O’NEAL: Give my regards to the Pussy Queen, asshole.

The captain presses down on the colourless crystal adorning his left gauntlet, activating the ring transporter.


Having returned to the bridge, Daniel and Sha’ure head on over to the ring transporter. Climbing atop the platform, they then hear the mindless raging of Faizah in the distance. Entering the chamber, face red and contorted with rage, the demigoddess charges them.

The ring transporter activates at that very moment. White light shining up from the platform under their feet, the five iridescent black rings of the ring transporter rise up to surround the pair, cutting Faizah off from them. With a flash of silver light, they are teleported away, Sihathor’s severed head taking their place upon the platform.

Faizah ROARS.


The ring transporter disengages. Daniel and Sha’ure find themselves back down inside the pyramid. O’Neal is there waiting for them, face hard, the pendant clasped in his hand. Sha’ure recoils when she spots the decapitated body lying at their feet.


O’Neal, Daniel, and Sha’ure enter the stargate chamber. The stargate has returned to its dormant state, the connection to Earth severed. Raising the pendant up before the gate, the captain closes his eyes, his brow furrowing as he concentrates. In moments the Eye of Atum glows anew and the stargate reopens.

O’NEAL: (hands pendant to Daniel) It’s a key to the stargate. It can open the door to Earth. It can probably open other doors, too.

Taking Sha’ure by the arm, Daniel takes a step forward toward the gate. She stops him from stepping through, though, when she hears a GROAN. Leaving the gate, they walk over to MASTER SERGEANT ADAM KAWALSKY. Picking Kawalsky’s limp form up between them, Daniel and Sha’ure head for the stargate. They only stop when they notice O’Neal isn’t joining them. Indeed, he has turned his attentions to the bomb. A makeshift dead man’s switch has been jury-rigged into the weapon.

DANIEL: (dumbfounded) I thought we agreed to dismantle the gate on the other side.

O’NEAL: And you will. That’s your job now.

Taking hold of the switch, O’Neal engages it.

O’NEAL: (cont’d) I’m gonna stay here, make sure this goes off.

Daniel is ready to protest, but the captain silences him with a steely gaze.

O’NEAL: (face softens) I’ll be seeing you around, Dr. Jackson.

Resigned to the captain’s decision, Daniel exchanges solemn glances with Sha’ure. Together, Kawalsky held between them, they step through the stargate, leaving the pyramid and the whole of Abdju behind for all time. O’Neal watches the lovers vanish through the portal, his gaze lingering there for several moments.

As the ring transporter activates, O’Neal turns his attention to the antechamber. The ten rings pile up over the floor, white light shining down through them. Silver light passes down through the rings, then the transporter deactivates, leaving Faizah and seven Haru Guards standing there, all attired in their armour, armed with energy rifles.

Capt. Jack O’Neal releases the switch and the world goes white.


Daniel, Sha’ure, and Kawalsky are spewed from the gate into the dark abyss of the embarkation room in the Creek Mountain military installation. Hitting the ramp, they take a roll, tumbling end-over-end until they come to a stop near the base.

After tending to Sha’ure as her first bout of gate sickness takes hold, after checking Kawalsky to make certain the sergeant suffered no further injuries transiting through the stargate, Daniel turns to look upon the glowing doorway which links Earth with Abdju. There then is a sudden burst of intense white light and that link is violently severed, casting them in pitch darkness.


The details of an inactive stargate.



To reveal this stargate is installed within a dark, frozen chamber of extraterrestrial design.


A shot of the moon hanging ghostly in the clear blue sky.


To a panoramic shot of an archaeological excavation site centred around a partially unearthed Egyptian-style temple situated in a desert landscape of large dunes.



The antechamber, without doors or windows, sealed since construction, is dark. That darkness, undisturbed for eight millennia, is quickly dispersed as shaped charges in the north wall go off, blowing the wall in and admitting dim light from the other side.

As loose stones and debris are cleared out of the way, FIVE INDIVIDUALS enter the antechamber, all attired in the Airman Battle Uniform of the USAF. Leading this outfit, heavy-duty flashlight in hand, is CAPTAIN SAMANTHA CARTER, commanding officer of this operation. Though blonde, blue-eyed, and very beautiful, Carter is no stereotypical Hollywood ditz. Everything about the captain’s manner – her relaxed but disciplined stance, her keen, attentive gaze – indicates she is quite the intelligent, resourceful woman.

The south wall of the chamber, unlike the surrounding walls of bare, undecorated stone, is decorated with a beautiful, intricate mosaic of precious gemstones. This mosaic, circular in pattern, surrounds a round depression set three-fourths of the way down the length the wall, at about chest height.

CARTER: Lieutenant.

LIEUTENANT ROBERT ROTHMAN, Carter’s archaeological consultant, motions for an airman to come over. The airman steps up to Rothman, a small, latched case in his hands. Opening the lid, Rothman reveals what appears to be an oversized, jewel-encrusted gold doorknob nestled inside. Taking the “doorknob”, the lieutenant turns and gingerly approaches the decorated wall. Bringing the knob forth, he slides it into the depression; its jewels come alive with varicoloured light.

CARTER: Careful.

Rothman takes a folded print-out from his left breast pocket. Unfolding it, following the archaic Arabic instructions, he begins cautiously turning the knob. Counter-clockwise; clockwise; clockwise; counter-clockwise. Once he has finished entering the combination, the mosaic lights up, glowing along with the knob. Pulling the knob free from the depression, the lieutenant steps back as the wall slides up into the ceiling.


Carter and her men enter the burial chamber. The chamber is circular, devoid of decoration, empty save for the stone sarcophagus at its heart. Approaching the sarcophagus, the Americans find a coffin inside. Decorated with gems and hieroglyphs, arms crossed over its chest, it brings to mind the gorgeous coffins used by the pharaohs. Unlike the pharaonic coffins, however, its been carved from dark gray naqahdah, its non-humanoid face bearing a long, curved snout and long, flat-topped ears.

CARTER: (rests hand on coffin) Magnificent….

“Okay, I’m goin’, takin’ off. See ya… bye….” — Chip Douglas

“This concludes our broadcast day. Click.” — Chip Douglas