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Star Wars Sequel Trilogy - Rewrites & Ideas Discussion Thread


This isn’t really a re-write idea as such, but I’ve been thinking recently: to me the sequel trilogy as part of the ‘Skywalker saga’ feels like a bit of an unnecessary add-on, partly because it calls back so much to the original trilogy instead of taking a more natural next step. George views the original and prequel trilogies as one entity, the complete story of Anakin Skywalker; I don’t really see it that way, but why don’t we run with that and make the sequels an openly new saga of their own? Hell, even make it a 6-film long epic. Something with the scope and scale of the prequel and original trilogies combined, but told in a linear way and meticulously planned out from the start.

A few very vague rewrite ideas but I might do something with at some point:

  • Luke is still vanished for some reason at the start of the story but we see Rey and Ben training together under Leia’s tutelage. They would be close friends, maybe even secret lovers.
  • The responsibility placed on Ben’s shoulders by Luke and Leia is immense and he struggles with it. At some point in the first film he experiences visions calling him to the unknown regions and journeys there, where he finds remnants of the Empire having built up their forces in secret, ready to welcome him as the heir to Darth Vader. He is given a chance to choose his own destiny and takes it. The Imperial remnant becomes the First Order.
  • The First Order would be one of two sets of villains, probably taking hold of the galaxy because Ben believes such a militarised and authoritarian regime would be the best way to combat the main villains. Different to Darth Vader, he genuinely believes what he is doing is right - becoming a dark side user, he must also be driven by anger or grief at a loss due to the main antagonists. He takes on the name Kylo Ren but protagonists like Rey and Leia refer to him as Ben throughout the story.
  • Rey doesn’t struggle with heritage so much as having to be Ben’s replacement as the ‘new Luke Skywalker’. I think at one point she would join him as a dark side agent but eventually regret it and would have trouble seeing herself as a good person again.
  • I have no thoughts regarding who the main villains would be. Genuinely clueless. As I said, these are ideas that really aren’t fleshed out in any way which I’m just throwing out there.

“Remember, the Force will be with you. Always.”


(Some of these ideas aren’t mine, I just came across these on the Internet. I just think they’re great ideas that generally add to and improve the movie.)

The Force Awakens would retain its original title, Shadow of the Empire; this is to tie in more closely with the themes of legacy and how the actions of the Empire affects the current generation of the Star Wars timeline. It also refers to the First Order being the shadow of the Empire.

The crawl is revamped:

Years of peace are at end. Determined to reconquer the stars, the sinister FIRST ORDER has arisen from the ashes of the Empire and will not rest until the reigning REPUBLIC has been destroyed.

Among the few who recognize the growing threat is General Leia Organa, who is leading a brave RESISTANCE. She is desperate to find her missing brother, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, and gain his help in restoring hope to the galaxy.

She has dispatched her most daring pilot on a secret mission to Jakku, where an old ally has discovered a clue to Luke’s whereabouts….

As the crawl finishes, the camera pans down to the forest moon of Endor, the capital of the New Republic. The scene depicts a fancy garden, a beautiful summer’s day, and a celebration. The Senate has gathered into a special session to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Battle of Endor. A massive festival is planned, and leaders from all over the galaxy are there. The Chancellor of the Republic holds a brief speech recounting the events at Endor and of the past thirty years, everyone is enjoying themselves, and talking. However, one prominent senator is suspiciously absent. Leia Organa…

The movie cuts to the surface of Jakku at nighttime, where BB-8 rolls up into the frame and witnesses a First Order Star Destroyer eclipsing its moon and releasing four First Order transports, the film showing us shots of stormtroopers inside the transports as usual. The film then progresses as usual.

Wreckages of ships from the prequel era as well as remains of battle droids and clone troopers are there on Jakku, not only to further connect the film to the prequels but to reinforce the idea of Rey living in the aftermath of what has transpired in the saga and tie into the themes of legacy.

To start off with The Last Jedi, there are no “yo mama” jokes or anything, as it feels too… “modern” for a Star Wars film. Instead, Poe fakes a surrender and suddenly is when he starts his assault upon the Fulminatrix; this preserves the idea of Hux being a fool, while also preventing the scene from feeling too “modern” for a Star Wars film.

Scenes in the movie are shortened for pacing and to avoid feeling too long or exhausting.

Snap and the other pilots from The Force Awakens are there, for continuity.

Snoke simply chokes Hux instead of ragdolling him around, to reduce the slapstick-esque feel of it, while also preserving the meaning behind Snoke punishing Hux.

Tweaked Rey’s line in the second lesson scene to: “That’s not true! You’re forgetting that —” It adds to the storytelling reason and necessity behind Rey reminding Luke that he redeemed Darth Vader.

I apologize if the following change sounds nitpick-y, but even nitpick-y changes can minimize small gripes with the movie. Luke doesn’t refer to Palpatine as his Sith title during his second lesson, just simply as Palpatine; this kinda acts as if Rey would know that Palpatine was a Sith. And even as its own trilogy, it better establishes what Palpatine, of all people, could do before we finally meet him in the trilogy, as Palpatine is never referred to as Darth Sidious in the following movie, specifically.

Luke references Dooku as well during his mention of Darth Vader, to back up his point that the Jedi unintentionally bring nothing but destruction to the galaxy. He also references that the Jedi “failed his father,” to add that it affected Luke, personally. “At the height of their powers, they allowed Palpatine to rise, create the Empire and wipe them out. It was the Jedi who failed my father and created Dooku and Darth Vader.”

Palpatine’s laugh is heard when Luke probes Ben’s mind in the flashback, though sort of subtle.

Ben uses his usual red crossguard saber against Luke upon catching him — either Snoke gave him the saber in secret, or he built it behind Luke’s back and used his blue saber to hide his affiliation with Snoke; his blue saber is still there, just on his table where he pulls his crossguard saber off of.

The deleted elevator scene with Finn, Rose, DJ and the stormtroopers is reinstated, but not in the way you’d expect. The stormtrooper who interacts with Finn is depicted as female, and would eventually become the same Jannah we see in the next movie. Rather than being comedic, this version of the scene shows that Finn feels recognized but for whatever reason the troopers don’t shoot him on the spot.

When Rey and Kylo Ren arrive in the throne room, Snoke is briefly seen contacting a hooded figure attached to a machine, although his face isn’t shown; “They’re here,” says Snoke, before shutting the hologram off and turning his focus to Kylo Ren and Rey.

BB-9E is not the one who contacts Phasma and the other troopers of Finn’s presence aboard the Supremacy; instead, when Finn, Rose and DJ are apprehended, the same trooper from earlier says, “I’m sorry,” implying she was the one who reported them.

Kylo Ren’s line about Rey’s parents in the throne room is altered to lean in more into her parents believing she was worthless and, therefore, shut all misreadings of her arc in The Last Jedi. “They were filthy junk traders who sold you off for drinking money. They’re dead, they crashed into a pauper’s grave in the Jakku desert. You have no place in this story, and they left you for nothing. I told you, they threw you away like garbage. They did. You’re nothing, but not to me.”

“Phasma’s End” is also reinstated, but not in the way you’d expect as well. Finn exposes Phasma’s role in shutting down Starkiller’s shields, causing the other troopers, with the female trooper being the first, to point their weapons at Phasma, who shoots as many as she can down. Before she could have the chance to kill the rest, Finn engages in a fight Phasma, just like in the movie. This adds to Phasma’s cowardice and shows the first hint of Finn caring for the cause, leading up to, “Rebel scum,” while also not interrupting the main fight between Finn and Phasma.

As Temiri Blagg looks to the stars, it wipes to the empty, star-filled vacuum of space. The camera pans down to a red nebula, of which a shuttle suddenly exits from and arrives at its destination, Exegol — a darkish blue-colored planet covered in lightning storms. The shuttle settles on the lifeless surface of the planet — exiting is Allegiant General Veers, who heads an opening right underneath a large, floating monolith, protruding from the surface. Veers descends down a hexagonal platform into the corridors of the Sith Citadel, Veers, on a hexagonal platform, afterwards shuffling past worn statues of ancient Sith towards an opening ahead.

He approaches a large, spiked throne carved from stone, and nervously stutters, “My lord.” Veers places down a hologram projector, the image of Snoke’s corpse glows in the red static of the hologram, the blood-red light illuminating the edges of a hooded figure on the throne. “Good,” calls out the raspy voice of Palpatine, “The boy is ready.” Cut to Sith acolytes, connecting wires to a vat filled with red liquid and several mangled, deteriorating bodies — all closely resembling Palpatine, all unique in their own mutilated ways, except for one that closely resembles Snoke, despite its few facial similarities to Palpatine.

The last of the Sith rises from the throne, the metal apparatus holding up his deformed, corpse-like body as it moves closer into the red light. A close up of his hooded face in the darkness, still in shadowy red. “The sacrifice of the boy will soon be complete,” hisses Palpatine. The lightning flashes bright, illuminating his corpse-like face, his eyes empty, his body frail, his skin pale. He smiles sinisterly. Hard cut to black, and cue credits.

I’m not posting any ideas about The Rise of Skywalker in this comment, maybe even this specific thread. That deserves its own thread, so people can have a “definitive” version of The Rise of Skywalker.

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