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Star Wars: The New Universe



My idea consists in a re-proposal of the Death of the Author project, but in a less conservative and more open way towards the Prequel Trilogy. My idea is to start a project of total and complete rewriting of the entire Star Wars universe. The only materials I would like to keep are the original 6 films created by George Lucas and Rogue One, while everything else, from the Old Republic to the New Republic, including the Clone Wars, is completely rewritten from scratch. Unfortunately, I’m not very good at writing stories. I’m good at creating lore and worldbuilding, I’m good at providing new ideas, but I’m not really good at writing stories, so to start a project like this I need a group of people who are good at writing and that can help me. I would like, in short, to start a project of rewriting of the Expanded Universe in which I am the man who provides ideas and others write the stories. For this reason I write this post publicly, so that those who want can participate in this project. Of course, although I’m the man who provides ideas, this doesn’t mean the authors of the individual stories cannot come up with their own, original ideas. On the contrary, everyone who writes the individual stories has the right to come up with their own ideas, and I encourage the authors to be creative. But I’d like to be considered as the primary source as far as worldbuilding, lore and things like that are concerned, since the project is mine and since I already have in mind about 50% of the lore of the new universe.


This is the timeline of the Star Wars universe that I’ve managed to sketch so far:

[In this alternate rewritten version the Star Wars universe didn’t originate with a Big Bang, but is a static universe (i.e., it doesn’t expand) and is timeless. So, the formation of the Galaxy isn’t equivalent to the birth of the Universe]

  • BBY. - Formation of the Galaxy.

  • 40.000 BBY- Invention of hyperimpulsor and start of interstellar travel.

  • 39.000 BBY - Formation of the Human Empire and colonization of the Galaxy by Humans, which results in the spread of the Human species throughout the Galaxy, which is why Humans are scattered all over the Galaxy in the films.

  • 35,000 BBY - Collapse of the Human Empire following various Separatist revolts across the Galaxy. Although the Human Empire isn’t racist towards aliens many systems begin to desire independence from the Empire, which results in the collapse of the Empire itself.

  • 26.000 BBY - Formation of the Jedi Order. Force-sensitive people across the Galaxy begin to unite and form the Jedi Order, which is the first religious order of Force-sensitives ever created in the Galaxy. Creation of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and many other temples across the Galaxy, like the Temple of Jedha.

  • 25,000 BBY - Formation of the Galactic Republic. The Republic is founded by the main Galactic core planets, but later expands to cover large regions of the Galaxy.

  • 6000 BBY - Schism in the Jedi Order. Some members of the Order leed by a Human male called Adas begin to practice the use of the Dark Side and alchemy. They separate from the Jedi Order and create the Sith Order, abandoning the Jedi Temple of Coruscant and moving to Korriban, on which the Sith Order creates its own central Temple and academy. After the formation of the Sith Order the Force begins to be unbalanced, as Sith manipulation of the Force is a source of imbalance for the Force itself. The Prophecy of the Chosen One is revealed to the Jedi Order, which foresees the destruction of the Sith Order and, in fact, the restoration of the Force balance. Despite the schism from the Jedi Order the Sith still have no belligerent intentions towards the Jedi and the Republic, and simply stand on Korriban in peace, practicing the use of the Dark Side and doing their own things without bothering anyone.

  • 5000 BBY - Darth Revan, a red-skin female Twi’lek, becomes the Dark Lady of the Sith (that is, the head of the Order). She has expansionist and imperialist plans to conquer the Galaxy, destroy the Republic and the Jedi and create a theocratic Empire ruled by the Sith. She begins to militarize the Sith society, on Korriban immense cities and arms factories are built. In summary, she begins preparations for a massive invasion of the Republic.

  • 4980 BBY - The Sith led by Darth Revan invade the Republic. The period of the Old Sith Wars begins. Within six years, the Sith manage to conquer 1/3 of the Galaxy. But finally they’re repelled and the Republic and the Jedi are victorious. The war ends in 4970 BBY, with the invasion of Korriban by the Republic and the destruction of the Sith Temple.

  • 4500 BBY - The Yuuzhan Vong invade the Galaxy. In this version the Yuuzhan Vong are different from the original Vong. They’re an extragalactic species, but they’re not against the use of technology. On the contrary, they’re an extremely technological and very powerful alien species, which has conquered all its own Galaxy forming a powerful, very advanced and hyper-technological Empire, and which wants to expand its domination to neighboring galaxies, including the Star Wars Galaxy. The Republic begins a war to repel the invaders and the Jedi Order is involved in this war. Veradum, a male Human member of the Jedi Order, becomes the main hero of the war against the Yuuzhan Vong. His courage in battle and his willingness to help the weakest people make him loved and respected by most of the Jedi Order. However, during the war he often approaches dangerously to the Dark Side, because of the many battles and situations that force him to use violence even when he doesn’t want to.

  • 4989 BBY - The Republic wins the war, but Veradum, seduced by violence and the Dark Side, becomes a Sith - Darth Malgus - and begins to gather all the other Jedi who like him have been seduced by the Dark Side during the war. They rebuild the Sith Order and rebuild the Temple on Korriban, launching another invasion against the Republic in order to conquer the Galaxy and submit it to their will. The war is devastating and lasts about four years, culminating in a Republican victory in 4985 BBY. Darth Malgus redeems himself shortly before dying. With the defeat of Darth Malgus the Old Sith Wars period ends.

  • 1100 BBY - A random Jedi goes to the Dark Side for a random reason (I don’t have many ideas about it), becomes the new Sith Lord and declares war on the Republic and the Jedi again, beginning the New Sith Wars period. The war lasts for 100 years. The last battle of the war takes place on Mustafar, and it’s so devastating that it results in the transformation of the green and wooded planet into a volcanic planet. The Sith lose the battle and are exterminated by the Jedi and the Republic. Darth Bane, a common Sith among many, is the only survivor. Following a lengthy reflection he came to the conclusion that it’s necessary to change the Sith Order, so he begins the Rule of Two, takes an apprentice and starts the Great Plan, that is, overthrowing the Republic from the inside and taking power from the inside.

  • 1000 BBY - End of the New Sith Wars and reformation of the Republic. The Coruscant Reformation is introduced, the Republic is completely restructured and more power is given to the Senate. The Jedi undertake reforms too, such as abolishing the possibility of marriage and having children and abolishing the possibility of joining the Order as adults, allowing only children of a certain age to be admitted into the Order.

  • 147 BBY - Darth Plagueis is born. He is the master of Darth Sidious and is a very important Sith, because thanks to his experiments of manipulation of the Force and midichlorians Anakin Skywalker will be born as an adverse reaction of the Force itself. Plagueis’ experiments will bring the Force to the limit of endurance and give birth to the Chosen One as a response to the Sith experiments.

  • 102 BBY - Count Dooku is born.

  • 84 BBY - Sheev Palpatine is born.

  • 57 BBY - Obi-Wan kenobi is born.

  • 46 BBY - Padmé Amidala is born (hallelujah).

  • 41 BBY - Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen One, is born.

  • 32 BBY - The Phantom Menace happens.

  • 24 BBY - Creation of the Separatist Alliance.

  • 22 BBY - Attack of the Clones happens. Start of the Clone Wars.

  • 20 BBY - Anakin Skywalker is granted the rank of Jedi Knight. He has no padawan.

  • 19 BBY - Revenge of the Sith happens. Death of Padmé Amidala (RIP) and end of the Clone Wars.

  • 2 BBY - Foundation of the Rebel Alliance and start of the Galactic Civil War.

  • 0 BBY - Rogue One/A New Hope happens.

  • 3 ABY - The Empire Strikes Back happens.

  • 4 ABY - Return of the Jedi Happens. Death of Anakin Skywalker (RIP), destruction of the Sith Order and restoration of the Force balance.

What happens next? I have no idea…

«This is where the fun begins!»
(Anakin Skywalker)


I loved your idea ! can you give me more details about the universe that you re-created ? And if you wish I can help you in this project, I always planed a alternate universe of Star Wars where it only considers Episodes 1-6 and Rogue One ! One of my ideas is that in a far future of the SW universe, a new order of force users is created, The Force Celestials, them protect the balance of the force and protect too the “Center of the Force”, a mystical temple, where only the Force Celestials know, and only them know what it is and where it is


I would really appreciate your help!

can you give me more details about the universe that you re-created ?

What do you mean?

One of my ideas is that in a far future of the SW universe, a new order of force users is created, The Force Celestials, them protect the balance of the force and protect too the “Center of the Force”, a mystical temple, where only the Force Celestials know, and only them know what it is and where it is

One of my ideas is to make the Mandalorian Wars happen in the future instead of the past. So, Luke will fight the Mandalorians instead of the Vong.

«This is where the fun begins!»
(Anakin Skywalker)