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Star Wars: Knight of the Empire (The Second Episode in DuracellEnergizer's New PT Re-Write) *CANCELLED*


The time has come for the second entry in my PT re-write.

As of this posting, I haven’t yet started on the actual writing of the script quite yet; I’ve got the subtitle and the opening crawl worked out, and that’s all at this point. As I’ve already got the general plot worked out (no clear details, just the specifics), I’m probably going to start typing and posting some new material within the next couple days/weeks, so I figured I’d get started by creating this thread now.

Whereas the villains of The New Dawn were Mandalorians, this time there will be two new, different sets of main villains – the Athans AKA the Clonemasters and the ancient spirits of the long dead Sith; minor villains will include a pair of bounty hunters named Llomon and Mahttoh and another figure who I will not identify as of yet.

Rest assured that unlike with TND, there will be no implied rapes, no overtly gratuitous violence, and no long, boring scenes stuck in a prison this time around. ;-P

The timeframe is 35 BBY/19 ED (Empire Date), and we are in the final months of the third and final Clone War …

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TITLE CARD : A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away ...

A vast sea of stars serves as the main backdrop for the main title, followed by a roll up, which crawls up into infinity.



Five years have passed since Anakin Skywalker was discovered on the desert world of Tatooine by Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi and taken on as his apprentice. In that time under Obi-Wan's tutelage Anakin has learned much, emerging as an acolyte for the light side of the Force.

United under the banner of the glorious Galactic Empire, Obi-Wan and Anakin have fought against the relentless armies of the malevolent Clonemasters. Together they have helped to repel those who would see the Known Regions of the Galaxy swept into an age of tyranny and genocide.

But as the power of the Clonemasters slowly wanes, another force for evil -- a darkness out of the ancient past -- stirs, threatening to re-emerge and take the Galaxy for itself.


To reveal the head and shoulders of a man hung upside down, his eyes open and glazed over in death.


To reveal that the man is a dead Imperial soldier strung upside down from a gnarled, dead tree. Beyond the tree, in a field situated between the tree and a large duracrete fortress, a fierce battle rages.


The SOLDIERS OF THE IMPERIAL ARMY are engaged in pitched, deadly battle with the SOLDIERS OF THE OPHUCHI ARMY; attired in dark gray armour and open-faced helmets, the Imperials are easily distinguished from the Ophuchi, who wear gleaming black armour and face-concealing helmets with dark blue visors.

Like a living wave, the Imperials press against the Ophuchi, mowing down those they can catch in their sights with green blasterfire. The Ophuchi counterattack, returning the Imperial blasts with their own yellow plasmafire. Many soldiers on both sides go down with screams of agony, but those who remain press on, using sheer force of will to continue against their opponents.

Moving out from the star-studded night sky, two Imperial dropships descend over the battlefield. As the ships approach the epicentre of the warzone, Ophuchi soldiers train their plasma cannons on the craft and begin opening fire. Making a series of twists and turns, the first dropship manages to evade the plasmafire, but the second is not so lucky; caught in a crossfire, it erupts into a vibrant fireball and then plummets like an ungainly flaming bird to the ground below.

Coming to a stop amongst the Imperial troops, the sides of the dropship slide open, allowing a new squad of Imperial soldiers to pour out. Standing side-by-side at the head of the squad, adorned in armour and blue-and-maroon robes identifying them as Jedi enlisted men, are the knights OBI-WAN KENOBI and his apprentice ANAKIN SKYWALKER. The two Jedi have changed much in the years since we saw them last; Obi-Wan sports long hair and a slight beard while Anakin has grown taller and honed with lean musculature.

As one the two Jedi draw their lightsabers, pressing the activation studs of their weapons; two blades -- one azure, the other cyan -- ignite with a pair of sharp SNAP-HISSES. Bringing their weapons to bear, the two sergeant majors lead their squad into the fray against the armoured Ophuchi soldiers. Though the pinnacle of Ophuchi eugenic science, the black-armoured soldiers prove to be little match against two Jedi; one-by-one, they fall to the glowing plasma blades of the two mystical warriors.

ANAKIN: (blocks a blaster bolt with his lightsaber) These guys are supposed to be the end result of five centuries of controlled, selective breeding, right?

OBI-WAN: (literally disarms an Ophuchi soldier) That's correct.

ANAKIN: (kicks a soldier in the face) So why do they fight like Hutts coming from an all-you-can-eat buffet?

OBI-WAN: Pride and perfection go hand-in-hand. The greater the perfection, the greater the pride.

ANAKIN: And pride comes before a fall.

OBI-WAN: Though I detest cliches, you're correct again, apprentice.

ANAKIN: (grins) This isn't going to be on the pop quiz tomorrow, is it, Master?

Working together, Nik and Obi-Wan cut a swath through the Ophuchi soldiers, working their way closer towards their final destination: the towering fortress beyond.


Standing on a balcony that overlooks the fierce battle beyond, his face twisted in a scowl, is LORD-COMMANDANT GOG JUKASSA, the despot of Ophuchi. A beefy man with a short beard and perfect hair, he wears a dark blue cloak over a black military uniform.

GOG JUKASSA: (angry) This isn't right! This is wrong -- all wrong!

With a flashy toss of his cloak, Jukassa turns around to regard his companion, a COLDLY BEAUTIFUL RATTATAKI WOMAN dressed in white robes and veil.

GOG JUKASSA: (approaches the woman) The Imperials are overwhelming my troops -- troops that are supposed to be faster, more intense, than any mere Imperial soldier! (beat) You promised us victory!

RATTATAKI WOMAN: (half-smiles) Am I to blame for the complete failure of your eugenics program?

GOG JUKASSA: (points his finger at her) Don't take that tone with me! You're only here by my blessing!

RATTATAKI WOMAN: (grins evilly) Are you threatening me, Lord-Commandant?

Seeing that shark-like grin, Jukassa goes silent, his expression of anger replaced with one of fear.

GOG JUKASSA: They're going to spoil everything we've worked towards. They're going to capture this fortress and Project Nietzsche is going to fall into their hands.

RATTATAKI WOMAN: So we have failed. That doesn't mean they have to succeed.

GOG JUKASSA: You mean ...?

RATTATAKI WOMAN: (nods) Indeed.

GOG JUKASSA: (sighs) Will you cover me?

RATTATAKI WOMAN: I will keep them from flaying your hide long enough for you to get the job done.

Running a hand through his perfect hair, Jukassa leaves the balcony. The Rattataki woman, like a graceful swan, moves along after him.

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As I've made apparent in The New Dawn, there are numerous sects of Jedi in my SW Universe, all with different doctrines and characteristics. I felt now would be a good time to go in-depth on some of the Jedi sects that exist in my SW Universe.

Mind you, not all of these different sects are going to make appearances in any of my rewrites; I'm just mentioning them here for the sake of completeness.

I've decided not to include Dark Jedi (Jedi who have fallen to the dark side), Gray Jedi (unorthodox Jedi who flirt with the dark side), or Jedi sects mentioned in the EU in this list, even if I do consider them canon.




The Gray Knights of Taravedra were formed in 4891 BBY.

Following the Great Hyperspace War, an extremist group of Jedi known as the Jedi Shadows set out on a crusade known as the Great Sith Purge to contain or eradicate all the remaining vestiges of the Sith and their lore. It was during the Great Sith Purge that one of the Shadows was exposed to the enchanted armour of Sar Maland, a great Sith warlord who had lived in the thousands of years prior to the Great Hyperspace War. Coming into contact with this armour allowed Maland to take possession of the Jedi's body, allowing him to live again.

In his stolen body, Maland wrecked havoc across the Known Regions of the galaxy before a team of Jedi brought him to his second end on the uninhabited world of Taravedra. Deciding that the armour was too dangerous to ever leave the planet, the Jedi who had defeated Maland stayed on Taravedra and made it their new home, building a fortress there to contain the enchanted armour. From there they became the guardians of the armour, dedicating their lives and the lives of their descendants to guarding it.

One of the oldest sects of Jedi, the Gray Knights only came to an end with the Great Jedi Purge.


The Gray Knights of Taravedra wore gray robes, from which they earned their name. Unlike most Jedi of the modern era, they wielded Jedi katanas in place of lightsabers.



The Jikluwan sect was established in 3957 BBY by Asswan Jikluw, a human Jedi knight from Obroa-skai.

Largely as a reaction to the bloodshed wrought by fallen Jedi during the Great Sith and Jedi Civil Wars, Jikluw had come to believe that attachments to things of the flesh -- romantic and familial attachments, in particular -- put Jedi in grave danger of falling to the dark side. As a result of this, Jikluw severed all ties to his friends and family and relocated to the Core world of Alsakan. There he gathered a small following of Jedi and had a Jedi temple constructed to serve as their base of operations.

A small sect, the Jikluwan Jedi never spread beyond Alsakan and their numbers never exceeded ten-thousand. They were all eventually wiped out when the Mandalorians captured Alsakan during the First Clone War.


Due to their rules of non-attachment, the Jedi of the Jikluwan sect were forbidden from forming romantic relationships or keeping in touch with family members. To facilitate the continued existence of their sect, all initiates were inducted into their ranks from outside the Order within the first five years of life.

The Jikluwan Jedi wore brown robes and primarily wielded lightsabers with blue and green blades.



The Naveedan sect was established in 462 BBY.

Ezru Naveed was born into a Jedi family of the Coruscanti Order but was not herself Force-sensitive. In spite of this, her parents chose to reer her in the Jedi traditions, training her as best they could. When the Jedi Council learned of this, they decreed that Ezru's training be put to a stop. When the Naveeds openly refused to obey, they were excommunicated from the Order.

Deciding to take a stand, the Naveeds established their own Jedi sect. Recruiting the non-sensitive children of other Jedi, they established their own sect -- a sect devoted to training non-sensitives as Jedi.

When the Great Jedi Purge began, the Naveedan sect wasn't persecuted as heavily as other sects due to the fact that most adherents were non-sensitives. Many were still imprisoned and executed for serving as enemies against the Empire, however.


Most of the Naveedan Jedi were not Force-sensitive. As a result, many carried blasters and utilized jetpacks to compensate for their deficiencies.



(under construction)


(under construction)



Though considered the "original" Jedi Order, the Order of Coruscant only came to exist in its present form in either 3976 BBY or 1000 BBY, depending on whom you ask.

In the time before the Great Sith War, the Jedi Order was largely decentralized with no central leadership or complex dogma. Once the Great Sith War came to an end, however, the Jedi were left in a weak, fragmented state, and it was decided that a permanent Jedi Council would be formed on Coruscant in order to oversee the preservation and rebuilding of the Jedi Order. As a result of this, however, the Jedi slowly became more hierarchal, more dogmatic, and more answerable to the Republic Senate.

Thousands of years passed, then the New Sith Wars occurred. Following the New Sith Wars, the Jedi Order began making a series of reforms -- reforms which prevented Jedi from marrying outside the Order, from remaining in contact with non-Jedi family members, and from recruiting anyone older than five years of age. In retaliation against these reforms, billions of Jedi broke away from the mainstream Jedi Order to form their own orders; this event became known as the Fourth Great Schism, the only schism within the Order which didn't involve Jedi falling to the dark side.

Once the Clone Wars rolled around, the Coruscanti Order had basically become another branch of the Republic military and completely answerable to the Senate. Even when the Republic displayed corruption, the Coruscanti Jedi followed its every whim. When the Republic transitioned into the Empire, this situation only intensified. Even once Palpatine came to power, the Coruscanti Order refused to betray the Empire. When the Great Jedi Purge began, Palpatine reformed the Order of Coruscant into his Army of Jedi, which he used to eradicate the other Jedi.

Following the Great Jedi Purge, the Army of Jedi was reorganized into the Inquisitorius, an organization of Dark Jedi tasked with hunting down Jedi who had survived the Purge and either converting or destroying them. The Inquisitorius prospered during Palpatine's rein and preservered after Palpatine was defeated during the Battle of Endor. It was only when Coruscant was captured and the New Republic came to power that the Inquisitorius was finally driven out. Most of the Inquisitors escaped to the Deep Core world of Byss, where they eventually met their end when the planet was destroyed in the final defeat of the returned Emperor Palpatine.


Directly prior to the Clone Wars, 50% of all Jedi in the Known Regions had belonged to the Order of Coruscant, making the Coruscanti Order the largest Jedi sect at the time.

The Coruscanti Jedi wore charcoal gray uniforms adorned with black outer tunics, belts, boots, and -- in the case of masters -- cloaks.

The Coruscanti Jedi were divided up into three main classes: guardians, consulars, and sentinels; Jedi guardians were devoted to the physical side of the Force; Jedi consulars to the spiritual side of the Force; with Jedi sentinels falling in between. To distinguish the guardians, consulars, and sentinels from one another, each class wielded lightsabers of a different colour; Jedi guardians wielded lightsabers with yellow blades; Jedi consulars wielded lightsabers with blue blades; and Jedi sentinels wielded lightsabers with green blades. Not all the Coruscanti Jedi followed this tradition, however; Siri Tachi wielded a fuchsia lightsaber; Jard Doku wielded an orange lightsaber; his father wielded a crimson lightsaber; and most of the Jedi on the Council were known to wield lightsabers with blades of various colours and hues.



The Order of Duro came into existence following the Unification Wars which led to the formation of the Republic. As such, it was one of the oldest Jedi sects in existence.

As Duro was one of the founding worlds of the Republic, it had a large Jedi presence from the beginning; as the Duros established more and more colonies on other worlds, the Duros Jedi went with them, expanding their numbers considerably. In time, the Durosian Jedi became ubiquious throughout the Duro Sector.

When the Coruscanti Order went through its reforms following the New Sith Wars, the Durosian Order refused to follow suit, driving a wedge between the two factions which would forever set them completely apart from one another.

The Durosian Jedi were among the first Jedi to die in the Great Jedi Purge.


While most of the Durosian Jedi were Duros, there were some non-Duros Jedi in the Order.

Due to the Durosian Order's emphasis on family and familial relationships, most of the Durosian Jedi were born into the Order. More than 60% of the Jedi in the sect were born to parents who were themselves Jedi.

Durosian Jedi referred to their apprentices as padawans. "Padawan" was an archaic term for "apprentice" which had fallen out of use within most other Jedi sects sometime before the Great Hyperspace War.

Durosian Jedi wore black bodysuits adorned with a stole draped across the right shoulder; Jedi of different ranks wore stoles of different colours -- padawans wore stoles of beige; knights wore stoles of alice blue; masters wore stoles of white; and grand masters (masters who were on the Durosian Jedi Council) wore stoles of carmine.

Durosian Jedi of different ranks wielded lightsabers with different colours; padawans wielded lightsabers with cerulean blades; knights wielded lightsabers with alizarin blades; masters wielded lightsabers with jungle green blades; and grand masters wielded lightsabers with lavendar blades.



The Order of Illum was established in 1452 BBY.

Due to the abundance of lightsaber-quality crystals which naturally form in the planet's caves, Ilum was held in high regard by the Jedi, who considered it an almost holy site. When the New Sith Wars occurred, the planet was invaded by the Neo-Sith, who sought to capture the crystals for themselves. In retaliation, the Jedi counter-invaded Ilum, recapturing the planet and driving the Neo-Sith from the planet completely.

To prevent the Neo-Sith from gaining access to Ilum crystals ever again, the Jedi established a permanent settlement on the planet, building several fortresses to guard the crystal-producing caves. When the New Sith Wars eventually came to an end and all the Neo-Sith were defeated, the Jedi on Ilum remained there to protect the crystals from any other unworthy beings who happened to come along.

Perhaps as a result of exposure to Ilum's harsh cold climate, the Jedi on Ilum became half-mad over the centuries. By the time the Clone Wars rolled around, The Ilum Jedi had literally become worshippers of the crystal caves and fierce defenders of them; anyone who happened to visit the world were immediately captured and forced to go through strenuous tests of character to determine whether they were worthy of procuring Ilum crystals; any who failed the tests were immediately put to death.

When the Great Jedi Purge occurred, the Order of Ilum refused to side with Palpatine and his New Order and, as a result, was eradicated.


As most Ilum crystals came in blue, green, and every hue in between, the Ilum Jedi wielded lightsabers with blue, green, and blue-green blades.



Ronin Jedi weren't actually a sect of Jedi, but Jedi who -- for one reason or another -- did not belong to any sect of Jedi. While not Dark or Gray Jedi, ronin Jedi did not strongly adhere to dogmas and traditions, choosing instead to follow their own path in the Force. As such, they greatly resembled the Jedi Knights of old.


The characteristics which defined ronin Jedi were, ironically, their lack of defining characteristics.



The Waijjuan sect was established in 946 BBY by Neve Waijju, a zabrak Jedi master from Alsakan.

A member of the Jikluwan sect, Waijju had come to believe that even the Jikluwan Jedi hadn't gone far enough to separate themselves from attachments. Breaking away from the Jikluwan Jedi, Waijju established his own sect. Utilizing experimental memory-imprinting machines, Waijju completely did away with the master-apprentice method of instruction, completely relying on the machines to train new initiates.

Even smaller than the Jikluwan sect, the numbers of the Waijjuan sect never exceeded two-hundred. While it is unknown precisely what become of the Waijjuan Jedi, it is presumed that they were exterminated along with their Jikluwan brethren.


The Waijjuan Jedi wore white uniforms and wielded lightsabers with blue blades.

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Breaking through to face the last line of Ophuchi, Obi-Wan and Anakin come across an awesome sight; engaged in battle against six armoured Ophuchi soldiers, a double-bladed vibrostaff in her hands, is a FEMALE WARRIOR encased in violet-blue Mandalorian armour.

As two of the Ophuchi attack the female Mandalorian, slashing their wrist-mounted vibroblades through the air, she pivots on her heels, turning to the side to simultaneously decapitate one warrior while running the other through. Pulling her blade free, she twists it around as another Ophuchi attacks. As the ebon-armoured soldier throws his bladed gauntlet forward, she locks their blades together, twisting hers fiercely until she causes his wrist to dislocate. As he howls with pain she throws her leg up, kicking him squarely in the head and ending his part in the fight.

Before she can dislodge her vibrostaff's blade, two of the remaining three Ophuchi pounce, tackling her to the ground. As they pin her to the ground, the third Ophuchi retrieves her vibrostaff. As she struggles to free herself from the Ophuchi's grips, the black-armoured warrior with her weapon steps over her, raising the staff high above his head as he prepares to send it plummeting into her chest.

Unsheathing a vibroblade, Anakin activates it, pulls back his arm, then hurls the weapon through the air toward the Ophuchi with the vibrostaff at tremendous velocity. As the blade of vibrating durasteel plunges into the soldier's back, he cries out in agony and drops the vibrostaff.

Having moved her legs into a better position, the Mandalorian pushes up with her legs, somersaulting herself free of the two soldiers' grasps. With a heavy punch and kick, she lays the two warriors down before they can even take a breath. Retrieving her vibrostaff and Anakin's own vibroblade, she turns toward the two Jedi. Lifting both weapons up, she points them at the knight and apprentice.

KANNEN DOOM: It's about time you got here.

Deactivating the vibroblade, she tosses it back to Anakin. Throwing his hand up he catches it effortlessly.

KANNEN DOOM: (cont'd) I thought you were going to leave me to take the fortress all by myself.

ANAKIN: (grins) And leave you to collect all the credit? No way, lady.

KANNEN DOOM: C'mon. Let's not waste any time.

Leaving the Imperial soldiers to take on what remains of the Ophuchi Army, the two Jedi and their Mandalorian escort enter the duracrete fortress.


A squad of ebon-armoured Ophuchi soldiers stands before the closed doors of a turbolift, watching the numbers on the readout change as the cab within descends.

As the turbolift reaches its destination, the doors slide open. Wasting no time the Ophuchi open fire, unleashing a hail of yellow blasterfire into the turbolift. Several seconds pass and then they lower their weapons.

Stepping forward, the leader of the squad looks inside the blaster-scored interior of the turbolift; there are no bodies to be found -- living or dead -- inside.

OPHUCHI SOLDIER: (turns toward his men) There's no one inside!

As he steps back out of the turbolift, the top hatch of the cab is blown inward, allow the Mandalorian and two Jedi to leap down from above. Spinning around, the Ophuchi only has time to bring his blaster up before Anakin engages his lightsaber and slices the soldier's arm off at the elbow. Kicking the ebon-armoured soldier in the gut, Nik knocks him out of the way. Then, with Obi-Wan and Kannen at his side, he makes short work of the remaining Ophuchi.

ANAKIN: These guys are just too easy. The Sal Usai of Dausarkar IV put up a better fight than this.

OBI-WAN: The Sal Usai were the product of six thousand years of carefully directed selective breeding. These fellows have had only half a millennia to season their genetic soup.

ANAKIN: Undercooked pod people. Wonderful.

KANNEN: As much as I hate to disrupt your reverie, we've got a job to get done. (points down a specific tunnel) The chamber's down that way.

Wasting no more time, the trio heads down the tunnel.


Entering an antechamber at the end of the tunnel, the three compatriots find themselves facing a large vault door.

KANNEN DOOM: As good a weapon as my staff is, it isn't quite up to the task of cutting through a durasteel door. You boys wouldn't mind helping me with it, would you?

OBI-WAN: (engages his lightsaber) Let's only hope the Ophuchi didn't think to incorporate lightsaber-resistant materials into this door.

Stepping up to the door, Obi-Wan thrusts his blade into the durasteel plating of the door. With minimal effort, he pierces the thick metal and begins to carve through it. Activating his own lightsaber, Anakin moves in to assist him. Slowly but surely, they manage to cut a large hole in the thick door. Once they complete the circuit, they disengage their lightsabers and kick the freed metal out of the way.

OBI-WAN: (gestures toward the hole) Ladies first.

KANNEN DOOM: Much obliged.

Ducking down, Kannen slips through the hole into the chamber beyond. Ducking their heads down, the two Jedi follow after her.


Stepping through the makeshift doorway, the trio finds itself within a vast cloning chamber. Cylindrical in shape, the chamber stretches down farther than the eye can see. Spaced along the walls of the chamber, all containing identical Human figures, are thousands upon thousands of Spaarti cloning cylinders. Catwalks lead from the walls to a platform surrounding a large power conduit situated in the centre of the chamber; standing on the platform, busy at work on a computer console, is Gog Jukassa with the white-clad Rattataki woman by his side.

GOG JUKASSA: (to the Rattataki woman) They're here already! You said we'd have more time!

RATTATAKI WOMAN: (sighs) Just continue working on the computer. I'll deal with our guests.

As Jukassa continues working on the console, the Rattataki turns and walks down the catwalk toward the three new arrivals.

RATTATAKI WOMAN: Welcome, Jedi, to our humble cloning chamber. (stops midway on the catwalk, gesturing to the Spaarti cylinders) As you can see, over four-thousand clones of Ophuchi warrior stock are in utero. Within four months they will reach maturity and emerge to serve the Directorate. (beat) Of course, that was the goal before you came here, overwhelmed Jukassa's pitiful forces, and foiled our plans.

OBI-WAN: Are you willing to surrender?

RATTATAKI WOMAN: Surrender? Perhaps. (smiles) After Jukassa takes the cylinders off-line. (beat) Every clone will die and your Imperial Army will be left without a new force of slave-soldiers to do your bidding.

OBI-WAN: (frowns) We're not going to let you kill them.

RATTATAKI WOMAN: (grins) You can try to stop me.

OBI-WAN: We won't try -- we'll do.

Bringing their weapons to bear, the Jedi and Mandalorian begin moving down the ramp towards the Rattataki. Grinning like a hungry beast, she moves her arms away from her sides, causing a pair of short black lightsaber hilts to slip down from sheaths hidden under her sleeves into her hands. Pressing the activation studs, she engages two short, pure white blades and moves to attack the Imperial agents.

With the reflexes of a darting snake, the Rattataki engages the three others, using the blades of her twin shotos to intercept their blows. Without enough room on the catwalk to fan out, the two Jedi and the Mandalorian find themselves unable to properly assault the insidious Force-wielder.

RATTATAKI WOMAN: (laughs) The Athas hold you in such high esteem!

As Anakin moves to run his lightsaber through the Rattataki, she side-steps the blade and counterattacks. Throwing himself backward, Nik barely manages to avoid losing his throat to one of her white blades.

RATTATAKI WOMAN: (cont'd) Surely you can do better!

ANAKIN: Better?

Springing up into the air, Nik somersaults over the Rattataki's head and lands behind her.

ANAKIN: (cont'd) How's this for better?

Now less encumbered, Anakin swings his cyan blade, aiming to connect it with the Rattataki's throat. Bringing up one of her shotos, the woman blocks it.

RATTATAKI WOMAN: (grins) Much better!

As the four continue to duel, Jukassa continues to work on the console. With a press of a button the main red light on the console turns to white.


RATTATAKI WOMAN: How far along are you, Jukassa?!

GOG JUKASSA: I've broken the final encryption! I'm entering the final commands to shut the cylinders down now!


Pushing Obi-Wan back out of her way, Kannen moves to bring all the power she can bear against the white-robed Rattataki woman. Swinging her double-bladed Mandalorian iron-laced vibrostaff with the ferocity of a gundark, she makes the Rattataki work hard to intercept both her blows and Anakin's.

OBI-WAN: Anakin, stop Jukassa!

ANAKIN: (parries one of the Rattataki's strikes) But Obi --

OBI-WAN: We can take her! Just deal with Jukassa!

With a moment's hesitation, Nik turns his back on the white-robed woman and races down the catwalk toward Jukassa.

Crouching down into a ball, Kannen rolls across the catwalk, kicking the Rattataki in the back as she passes her. The Rattataki stumbles forward but manages to right herself before she can topple into Obi-Wan. Grinning, she locks blades with both the Mandalorian and the Jedi Knight.

RATTATAKI WOMAN: You're an excellent fighter, Mandalorian. We could use your stock to make billions of warriors just like you. Why don't you join us? With our help the Mandalorian civilization can live again.

KANNEN DOOM: I'd sooner see every Mandalorian alive tossed to the pit.


Pushing downward, the Rattataki forces the blades of her combatants down against the catwalk.

As Anakin reaches Jukassa, the lord-commandant turns to face him, an expression of rage on his face.

GOG JUKASSA: You think you can stop me, boy?! My mother was of the soldier class! Warrior's blood flows through my veins!

Reaching to his side, Jukassa unsheathes a vibrosword. Activating it, he brings the blade up then brings it down to cleave Anakin's skull in twain. Casually, Anakin brings up the blade of his lightsaber, effortlessly slicing through the metal blade as it collides with the cyan plasma.

GOG JUKASSA: (stammering) B-b-but --

ANAKIN: Face it, Jukassa, your enhancements just don't work.

Balling his hand into a fist, Anakin punches Jukassa in the face. The man's glass jaw breaks easily and he collapses to the platform out cold.

Back on the catwalk, the Rattataki sees Jukassa's defeat.

RATTATAKI WOMAN: (enraged) No!

Feeding on the dark side of the Force, the Rattataki woman increases the intensity of her attacks on Obi-Wan and Kannen. Kicking Obi-Wan back, she turns on Kannen and locks the shaft of the vibrostaff between the blades of her shotos. With a twist, she wrests the weapon out of the Mandalorian's hands, sending it over the side to fall straight down out of sight. Before Kannen can compensate for the loss of her weapon, the Rattataki stabs her right through the left kidney.

OBI-WAN: Kannen!

Springing back up, Obi-Wan rushes toward the Rattataki woman. Pulling her blade free from Kannen's side, the Rattataki pushs the Mandalorian woman down and then turns to engage Obi-Wan. As he swings his azure blade in a downward arc, she intercepts it with her left-hand shoto. Forcing his saber down, she then brings her right-hand shoto up, slamming the pommel of the weapon into his temple. With a groan he collapses to the catwalk in a stupor.

Refocusing her attention of Anakin, the white-robed woman leaps over Obi-Wan's form and comes running down the catwalk towards the Jedi apprentice. As she reaches him he spins around, catching her twin white blades with his single cyan one.

RATTATAKI WOMAN: You should have stayed home, little man. This is no place for younglings like you.

ANAKIN: (cocks an eyebrow) Youngling?

Knocking her blades out of the way, Anakin headbutts the white-clad Rattataki woman, forcing her to reel back.

ANAKIN: I hate being called a youngling. Kid? Sure. Child? Maybe. But youngling? Never. I'm a sapient being, not a dewback's cub.

Recollecting herself, the Rattataki sneers.

RATTATAKI WOMAN: What you are is dead!

Lunging forward, the Rattataki begins making a series of strikes against Anakin. In little time, she begins to drive him back. Locking his blade in hers, she pins him against the power conduit. As she looks upon him, she grins with salacious desire.

RATTATAKI WOMAN: I'm going to kill you, but not right away.

Leaning forward, she licks Anakin across the face.

RATTATAKI WOMAN: (cont'd) First, I'm going to have some fun.

ANAKIN: Fun, huh? I thought your kind couldn't experience that kind of fun.

RATTATAKI WOMAN: We can't. (beat) But we can compensate in other ways.

ANAKIN: I see. Put on some synth-leather, strap me into some energy-binders, and power up the lightwhip. Am I on the right track?

RATTATAKI WOMAN: You're dead centre.

ANAKIN: Well, that's not exactly my scene, but I'll try anything once.

At that moment, Obi-Wan moves in up behind the Rattataki. Grabbing her by the shoulder with his left hand, he brings the emitter of his inactive lightsaber up to her throat with his right.

ANAKIN: (cont'd) Just not today.

OBI-WAN: I suggest you surrender now, my dear.

Sighing with resignation, the Rattataki takes her shotos away from Anakin and deactivates them.

OBI-WAN: (takes his hand off her shoulder) Alright, now step away from him and drop your sabers.

Moving back away from Anakin, the woman steps away from them both. Downcast, she lets her left-hand shoto fall to the platform.

OBI-WAN: Now the other one.

RATTATAKI WOMAN: (grins) Do you really think I'd let you take me so easily?

Laughing, the Rattataki brings up her remaining shoto. Before the two Jedi can bring up their sabers, she turns the emitter of her weapon inward and engages it, running herself through on the white plasma blade. Collapsing to her knees, she releases an almost sexual sigh. She then falls face-forward onto the platform.

Bending down over the Rattataki, Obi-Wan grabs her by the shoulder and turns her over. As he reaches for her throat to feel her pulse, the veil encasing her head slips back, exposing a barcode tattooed onto her forehead.

OBI-WAN: (looks up at Anakin) She's dead.

ANAKIN: (looks down at the Rattataki dispassionately) Clones. They never change.

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Leaving the orbit of Ophuchi, the Victor-class star destroyer Lancer flies to join the other ships of the fleet amassing outside the planet's gravity well.


Obi-Wan and Anakin make their way down the corridor, their expressions unreadable. Having discarded their battlefield armour and robes, they are now dressed in the maroon uniforms of Imperial Jedi personnel.

As they near the door into the sick bay it slides open, allowing a Caamasi officer to step out. Once she is past, the two Jedi enter the sick bay.


Obi-Wan and Nik walk through the sick bay, passing a number of beds containing a number of patients, before they finally come to the bed of Kannen Doom. Stripped of her armour, we can now see that Kannen is a very handsome Human woman with thick, voluminous blond hair. Though visibly weary from her severe injury, she is conscious and alert.

KANNEN DOOM: (weary) Greetings, Jedi.

ANAKIN: (puts his hands on his belt, smiling) Hello, yourself. (beat) How are you doing?

KANNEN DOOM: The 'droid says I'll be in tip-top shape within two weeks. A few more immersions in a bacta tank and I'll be good as gold. (chuckles) Two more weeks like this. Gods, I'll grow stir crazy.

OBI-WAN: (grins) You never could stand to sit still in any one place for too long.

KANNEN DOOM: No more than you could resist my wiles, Kenobi. (winks)

ANAKIN: I'm sure the weeks'll just fly by, Kannen. Don't worry about it.

KANNEN DOOM: (sighs) I guess I'll have to try, won't I? (beat) Your leave's coming up, isn't it?

OBI-WAN: Yes. Five weeks for both of us.

KANNEN DOOM: Going home, spending time with friends and family, all that jizz?

OBI-WAN: Anakin'll be returning to Orron III and I'll be returning to Coruscant to see my wife.

KANNEN DOOM: Wife? You got married?

ANAKIN: (elbows Obi-Wan in the arm) Three months ago.

KANNEN DOOM: To that Coruscanti Jedi, Sara, right?

OBI-WAN: Siri, and yes.

KANNEN DOOM: (smiles) My belated congratulations, Kenobi. You should have invited me. I would have loved to have been at the wedding. (grins salaciously) Or the bachelor party.

OBI-WAN: (groans) Don't remind me.

KANNEN DOOM: (frowns) What?

ANAKIN: (smirks) The bachelor party wasn't exactly what you'd call the last great hurrah for single living.

OBI-WAN: It would've been the last great hurrah for living, period.

KANNEN DOOM: I'm intrigued. Tell me more.

OBI-WAN: (waves his hand) No, no more!

ANAKIN: (to Kannen, grinning) I'll tell you later.

KANNEN DOOM: You'd better not skip over any of the juicy details.

ANAKIN: Don't worry about that. I've got a holographic memory for juicy details -- especially these juicy details.

OBI-WAN: (facepalms) Lord, have mercy ...

KANNEN DOOM: (yawns) It's been nice catching up, gents, but I think it's about time we called it a night. The drugs are kicking in and I'm getting sleepy. See you in transit, okay?

OBI-WAN: Alright.

ANAKIN: See you later.

With that, Kannen closes her eyes to rest. Turning around, Anakin and Obi-Wan leave her and exit the sick bay.


Stepping out of the sick bay, the Jedi Knights make their way back along the corridor they first came through.

OBI-WAN: Well, that certainly was a robust conversation.

ANAKIN: (grins) You're not sore over me bringing up the party again, are you, Obi-Wan?

OBI-WAN: Yes, yes I am. I wish for the life of me that I could erase the memories of that party from my mind forever. Your bringing it up doesn't help me to do that.

ANAKIN: From what I recall, you enjoyed the party at first.

OBI-WAN: I did -- until the Felacatian had a panic attack, shifted into her animal form, and tried to kill us all.

ANAKIN: (puts up his hands) Hey, I hadn't even heard of Felacatians before that night. The catalogue listed Taigria's measurements, attributes, and one fine portfolio of sexy snapshots, but it didn't give any background details on her race. Blame them, not me.

OBI-WAN: (sighs) At least the ordeal taught you a valuable lesson.

ANAKIN: Yes, yes, yes. Always do background checks on individuals or groups you plan on hiring in advance of hiring them.

OBI-WAN: Right. Now never bring this matter up again -- ever.

ANAKIN: Of course, of course. (smirks) Right after I tell Kannen.

OBI-WAN: (rolls eyes) You're going to be the death of me.

ANAKIN: Not in this life. (beat) It's funny, you know, about Kannen. I like her -- I wouldn't change a thing about her -- but I still find it weird to think of her as a Mandalorian. She's nothing like the Death Watchmen.

OBI-WAN: Not all Mandalorians are like Vizsla and his group, Anakin, you have to remember that. There is as much diversity among them as there is among the Jedi.

ANAKIN: I know. Still, it's hard to forget what they put us through.

OBI-WAN: Don't forget it, Anakin, just remember to keep it in perspective.

Reaching the end of the corridor, the two Jedi make a turn to the left and enter another.

ANAKIN: Nashira would like to see you and Siri again, you know. It's been two years since the last visit.

OBI-WAN: I know, and she and I'd both like to take a trip to Orron III ...

ANAKIN: It's the baby, isn't it?

OBI-WAN: (nods) After starting the stem cell treatments, this is the first successful pregnancy we've had, but the doctors have said that there's still a danger she could miscarry. Neither of us want to take the chance of a long-distance trip right now.

ANAKIN: I understand. (beat) Maybe we could visit you.

OBI-WAN: I thought the DuQuesnes didn't have enough money to charter a flight to Coruscant.

ANAKIN: I'm sure I could pull a few strings. (grins) I am a Jedi sergeant major, after all.

OBI-WAN: An enlisted rank. Jedi or not, I don't think it carries much weight among the top brass.

ANAKIN: It wouldn't hurt to try.


With all ships lined up together, the Imperial fleet makes the jump into hyperspace.

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Up in the heavily polluted sky of Nar Shaddaa, countless starships and airspeeders move about like a swarm of angry hornets, passing around and between the countless rusting skyscrapers which reach up from the decaying surface of the moon below.


A dank, filthy place lit with dirty red lighting, the Meltdown Café is packed with clientele, most of whom are visibly disreputable types. Sitting at a small round table in the back corner of the establishment, out of place in his surroundings, is a relatively clean-looking ORTOLAN; visibly nervous, he chain smokes cigarette after cigarette, crushing one out and lighting another before finishing its predecessor. Resting on the floor beside him is a metal briefcase.

As the Ortolan worriedly smokes, a WAITRESS -- an incredibly emaciated Bothan with sparse, stringy hair and a lazy eye -- approaches his table.

WAITRESS: (takes out a datapad and stylus) What'll ye be havin'?

ORTOLAN: (looks up at the waitress; stammering) Oh no, nothing, please. I'm not hungry -- I'm just waiting for someone.

WAITRESS: (sighs) Look, this is an eatin' and drinkin' establishment -- ye come in here ta eat or drink, not ta sit 'n' stare like a stuffed bird. If all yer gonna consume is that goddamn smoke, then ye can take yer ass out o' here and free up some space fer payin' customers.

ORTOLAN: I'll have a glass of Saurian brandy, then -- a small one.

WAITRESS: (takes the order down on her datapad) Yer wish is meh command, meh lord.

The waitress walks off, leaving the Ortolan to himself again. Resuming his chain smoking, he takes a glance at his wrist chronometre.

ORTOLAN: By the goddess' bulge, how long is he going to be?!

After a few minutes pass, a new figure -- a TALL KUBAZ adorned in a dark green overcoat -- enters the Meltdown. Taking a gander at the clientele filling the place, he notices the Ortolan sitting in his secluded spot. As he walks up to the Ortolan, he reaches to a mechanical device secured to his right wrist and presses a series of small buttons.

ORTOLAN: Are you Khar J'ak? Are you the one I've been waiting for?

KHAR J'AK utters something in Huttese. Judging by the artificial sound of the words, they come from a mechanical device rather than his own vocal cords.

ORTOLAN: I'm sorry, I don't understand Huttese.

The Kubaz makes an adjustment to the settings of his translator.

KHAR J'AK: Did you bring my money?

ORTOLAN: (looks down at and places a hand on the briefcase beside him) It's here.

KHAR J'AK: Good, very good.

As J'ak reaches down for the briefcase, the rotund Ortolan slaps his hand away.

ORTOLAN: No, not until you fill your end of the bargain.

KHAR J'AK: (rubs his slapped hand) Outside, then.

ORTOLAN: The alley?

KHAR J'AK: The alley.

Turning, the Kubaz walks away. Picking up his briefcase, the Ortolan follows after him.


The Ortolan stands waiting in the alley alone. Clutching the briefcase to his chest, he taps his foot impatiently.

KHAR J'AK: (O.S.) Here she is.

From the shadows Khar J'ak emerges, leading a SMALL ORTOLAN FEMALE before him. In J'ak's right hand is a blaster pistol, the barrel of which is pressed against the female Ortolan's right temple.


KLEU: Daddy!

KHAR J'AK: Alright, Imunafas, here's your daughter. Now give me the case.

IMUNAFAS (ORTOLAN): Let Kleu go first!

KHAR J'AK: Try to run away, either of you, and I'll burn holes in both your heads -- capisce?

Taking the blaster away from Kleu's head, J'ak pushes her forward. She runs up to her father, who hugs her to him.

KLEU: (ecstatic) Daddy!

IMUNAFAS: (crying) Oh, Kleu -- Kleu!

KHAR J'AK: I'm touched by the familial love you share, but my money?

IMUNAFAS: (sets the briefcase down on the ground and pushes it toward the Kubaz with his foot) Take it!

The Kubaz catches the briefcase and, holstering his blaster, pops the case open, revealing the contents: several small bars of a shiny red metal. As Khar J'ak looks upon the bars, the two Ortolans back away from him.

KHAR J'AK: Wait a minute. (looks up at the Ortolans) This is only half! Where's the rest of it?!

IMUNAFAS: What are you talking about?

KUBAZ: (angry) Don't play games with me! We agreed on one-hundred bars; this is only fifty!

IMUNAFAS: (incredulous) What?!

KUBAZ: (pulls out his blaster) I don't like being played with, Ortolan. Now you tell me --

Before the Kubaz can finish his sentence, a whirring metal disc comes flying out from the darkness of the alley. Passing through the air at nigh-invisible speeds, it hits the Kubaz's right elbow, severing his gun hand from the rest of his body. Releasing an untranslatable Kubaz scream, J'ak collapses to his knees. Gripping his stump with his remaining hand, he desperately tries to staunch the blood flowing from his wound.

KUBAZ: (screaming) Goddamn you! I'll cut your --!

Before J'ak can complete his curse, a loud, resonating BANG sounds out through the alley, followed immediately by the appearance of a bloody hole in the side of the Kubaz's head. Kinetic energy knocking him to the right, he is dead before he hits the pavement.

As Imunafas holds his sobbing daughter close against him, two tall, intimidating figures -- a TRANDOSHAN and WOOKIEE -- emerge from the shadows. The Wookiee -- his fur black with silver streaks -- is naked save for a gunbelt worn about his hips and a lanvarok secured to his left wrist. The Trandoshan -- sporting midnight green scales and wearing a black-and-white spacer's suit -- carries a slugthrower rifle in his long arms. Walking up to the remains of Khar J'ak, they look down upon the corpse to regard their handiwork.

IMUNAFAS: Thank you, I --

TRANDOSHAN: (speaking through a translator) We don't care about your thanks. (points down at the briefcase) Is that the rest of our fee?

IMUNAFAS: (stammering) Y-yes. Fifty bars to go with the other fifty I gave you as a down payment.

Bending down, the Trandoshan re-closes the briefcase and hoists it up.

TRANDOSHAN: Then our business is concluded.

Turning, the Trandoshan leaves and re-enters the shadows, leaving the two Ortolans alone with his Wookiee partner.

The Wookiee, uttering a low grunt, bends down over the slain J'ak. Grabbing hold of the Kubaz's severed arm, he picks it up, examining the controls for the corresponding translator secured to it. Peeling off the controls and tossing the dead appendage away, the Wookiee bends low over J'ak's body and strips the translator apparatus from the dead being's neck.

Releasing a short laugh, the Wookiee then turns and leaves himself, following his Trandoshan partner into the shadows of Nar Shaddaa.

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A freighter drops out of hyperspace and makes its way toward the green-and-blue agricultural world.


A passenger liner drops out of hyperspace and makes its way toward the bronze-coloured ecumenopolis.


As the Rodian pilot maneuvers the ship's controls, Anakin looks out the window to his right at the view of Orron III beyond.


As a sleeping Ithorian snores in the seat beside him, Obi-Wan looks out the window to his left at the view of Coruscant beyond.


The freighter has landed and its few passengers are filing out; among them is Nik.


The liner has landed and its many passengers are filing out; among them is Obi-Wan.


Nik hands a bouquet of flowers out to the Neimoidian teller; taking the flowers, she brings out her scanner and scans the barcode.

NEIMOIDIAN TELLER: That'll be thirty-two ingots.

ANAKIN: (hands her the ingots) Keep the change.


Obi-Wan hands a box of chocolates out to the Duros teller; taking the box, she brings out her scanner and scans the barcode.

DUROS TELLER: That'll be twenty-three credits.

OBI-WAN: (hands her the credits) Keep the change.


A taxi comes to a stop before the quaint, cozy house of the DuQuesne family. Opening the side door, Anakin steps out.


A taxi comes to a stop before the 662 Gasgar Valley apartment complex. Opening the side door, Obi-Wan steps out.


Anakin stands before the front door, the bouquet of flowers in his left hand. He tugs at the tight collar of his black shirt as the door opens.


Obi-Wan stands in the turbolift, the box of chocolates under his arm. He tugs at the tight collar of his white shirt as the turbolift comes to a stop and the doors open.


As Nik enters the living area he finds two individuals -- NEMEC and CORIN DUQUESNE -- waiting for him.

ANAKIN: (grins) 'Shira?


Entering the bedroom, Nik finds 'Shira. Seated on the chair to the left of her bed, dressed in pajamas, Nashira stares into the mirror, brushing her pixie-styled strawberry blond hair as bright yellow sunlight falls upon the back of her head from the uncovered window; the joy upon her face is evident.

NASHIRA: (turns to Anakin) Nik!

Rising from the chair, Nashira runs up to her boyfriend. Wrapping her arms around him, she plants her lips on his and begins to kiss him passionately.

His fingers opening, the bouquet of flowers falls from Nik's grasp, hitting the floor with a light RUSTLE.


As Obi-Wan enters the living area he finds it empty, the lights off.

OBI-WAN: (frowns) Siri?


Entering the bedroom, Obi-Wan finds Siri. Seated on the chair to the right of their bed, dressed in a nightgown, Siri stares out the window, the heavy orange sunlight falling upon her face from between the window blind's slats; the sorrow upon her face is evident.

SIRI: (turns to Obi-Wan) Ben ...

Rising from the chair, Siri moves up to her husband. Wrapping her arms around him, she plants her face in the hollow of his neck and begins to weep.

His fingers opening, the box of chocolates falls from Obi-Wan's grasp, hitting the floor with a hollow THUD.


Anakin and Nashira stand together silently in each others' arms.


Obi-Wan and Siri stand together silently in each others' arms.

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Nemec DuQuesne rides his combine through the vast, sprawling fields of maize, mowing down and harvesting thousands of ripe stalks as he moves onward. Beside him, driving a trailer to collect the freshly mowed-and-ground maize, is Anakin. Due to the advanced age of both vehicles, neither one has functioning air conditioning, leaving Anakin and Nemec to sweat profusely within their cabs under the full midday sun.

Without warning, the engines of Anakin's trailer suddenly begin to shudder violently; with an unwelcome SPUTTER and COUGH, the engines then blow out and the vehicle completely dies. Unaware or what has just transpired, Nemec keeps the combine rolling forward, leaving ground maize to spill out upon the ground.

ANAKIN: Oh, for the love of --

Opening the cab door, Nik leaps out of the trailer. Running forward, he begins yelling and waving his arms at Nemec to stop.

ANAKIN: (shouting) Nemec! Hey, Nemec! Stop the combine! You're dumping maize all over the ground! Stop, man, stop!

Finally noticing Anakin's cries of panic, Nemec hits the breaks. As the large combine grinds to a halt, Nemec powers down the thresher, bringing the rainfall of maize to an end.

NEMEC: (opens the cab door and leans out) What the hell happened?!

ANAKIN: Dunno. The engines just died on me!

NEMEC: (sighs and runs a hand through his hair) Figures. (beat) Well, I guess that's it for the day. We'll take a look at the engines tomorrow and see if we can't get the old girl fixed up again. (beat) Hop on in.

ANAKIN: (waves his hand dismissively) Nah, you go on ahead. I'd like to walk for a while, catch the breeze.

NEMEC: Suit yourself.

Closing the cab door, Nemec starts forward again, leaving Anakin behind. Anakin, for his part, just puts his hands in his pockets and begins walking at a leisurely pace, taking in the nature surrounding him.

ANAKIN: (singing) We play the game with determination. We don't give a damn about our reputation, baby. It's not a game, it's a revelation. Step inside the real world ...


As Nik finally arrives at the DuQuesne homestead, he finds Nemec and his wife Corin waiting for him. Corin stands holding a tray with a pitcher and glass of ice tea in her hands, Nemec seated in a sun chair with a glass in his hand beside her. With the two spouses so close together, it's impossible not to compare and contrast their physical features. Where Nemec is stocky and rather plain-looking, Corin is gracile and strikingly beautiful; the only attribute they have in common is their blond hair.

CORIN: (to Anakin) You must be thirsty after all that work and that long walk, Anakin. Have a glass.

ANAKIN: Thanks, Corin.

Taking the glass of ice tea, Anakin downs it in one long, uninterrupted swallow.

CORIN: (eye widening) My, you must be thirsty. Here, have some more. (takes the pitcher and pours more tea into Anakin's glass)

NEMEC: Pull up a chair, Nik, take a load off.

ANAKIN: (takes a small sip of his refreshed ice tea) Thanks, but I think I'll head inside to take a shower first.

Nodding to Nashira's parents, he steps past them for the door. The man and wife exchange glances, cocking their eyebrows in unison.


Stripping out of his sweaty clothes, Anakin steps inside the shower. Closing the door, he turns the water on, allowing a stream of fresh, clean water to hit him full-on in the face. Taking a bar of soap, he begins to lather himself up.

As Nik works himself clean, a SHADOWY HUMAN FIGURE can be seen slowly entering the 'fresher. With complete silence, the silhouette cautiously makes its way over to the occupied shower. Completely oblivious, Anakin doesn't notice as the dark shade approaches the closed shower door, slowly raises an arm to grip it, then suddenly -- violently -- wrenches it open.

NASHIRA: Surprise!


Surprised, Anakin jumps back, nearly slipping in the shower. 'Shira, for her part, begins laughing hysterically.

ANAKIN: (irate) Dammit, Nashira! I could've slipped and broken my damn neck! Don't do that ever again!

NASHIRA: (pouts sexily) Ohhh, you big bad baby. As if you'd ever slip, Jedi man o' mine.

ANAKIN: Close the door, will ya? Water's getting all over the floor.

NASHIRA: (looks down at the water spraying out onto the refresher floor) Hmmm, I guess I should. (looks back up at Nik, grinning salaciously) Shouldn't I?

At that, Nashira begins to undress. Taking her time, Nashira unbuttons her powder blue blouse, pulling it open and down to expose her naked shoulders and toned stomach. Once that is done, she unzips her dark brown pants and slowly works them down, exposing her long, shapely legs. With both shirt and pants off, Nashira stands there in her black undergarments, bearing her body to her man. In the years that have passed since we last saw her, Nashira has matured from a pretty young girl into a beautiful young woman with the lithe body of a nascent goddess.

ANAKIN: (eyes Nashira) ...

Grinning broadly, 'Shira steps into the shower. Closing the door behind her, she slips her arms around Anakin's neck.

NASHIRA: No water getting out on the floor now.

ANAKIN: No, no ... of course not now.

Leaning forward, Anakin brings his face close to Nashira's and reaches behind to rest his hands on the small of her back; pressing his lips against hers, he slides his hands up to her shoulder blades and begins working to remove her bra.

As water cascades down the bodies of the two lovers, Nashira's satin undergarments drop to the shower floor.

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Obi-Wan and Siri sit on opposite ends of the small dining table, facing one another. Though they both poke at the food on their plates, neither are really hungry.

OBI-WAN: How is it? The recipe called for twenty minutes but I left it on an extra five. I didn't overcook anything, did I?

SIRI: (sullen) No, no. It's just fine.

OBI-WAN: Do you need any salt? I could pass you --

SIRI: I don't need any salt, Ben, it's fine as it is.

An awkward moment of silence passes between them.

OBI-WAN: Siri, maybe we should talk about ... about what happened.

SIRI: No, we don't. Just eat your food.

OBI-WAN: Love, we can't just avoid it. We have to --

SIRI: (enraged) I said I don't want to talk about it! Now shut up and let me eat!

In anger, Siri begins to stab at her plate violently, breaking it in half.

SIRI: (crying) Oh, goddammit!

Bolting up out of her chair, she runs out of the room. Abandoning his plate, Obi-Wan follows after her.


Siri stands out of the balcony, her hands tightly gripped around the railing. Her eyes shut tight and her teeth bared in a grimace, she weeps. Slowly, cautiously, Obi-Wan joins her, placing his hand on her shoulder to comfort her.

SIRI: I lost our baby, Ben, I lost him! Oh, God, I lost him!

Wrapping his arms around her, Obi-Wan kisses her on the temple then rests his head on her shoulder.

OBI-WAN: He's left us but we'll see him again, Siri, we'll see him again.

SIRI: I wanted to see him, Ben, to hold him in my arms at least once. I wanted to let him know I loved him. (beat) I wanted to be a mother.

OBI-WAN: You will, love, you will. We'll try again.

SIRI: (turns to face him) Try again? For what? For another miscarriage? For another baby born dead?

OBI-WAN: We'll just have to wait until the treatments are finished before we try again. Next time will work out, I promise.

Grabbing hold of him, Siri buries her face in his chest.

SIRI: Oh, Lord, Ben, I need to get out of here! I need to get off this planet! I need to get away from this dead city with its dead buildings on this dead planet! I need to leave! Please, Ben, take me away from here!

Releasing a tortured moan, Siri continues to sob, clutching her husband to her tightly. Bringing up his arms, Obi-Wan holds her, rubbing her back gently. Looking up, he regards the durasteel buildings stretching out beyond the balcony, their windows aglow with artificial illumination.

OBI-WAN: I know where to go, Siri. I know exactly where to go ...

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On a duracrete platform stationed beyond the Ophuchi prison, under a stormy gray sky which matches his disposition, Gog Jukassa stands, his arms and legs shackled, surrounded by six armed prison guards. His black military uniform having been traded in for a set of unflattering plaid prison coveralls, he no longer carries the same imperious bearing he once had. Before the deposed despot stands the WARDEN, a malicious grin plastered across his skeletal face.

WARDEN: (to Jukassa) There's a nice, clean breeze blowing, isn't there, Lord-Commandant? (beat) Breathe it in, Lord-Commandant, get a good whiff of that fresh, crisp air while you can, 'cause where you're going, you won't get much of that.

GOG JUKASSA: Only a year ago, warden, you had me over for dinner with the rest of your family. I don't remember you being so flippant with your tongue then.

WARDEN: I had to coddle your over-inflated ego while under your "guiding hand", Lord-Commandant. Now, with your regime pulled out from under you, I no longer have to kiss your high-bred hindquarters.

From out of the cloudy sky a large shuttle descends over the landing platform. Coming to rest before the amassed group, the craft's ramp opens and lowers, allowing FOUR ARMED GUARDS to climb out.

WARDEN: Goodbye, Lord-Commandant. You'll think of me when you bend over to pick up the soap, won't you? (to the four new arrivals) Take him away.

Moving forward, the four guards motion with their weapons for Jukassa to step forward toward the shuttle. His expression grim, the ex-dictator complies; with the four guards flanking him, he enters the shuttle.

Once Jukassa is aboard, the ramp draws back up into the shuttle and the shuttle then proceeds to take off, returning to the sky on a course for open space.


Gog Jukassa stands facing the four guards, his eyes unblinking. The visors of their helmets pulled down over their eyes, the expressions of the guards are impossible to read.

GOG JUKASSA: (brings his restrained hands forward) Well, aren't you going to get me out of these?

GUARD #1: At once, Lord-Commandant. (turns to the guard to his right) Unfasten his restraints.

Nodding once, the guard steps forward toward the lord-commandant. Taking a key, the guard unlocks Jukassa's chains.

GOG JUKASSA: (rubbing his wrists) That's much better. (beat) We're going to Nar Shaddaa, correct?

GUARD #1: Yes, milord. The Imperials will be unable to persecute you in the heart of Hutt space -- they have no jurisdiction there.

GOG JUKASSA: (sighs) The lord-commandant of Ophuchi reduced to seeking sanctuary on a polluted cesspool like Nar Shaddaa. It's criminal.

GUARD #1: It's only temporary, milord. In time Ophuchi will be yours once again.

GOG JUKASSA: As much as I would like that to be true, I must face reality. My reign on this world is over -- completely and finally over. (beat) But I can still have my vengeance -- my complete and final vengeance.


Moving out of Ophuchi's gravity well, the shuttle crewed by Jukassa and his loyalists makes the jump into hyperspace.

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DuracellEnergizer said:


Entering the bedroom, Nik finds 'Shira. Seated on the chair to the left of her bed, dressed in pajamas, Siri stares into the mirror, brushing her pixie-styled strawberry blond hair as bright yellow sunlight falls upon the back of her head from the uncovered window; the joy upon her face is evident.

 Weird...Nashira and Siri share a room? :P

I just got around to reading your second episode. I'm liking it even better than the first one so far.


RicOlie_2 said:

DuracellEnergizer said:


Entering the bedroom, Nik finds 'Shira. Seated on the chair to the left of her bed, dressed in pajamas, Siri stares into the mirror, brushing her pixie-styled strawberry blond hair as bright yellow sunlight falls upon the back of her head from the uncovered window; the joy upon her face is evident.

 Weird...Nashira and Siri share a room? :P

All those "S"s just start running together in my mind. *d'oh*

I just got around to reading your second episode. I'm liking it even better than the first one so far.

I only hope I can get around to progressing the story soon. Right now, though, I don't know what to do with the characters while they're on their leave.

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On the vast, sweeping plains of the planet Tralus, an ARMY stands assembled; made up of a mixture of Humans, Selonians, Dralls, and various other species native to the Corellian system, the soldiers all wear the armour of the ancient Army of the Republic.

Almost as if they suddenly materialized from out of thin air, a large myriad of Krath assault ships appear in the deep lavender sky of Tralus. Several anti-aircraft weapons platforms stationed on the surface open fire as the menacing craft descend upon the world, releasing salvoes of concentrated laserfire upon the enemy ships. Heavily outnumbering the guns, however, most of the assault ships manage to evade the devastating laser blasts.

Touching down upon the vast plain, flattening the long stalks of indigo grass under their bulk, the Krath take root upon the surface of Tralus like large metal barnacles. As their engines power down, the bay doors of the Krath craft split open. Once they are fully open, thousands upon thousands of AUTOMATED KRATH WAR 'DROIDS spill out; hunched over on pairs of digitigrade legs, short war swords in one hand and pulse-wave weapons in the other, the menacing humanoid war machines charge forward, moving with all the preternatural coordination of steel termites. Bringing their weapons to bear, the Republic troops open fire on the automatons moving in on them. Like an unstoppable object meeting an immovable force, the two sides come together.

The resulting battle is a fierce one, with extremely heavy losses to both sides, but in the end it finishes as it must; the Republic soldiers fall to the mindless robots.

As wounded lie crying out in agony amongst the remains of their slain brethren on the blood-soaked battlefield, the Krath assault ships disgorge their second force of invaders; a countless number of armed-and-armoured KRATH WARRIORS, their faces hard and their eyes cold, climb out, large blaster rifles gripped tightly in their iron-strong hands. As they fall upon the surviving Republic soldiers, they falter not at all as they train their weapons on their fallen foes and quickly put an end their collective misery.

As the Krath assemble together in front their ships, a new ship -- an obsidian-black shuttle -- appears in the sky above. Descending like an ominous angel of death, it touches down on the ground before the amassed Krath warriors. As the ramp of the shuttle opens and lowers, a single figure emerges; clad in armour as black and polished as her ship, a large cloak like a sheet of star-studded night flowing down from her shoulders, is a LADY OF THE SITH BROTHERHOOD. A smooth, perfectly featureless helmet encases her head, hiding her features from view.

Reaching up, the Sith Lady takes hold of the featureless black helmet. Pulling it off, she exposes her face to the Krath standing before her. Tresses of full, wavy black hair cascade down, framing an immaculately beautiful face of flawless porcelain. Her deep violet eyes, like liquid sapphires, sparkle as the contours of her full, midnight blue lips turn upward with a smile.

Turning away from the Krath, stepping away from her shuttle, the Sith ascends a short hill. Reaching the top, she looks out to the landscape sprawling before her. In a shallow valley, far in the distance, stands the low exterior of a bunker extending underground.

Turning away from the sight, the lady looks down upon the Krath warriors. Reaching to her side, she grasps the hilt of a broadsword. Pulling it free of its scabbard, she hefts the weapon into the air, pointing the black blade skyward.

SITH LADY: Onward, my Krath brethren! In the names of the Dark Lord Exar Kun, the Emperor Ulic and Empress Aleema, for the glory of the Sith Empire reborn, attack!

With one mind, one heart, and one soul the Krath warriors release a battle cry and charge forward. As they pass by the Sith Lady on the way to the bunker, her smile broadens into a full -- animalistic -- grin.


Having reached the bunker, the Krath war 'droids are engaged in battle with the Republic soldiers defending the bunkers. As with their brethren on the front lines, however, these soldiers prove to be little match for the murderous automations.


Inside the main corridor leading in-and-out of the underground bunker, a dozen Republic soldiers stand at attention, their blaster rifles trained on the reinforced durasteel door situated at the end of the corridor before them.


Inside a small safe room are eleven individuals: Jedi Knight VICI RAMUNEE, her brother VENI, her lover LOGAN HALCYON, their mistress TANISS, and SEVEN YOUNG JEDI CHILDREN.

Vici, twenty-four years old, is a pretty Human woman with a tall, slender build, shoulder-length auburn hair, and green eyes; Veni, eighteen years old, is almost a perfect reflection of his sister; Logan, thirty-one, is a tall, broad-shouldered Human with flaming red hair and an omni-spectral visor pulled down over his eyes; Taniss, perfectly ageless, is a handsome Omwati woman with light blue skin, sparkling indigo eyes, and feathery mauve hair.

While Taniss sits upon a chair, cradling a toddler on her lap, the other three Jedi stand or pace about the room.

VICI: Mistress ...

TANISS: Yes, Vici?

VICI: The Krath forces ... I can feel them getting closer. (beat) There's Sith with them.

TANISS: Yes ... I know.


The Krath warriors arrive as the war 'droids finish off the remaining Republicans.


VENI: They're here!


With a loud, skull-jarring CRASH the reinforced durasteel door is punched in as if it were made of cardboard; thrown forward with immense velocity, it collides with five soldiers, crushing each and every one of them. As the remaining Republicans move to reorient themselves, Krath warriors come pouring into the bunker.


Sensing the Krath's violation of their sanctum, Veni turns toward the thick durasteel door blocking the room off from the rest of the bunker, reaching for the hilt of the lightsaber hanging from his belt with impatience.

VENI: I'm not going to stand around anymore! I'm taking them!

LOGAN: (grabbing Veni by the shoulder) Hold your eopies, kid. Have some patience.

Spinning around, Veni angrily brushes Logan's hand away.

VENI: Keep your hands off me, Halcyon! You don't get to push me around, not anymore!

TANISS: (irritated) Enough of this! (to Veni) You're not a child anymore, Veni -- stop acting like one!

Shamed, Veni hangs his head.

VENI: I'm sorry, Mistress. (beat) But the Krath, the children ... I don't know what I'm supposed to do -- what we're supposed to do.

Carefully setting the toddler down on the floor to crawl about with its peers, Taniss stands up and walks over to Veni. Placing her hands on his shoulder, she regards him with the tender look of a caring mother.

TANISS: We do what we must as the protectors of these children. To the bitter end, we do as we must.


Having slaughtered the Republic soldiers guarding the corridor, the Krath warriors are clearing the bodies out of the way as the Sith Lady steps inside; accompanying her are THREE SITH ACOLYTES: a Bith male, a Human male, and a Devaronian female.

SITH LADY: Go and open the path for us, but remember -- the elder is mine.

Acknowledging her command silently, the acolytes move forward, their stone faces devoid of all expression save that of solid determination.


As the durasteel door slides open, Vici turns to Logan. Meeting his eyes with hers, she reaches out and places her fingers on the side of his face.

VICI: So this is it, huh?

LOGAN: This is it.

VICI: But there's so much I wanted to say, Logan, so much to do --

LOGAN: (grins) Please, save me the cliched claptrap. (reaches up and tenderly takes her hand in his) All we needed to say and do we've done.

Pulling Vici close to him, Logan locks his lips with hers, sealing their love with their last passionate kiss.

As Logan and Vici end their embrace, they both turn to regard Mistress Taniss. Then, turning away from her, they and Veni step out of the room to meet their fate.

Once the three Jedi are gone, the heavy metal door slides back into place and locks with a heavy CLANG.


As the three Sith acolytes enter the antechamber leading into the safe room, they find the three Jedi Knights waiting for them. As one, the Sith draw their lightsabers and engage them; a blade of frigid blue extends from the Human's hilt, a blade of putrid green from the Bith's, and a blade of nauseating purple from the Devaronian's. As the Sith stand there, their three blades glowing, the Jedi draw their own weapons; a blade of vibrant yellow extends from Veni's hilt, a blade of radiant orange from Logan's, and a blade of intense red from Vici's.

Drawing back their plasma blades, the six combatants leap into the fray.


Mistress Taniss stands facing the door, children surrounding her, as tears begin to run down her soft face.


The Sith Lady steps into the antechamber, looking down upon the bodies strewn about the floor. The Jedi and Sith, being evenly matched, failed to triumph over one another; all six are dead.

Stepping past the bodies, the darkly beautiful woman walks up to the heavy door leading into the safe room beyond. Bringing up her arms, she reaches out through the Force and, finding the door, seizes it in a vice-like grip, squeezes, and begins to pull.

With a hideous SQUEAL of rending metal, the tremendously heavy, durable safe room door is slowly pulled from its hinges and out of its frame. Once it is clear, the lady telekinetically moves it to the side, discarding it casually as if it were nothing more than a paper cup.

Standing there, the pristine white blade of her lightsaber engaged in a defensive stance, is the Jedi mistress Taniss. Her face unreadable, the Sith reaches to the scabbard at her side and draws her broadsword, bringing the blade of black metal to bear.

SITH LADY: Greetings, Mistress Taniss.

TANISS: You know who I am?

SITH LADY: Of course. I always take the time to know my adversaries. (beat) I've come for the children, Mistress Taniss.

TANISS: You know I can't allow you to take them.

SITH LADY: Have sense, Mistress. The Republic troops have fallen and Tralus has been taken -- you have lost.

TANISS: While life flows through me, triumph remains a possibility. I haven't lost yet.

SITH LADY: It doesn't have to be this way. There is a place for all within the Brotherhood -- why don't you join us and help create a future where these children can grow up in peace and security, safe from the manipulations and predations of corrupt bureaucrats and underworlders?

TANISS: The future the Sith are crafting is a dark, unholy one. I'll have no part in it.

SITH LADY: (angry) Open your eyes, Taniss! The Republic and Jedi have had their day! It is the dawn of a new age -- the Age of Sith!

TANISS: Such a dawn I have no desire to wake to.

SITH LADY: Very well, Mistress Taniss, cling to your outmoded stubbornness. The path to the morrow will be clearer with you out of the way.

Lunging forward, the black armoured Sith swings her blade. Taking a step back, Taniss brings the blade of her lightsaber down on an intercept course; with an almost liquid SIZZLE, the blade of white plasma makes contact with the blade of alchemically-forged metal, neither cutting through the other. Pulling back, the two combatants separate blades.

Moving with fluid grace, the Sith and Jedi continue their duel. They feint, parry, and riposte over-and-over again, neither gaining an upper hand over the other.

SITH LADY: It's obvious this contest cannot be decided by our skills with the blade.

The lady lowers her sword, resheathing it.

SITH LADY: (cont'd) But by our knowledge of the Force.

Lowering her lightsaber, Tannis disengages it and tosses the hilt to the floor.

TANNIS: First blood is yours, lady of the Sith.

Grinning, the Sith brings forth her hands. As she weaves them about one another, a ball of negative energy begins to coalesce between them. Once the sphere of inverted light has reached optimal size, the lady throws out her hands, releasing it at Taniss. Bringing up her own hands, Taniss erects a barrier of blazing yellow light. As the sphere collides with the barrier, the negative energy shatters into nothingness.

TANNIS: (drops the barrier) You're going to have to do far better than that.

Sneering, the Sith Lady brings her arms down low to her sides. Curling her fingers into gnarled talons, she begins to summon more negative energy into them. Throwing out her hands, she unleashes beams of inverted light upon Taniss. Throwing up a telekinetic shield with her right hand, the mistress redirects the black energy away from her into a wall.

SITH LADY: Do you plan on merely warding away my blows, Jedi?! Haven't you the fire to deliver an attack of your own?!

Without responding, the Jedi mistress throws up her left hand. A beam of yellow energy courses outward, catching the Sith square in the chest and hurtling her back onto the floor.

TANNIS: I can dish it out as well as I can take it, darksider.

Grinning with malevolent pleasure, the Sith Lady recollects herself. Stepping forward, she throws out her hands once again, casting more blasts of negative energy. Tannis reciprocates with blasts of yellow energy.


Some time has passed and the Krath soldiers stand outside the entrance, awaiting the return of their mistress. Moments pass, then a shape emerges from within the dark confines of the bunker.

The Sith Lady -- her cloak reduced to ashes, her gorgeous hair burned down to a charred fuzz, and her face marred with second degree burns -- steps outside. Cradled against her breastplate, seemingly oblivious to the events taking place around it, is the very same toddler Tannis was attending to earlier.

SITH LADY: (hoists the child up into the air) Behold the child! Behold the future of the Sith Empire!

Awareness of their victory finally sinking in, the Krath warriors throw up their arms, cheering their Sith mistress as she displays the spoils of war in her arms.

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Anakin sits at his desk, watching the holovid of the Sith lady holding the child before her Krath warriors, as a light RAP-RAP-RAP is heard at the door.

ANAKIN: (pauses the holovid) It's open.

The door opens and Corin leans inside. She immediately notices the monochrome hologram of the menacing Sith woman frozen in place on his desk.

CORIN: What are you watching?

ANAKIN: Records from the Fourth Battle of Tralus during the Great Sith War. Being out on the front lines have left me behind on my studies and I'm trying to get caught up. (beat) You wanted something, Corin?

CORIN: You've got a caller on the vidphone -- Obi-Wan Kenobi.

ANAKIN: I'll be right there.

Rising from his chair, Nik follows Corin out the door.


Entering the small, windowless room, Anakin walks over to the controls of a medium-sized flatscreen installed into the wall. Pressing a blue button, Obi-Wan's face immediately appears on the display.

ANAKIN: (sits down in a chair) Hey, Obi. What's up?

OBI-WAN: Hello, Nik. I'm not disturbing you, am I?

ANAKIN: No, not really. I was just going over my history records. (beat) What's the news? Our leave hasn't been cancelled, has it?

OBI-WAN: No, nothing of the sort. (beat) Anakin ...

ANAKIN: (frowns) Something's happened to Siri, hasn't there?

OBI-WAN: (sighs) Siri lost the child. It happened a few days before I got back.

ANAKIN: God, Obi, I'm so sorry.

OBI-WAN: Siri's going through a crisis right now, and we both feel it'd be best to get off Coruscant for the time being and see some friendly faces. Is it alright if we come to Orron III and stay with you for awhile?

ANAKIN: I'll have to ask Corin and Nemec, but I'm sure they'll understand.

OBI-WAN: Thank you, Anakin.

ANAKIN: I'll get back to you as soon as I get the word.

With that the communication ends. Rising from the chair, Nik turns to leave and finds Nemec standing in the open door.

NEMEC: I heard everything, Nik. (beat) Tell your friends they're welcome to come right on over.

Thanking Nemec with a slight nod and smile, Nik returns to the vidphone.

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In lieu of further entries to this screenplay, I've decided to begin a new edition of "Assign a Face to the Name". Just like before, these posts will provide insight into how I see the various characters, the types of clothes they wear, the technology they use, etc.

Leonardo DiCaprio is still the face of Anakin. As a number of years have passed since we saw Anakin last, however, he has grown older -- taller and more muscular.

George Lucas is Gog Jukassa. Nuff said.

I see the actress Joy Tanner as the face of the Force-sensitive Rattataki clone.

To put it succinctly, I've seen her in enough roles to convince me that she has the perfect face and voice for a sociopathic, not-quite-human clone.

And just in case anyone's wondering, she isn't meant to be an analogue of Asajj Ventress; even though she's a Rattataki (the species Asajj belonged to according to the EU prior to the Nightsister business in TCW) and wields twin lightsabers, I had developed those details for the character independently and only came to notice the similarities later.

The Rattataki clone's garb.

Kannen Doom isn't an original character but an EU character from the Tag & Bink comics. The creator of Kannen based her likeness off of an actress named Drea Hoffman, so out of respect for his artistic vision, I've decided to apply it to my version of the character as well even though I haven't personally seen Ms. Hoffman in anything.

The likenesses of Nemec and Corin Duquesne are based off of those of Oskar Werner and Julie Christie.

To put a long story (relatively) short, one day I realized that Ms. Christie could have made a good alternative template to based Nashira off of in place of Jane Fonda. Following that, I figured her likeness would be the perfect likeness for Nashira's mother instead, as both actresses share enough physical features to pass as relatives. Following that, I realized Mr. Werner would work well as Nashira's father, since he and Christie co-starred in the film adaptation of Fahrenheit 451, a movie I enjoyed immensely.

And yes, if the names "Corin" and "Nemec" ring any bells, it's because I lifted them from the actor Corin Nemec, who played the unpopular character Jonas Quinn on Stargate SG-1.

Same as with Anakin far above, Jane Fonda is still the face of Nashira, only older and -- ahem -- fuller.

Krath soldiers and assault ships.

Krath war 'droids.

The visual appearance of the armour worn by the Sith lady was inspired by the armour worn by Flint, a Sith lord from the old Marvel comics.

Vici, Veni, and Taniss are all EU characters from the short story "The Most Dangerous Foe". As I like the story and am eagre to insert cameos and references to the more obscure EU characters into my screenplays, I felt it would be nice to incorporate them into the Great Sith War flashback. 

The "omni-spectral visor" worn by Logan Halcyon is obviously based on the visor worn by Geordi LaForge from Star Trek: TNG -- specifically the iridescent visor worn during the original wardrobe/makeup test above (Logan himself, of course, looks nothing the man above. XD).

“Okay, I’m goin’, takin’ off. See ya… bye….” — Chip Douglas

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I'd just like to say that after almost two months of writer's block, I've finally got some ideas on how to progress with this storyline, so I may be adding some more entries in the days or weeks to come (I make no concrete promises, though.).

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Somewhere in the depths of the Arkanis sector sits the crystalline planet Bajilon Prime. In orbit above Bajilon Prime is a long metal cylinder with a clawed torus built around its diametre. This is Akkad 14, a space station built by the Separatists during the Second Clone War. While it has long since been appropriated by the Empire, it still serves its purpose as a way station between the Geonosis system and the greater Galaxy.


Inside her quarters, buried within the covers of her bed, is COMMANDER SHERIDAN JEFFREYS. A lean, lovely blonde nearing middle age, Jeffreys is locked fast in the deepest, most peaceful sleep.

At that moment, just as Bajilon's blue sun rises out beyond the room's large transparisteel viewport, the chronometre off to the right side of the commander's bed begins to ring a fierce wakeup call. Groaning, she rolls over in bed, burying her head inside her pillows in a desperate attempt to block out the noise.

CMDR. JEFFREYS: Shut up, shut up, shut up ...

When the chronometre refuses to comply, Jeffreys resorts to a final desperate act. Reaching under her mattress, she pulls out a small blaster. Turning over, she levels the weapon at the chrono, takes careful aim, then pulls the trigger. A blue stun bolt flares out, catching the chronometre and frying its systems, silencing it now and forever.

Sighing, Jeffreys lowers the blaster. Getting up out of bed, she then meanders over to her desk. Opening a drawer, she pulls out a recorder wand. Raising it to her lips, she turns it on.

CMDR. JEFFREYS: Memo to self: Order a new chronometre at the next earliest convenience.

Deactivating the wand, she replaces it back inside the desk.


The door leading into Jeffreys' quarters slides open, allowing the commander to step out into the corridor. Now showered and clad in her gray Imperial uniform, she is the very picture of no-nonsense efficiency.

Turning on her heel to her right, she begins making her way along the corridor. At that moment the large door at the end of the corridor behind her left slides open, allowing a PORTLY BARABEL to step inside.

PORTLY BARABEL: (grins) Commander Jeffreys!

Stopping in mid-stride, Jeffreys turns to regard the Barabel. Seeing his unwelcome grin, she sighs deeply.

CMDR. JEFFREYS: Mr. Kurasij, without the proper clearance, Red Deck is off-limits to non-military personnel.

KURASIJ (PORTLY BARABEL): Yes, this is known to me. What of it?

CMDR. JEFFREYS: Get off Red Deck, Mr. Kurasij.

KURASIJ: You wound me deeply, Commander. Do you regard me so poorly that you'd immediately assume I'd use improper channels to procure access to the command section?

CMDR. JEFFREYS: (sighs) I haven't the time for your games, Kurasij. Get your ass off Red Deck before I call Gardo in to haul it off to the brig!

KURASIJ: (takes a step forward) Surely, Commander --

Reaching to her side, Jeffreys pulls out her comlink. Raising it to her lips, she activates it.


GARDO: (O.S.) Commander?

KURASIJ: (raises his hands up as he takes a step back) Nevermind, Commander. I can see you are a busy woman. Perhaps we can establish a dialogue at a later date, yes?

Wasting not a single split-second, the Barabel departs Red Deck.

CMDR. JEFFREYS: (into the comlink) Nevermind, Gardo. False alarm.

Deactivating the comlink, the Commander resumes her walk.


The doors leading into the command centre slide open and Cmdr. Jeffreys steps inside. Within the circular room several men, women, and beings of indeterminate gender man their stations, each monitoring the interstellar space beyond them for incoming ships or communications. Installed in the wall before them all is a large viewport looking out into the star-studded darkness of the Bajilon system.

OFFICER #1: Good morning, Commander.

Walking over to her station, Jeffreys takes a seat.

CMDR. JEFFREYS: Morning? There is no morning in space, Daneils.

DANEILS (OFFICER #1): Of course not, Commander.



CMDR. JEFFREYS: Be a good boy and fetch me a mug of caf. I'll never be able to think straight if I don't get some caffeine into my system ASAP.

DANEILS: Right away, ma'am.

Leaving his station, Daneils hurries to grab the commander a cup of caf.


Out in the blackness of space, past Bajilon Prime and the space station, a large starship emerges from the depths of hyperspace. Unseen, the ship moves toward Akkad 14. Coming upon the station, the starship casts a vast, overwhelming shadow over the much smaller habitat.


OFFICER #2: Commander, a cruiser's just emerged right on top of us from hyperspace! It's a --!


Red turbolaser blasts lance out from the unseen cruiser, striking Akkad 14 dead centre. Unable to withstand firepower of such magnitude, the station's deflector shields wink out. Before another moment can pass, Akkad 14 explodes into a raging fireball, killing everyone aboard instantly.

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With the rising of a new sun on this side of Orron III, we watch the events of Anakin's morning unfold from beginning to end.

Following a rude awakening when Nashira, shrieking like a harpy, bursts into his room, jumps on top of his bed, and begins beating him over the head with one of his pillows, Anakin promptly hurries to get ready for the day and joins the rest of the DuQuesne family at the breakfast table. Following a hearty breakfast of green eggs and ham, he then joins them on their farm chores; while 'Shira and Nemec team up to work with the combine and trailer to finish the season's harvest, Nik helps Corin take inventory and work on repairing broken and malfunctioning equipment.


With the passing of morning into afternoon, Anakin's chores have come to an end for the day. Tonight is the night Obi-Wan and Siri are to arrive on Orron III after a long voyage from Coruscant, and Nik has to leave to pick them up at the spaceport. 

Having promptly showered and dressed in clean, fresh clothes, Anakin guides the DuQuesne family landspeeder out of the garage. As he uses a remote control to close the garage door, Nashira and her parents appear from out of the house, walking all the way around to the right side of the speeder to see him off. 'Shira, for some reason, has a satchel slung across her left shoulder.

ANAKIN: Well, I'm off, guys.

NEMEC: You sure your pals'll be at the spaceport once you get there?

ANAKIN: (nods) I got their approximate time of arrival. Either I'll get there first or they will. Doesn't really matter as we'll arrive within minutes of each other.

Unslinging her satchel, Nashira dumps it in the back seat of the speeder.

ANAKIN: What's in there?

NASHIRA: Supplies.

ANAKIN: I already have some water, snacks, and toilet paper with me.

NASHIRA: Yeah, well, you know me -- I hate to share.

ANAKIN: (frowns) Huh?

CORIN: She's going with you.

ANAKIN: But it's a six-hour trip!

NASHIRA: (narrows her eyes) What are you insinuating?

ANAKIN: (stammering) N-nothing, 'Shira, but c'mon -- it's six hours!

NASHIRA: (jumps in the passenger seat) Just enough time to get back in time for a late supper.

Reaching around to the back seat, Nashira takes hold of the satchel and unzips it. Reaching inside, she pulls out a small, round, iridescent disc. Hunkering back down into the passenger seat, she holds the disc up before Nik's eyes.

NASHIRA: (cont'd) Besides, I've brought some tunes along.

NEMEC: Nashira rarely gets to get out except when leaving for school.

CORIN: It's good for her to get off this farm once in a while, stretch out her arms, take in some of that crisp, open air.

ANAKIN: I ... I ... (resigned) I guess.

Grinning broadly, Nashira punches Anakin in the arm -- hard. Wincing in pain, Nik immediately begins rubbing the tenderized spot.

NASHIRA: Hi-ho, Silver, away!

ANAKIN: Cut it down a notch, will ya? Sheesh!

Kicking the speeder into overdrive, Anakin burns repulsorlift as he peels out of the driveway. Grinning with toothy grins as broad as their daughter's, Nemec and Corin wave after the pair as they move off into the distance.


Emerging out onto the open highway, 'Shira slides her disc into the landspeeder's player. Almost automatically, loud instrumental theremin music begins to play over the speakers. As the speeder makes its way along the long highway, the intense music reverberates across the empty grasslands surrounding the duracrete road, seeming to transform the entire landscape into one vast echo chamber.

As the music plays, hours seem to pass by in mere minutes. As the sun moves across the sky and lowers toward the horizon, Nik and 'Shira pass by another small farm, a herd of grazing jackalopes, and eventually an ancient, burned-out ruin of a house with a sinister old woman standing out in its long-overgrown front yard. Nashira spends the time alternating between silently listening to music, chatting with Nik, and taking snapshots of interesting landmarks with a camera while he keeps his eyes out on the open road.


After almost three hours, the music has come to an end and the sun has now begun to set.

As the spaceport appears as a spot on the horizon in the far distance, the radiance of the departing sun bathes Nashira's face in its warm light. Seemingly transfixed by the Munsell red glow, a wistful expression passes over her features.



NASHIRA: You never did say why Siri and Obi decided to visit us now, after all this time.

ANAKIN: Can't say I know myself, exactly. I guess they just felt enough time had passed since they'd seen you last and figured now would be a good time to catch up.

NASHIRA: Anakin ...

ANAKIN: Yeah, 'Shira?

NASHIRA: They're really here because of the baby, aren't they? (beat) She lost it. She lost her baby.

Anakin doesn't know what to say, so he doesn't say anything. Turning to face him, Nashira regards him, her blue eyes almost glowing with intensity.

NASHIRA: Have you ... have you ever though about us, Nik? About our future, if we stay together?

ANAKIN: Sure -- of course I have.

NASHIRA: Have you ... have you thought about us having children, and I mean really thought about it?

ANAKIN: Well, I guess I ... I mean ... (sighs) No, I guess I haven't -- not long, anyway. (beat) I figured it'd be something to think about later, when we're both older.

NASHIRA: Do you think we could -- if we choose to -- do you think we could have children?

ANAKIN: (uncomfortable) Nashira, I -- I don't -- neither of us have been tested to see if we can or can't.

'Shira begins to say something more, but seeing how uncomfortable Anakin is with the conversation she cuts herself off. Turning away from him, she refocuses her gaze on the setting sun, allowing herself to be immersed spiritually and well as physically within its deep crimson radiance.

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DuracellEnergizer said:

Following a hearty breakfast of green eggs and ham




Having disembarked from their ship, Obi-Wan and Siri have made their way inside the spaceport terminal, joining the other new arrivals in a line as they proceed through a security checkpoint. Standing at guard at the checkpoint, clad in their brown uniforms and riot armour, are several ESPOS, officers of the Corporate Sector Authority's Security Police. While they make no overt motions of hostility toward the offworlders, they radiate pure, undiluted menace, their stun batons deliberately held out and in the open as a warning to any and all not to cross them.

As Siri and Obi-Wan's turn comes to cross the checkpoint, an Espo with a weapon detector walks up to them and runs the detector over the length of their bodies. Almost immediately, the detector's warning light begins to flash.

ESPO #1: (to the other Espos) I'm getting readings!

Five other Espos immediately step forward, activating their stun batons. Taking a collective step back, Siri and Obi-Wan raise their hands, showing that they are willing to comply with the Espos. Walking up to them, one of the Espos begins frisking them. It takes only a moment for him to uncover and procure their lightsabers.

ESPO #2: What are these?

SIRI: Lightsabers.

ESPO #1: Jedi?


ESPO #1: Do you have authorization to carry these weapons inside the Corporate Sector?

Slowly and silently, Obi-Wan and Siri reach inside their coats and pull out their wallets. Opening them up, they each withdraw a pair of identical cards. Stepping up to them, a third Espo takes their cards. Pulling out a card reader, he runs each of the cards through in turn. When the green LED lights up for both, he nods to Espo #1.

ESPO #1 (to Espo #2) Give them back their weapons.

Espo #2 hands the lightsabers back to the Jedi. Silently, they clip the weapons back on their belts, their eyes focused on Espo #1.

EPSO #1: (grins) Enjoy your stay on Orron III.

Passing through the checkpoint, Obi-Wan and Siri make their way towards the exit that'll take them out of the terminal. Once they are out of earshot of the Espos, they turn to regard one another.

OBI-WAN: It's nice to see that Espo security is still as tight as ever.

Siri responds with a silent shrug.

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As Obi-Wan and Siri step out of the terminal into the open air of Orron III, they spot Anakin and Nashira already there just beyond the front doors, waiting for them.

As the two parties converge, Siri breaks away from Obi-Wan and walks up to Nashira. As the two women embrace, Siri -- overcome with emotion -- smiles and weeps in unison.


Another three hours pass, and Anakin and Nashira have returned home with Obi-Wan and Siri. They have all joined Nemec and Corin at the dinner table, where they are currently engaged in light conversation over a supper of roast beast and hewhash.

NEMEC: So, Obi-Wan, how was the trip here?

OBI-WAN: Oh, it was the typical twelve-day flight -- long, tedious, dreadfully boring, but blissfully uneventful.

SIRI: They've added a third stop-over on the trip since we were out here last.

CORIN: Where?

SIRI: In an asteroid belt somewhere in the Abdju system, on one of the larger asteroids. (to Obi-Wan) You recall the name of the station?

OBI-WAN: Asteroid M.

SIRI: I think it was Asteroid Mern.

OBI-WAN: I'm sure it was "M".

SIRI: (to Corin) Anyway, it was just a small station, capable of holding a half dozen ships at a time.

OBI-WAN: And we just happened to get stuck there when a particularly nasty solar storm started blazing right through the hyperroute out of the system. We were laid over for five hours.

ANAKIN: You managed to get here on time.

OBI-WAN: You can thank Otto for that.


SIRI: The hot-shot pilot of the ship that took us the rest of the way here.

OBI-WAN: He knew of a shortcut through hyperspace that'd shave five hours' travel time off the remainder of our trip.

SIRI: Oh, it was a shortcut all right -- a shortcut directly through the stratosphere of a gas giant.

Two minutes pass.

CORIN: Siri, I haven't commented on your hair yet, have I?

SIRI: No, I don't think so.

CORIN: Well, it's just a gorgeous hairstyle. It looks absolutely stunning on you.

SIRI: (smiles) Thank you. 

CORIN: Does it have a name? The style, I mean.

SIRI: It's called a vaddul chignon.

CORIN: Curious name.

SIRI: It's named after its creator, Vaddul Aiisio Huiun.

CORIN: Sounds like a Hutt name.

SIRI: He is a Hutt.

Four minutes pass.

NEMEC: (to Obi-Wan) How about those PDRs, huh? Great team, great team. You follow the ecometrics, right?

OBI-WAN: Well, I ...

Six minutes pass. By this time, everyone has about finished their dinner.

SIRI: (cont'd) ... we could help you with the harvest. It's no trouble, really.

NEMEC: But that's just it -- we finished harvesting the last of the maize today. The season's over.

CORIN: In two weeks we'll start planting again. Until then, we have lots of free time on our hands.

NASHIRA: Hey, I've got an idea!

Everyone at the table regards the young lady with open ears.

NASHIRA: (cont'd) That old amusement park in town's having its grand reopening in two days. We can take the trip out there any time before the next season begins and have a day of fun for ourselves!

CORIN: You mean Zorqo's Zoo of Zaniness?


CORIN: (frowns) I don't know ...

NEMEC: Isn't the new owner some shady character who was run out of the Tion Hegemony?

NASHIRA: (waves her hand dismissively) That's just idle gossip without any basis in objective fact.

A moment of silence passes between them all.

NEMEC: Well, in that case ...

CORIN: I guess it wouldn't hurt to go out there and check the place out ...

NASHIRA: (grins) Excellent! (to Siri and Obi-Wan) Obi, Siri -- you're about to have the time of your lives!

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Within the living area of Korbee Tower's penthouse suite, we find MAHTTOH THE WOOKIEE decked out asleep upon a large sofa. Judging by the litter strewn about the room -- along with the two naked female wookoids asleep in Mahttoh's arms -- a rather rowdy party was hosted here the night before.


Just like with the living area, this bedroom, too, is a mess, with a pair of female trandoids curled up under the covers with LLOMON THE TRANDOSHAN.

As he wakes from his booze-induced slumber, Llomon sits up with a reptilian yawn. Caring not one bit if he disturbs his two companions, the Trandoshan kicks the covers off himself and rises out of bed.    


Passing through the living area and by the sleeping simians, Llomon steps into the kitchen. Crossing over to the refrigeration unit, he opens it, reaches inside, and pulls out a single mauve egg the size of a football. Smacking his lizard lips hungrily, he closes the refrigerator door then takes a seat at the small kitchen table. Placing the egg in a large egg cup already waiting for him on the table, Llomon takes his pinky claw and punches a hole through the shell of the egg. Then, with a great big Trandoshan smile, he inserts a straw through the hole and begins to suck the yolk and albumen up with intense gusto.


Awake now themselves, Llomon's two reptilian lady friends saunter into the living area wearily, nursing strong hangovers. As they pass within range of Mahttoh and his girls, they draw back their muzzles with disgust as the strong odour of the mammalians' lingering love musk washes over them.

At that very moment, a vidphone on the wall begins to wail with an incoming transmission.

Hearing the vidphone, Llomon immediately leaves his half-finished egg and re-enters the living area. Uttering curses in Dosh, he strides up to the sleeping wookoids and violently shakes them awake. As they come up from their slumber, the Trandoshan then turns to his trandoid companions, walks up to them, then rudely pulls them to him. Finally, as the vidphone continues to wail, he herds all four women to the front door, opens it, then kicks them out, slamming the door shut as they start hurling curses back at him.

Racing over to the vidphone, Llomon activates an illegally owned-and-installed jammer to prevent any unwelcome eavesdroppers from listening in on the conversation, then picks up the line. Almost immediately, the Human face of one of Gog Jukassa's loyalist guards appears on-screen.

GUARD #2: I trust this is Llomon the Trandoshan I am speaking to?  

Llomon responds in the affirmative but the Human clearly fails to understand Dosh. Realizing for the first time that he doesn't have his translator on him, the Trandoshan holds his finger up in a gesture for the Human to wait then leaves to find his translator.

Moments later Llomon returns, the translator apparati affixed to his neck and wrist. Making an adjustment, he sets the device to transmit in Basic. 

LLOMON: (in Basic) I am Llomon.

GUARD #2: I trust this is a secure line?

LLOMON: (annoyed) Do you think me incompetent? Of course it's secure. Now what is it you want? 

GUARD #2: After arriving on Nar Shaddaa several weeks ago, my employer set me to the task of finding a bounty hunter or hunters who would be adequate for an endeavour which he has determined to be of the utmost importance. After making a series of inquiries, we have come to the conclusion that you along with your partner are the most qualified candidates.

LLOMON: Has anyone ever told you you use too many words to say so little? 

GUARD #2: (sighs) My employer has a job for you and Mahttoh.

LLOMON: I gathered that. What is it?

GUARD #2: He wishes me to tell you no more. Agree to meet with him in person and he will reveal the details to you himself.

LLOMON: Very well. Where and when would he like to meet?

GUARD #2: In his room at Chance Castle, at 61:00 tonight.

LLOMON: Room number?

GUARD #2: You'll find me waiting at the main entrance. I'll give you the number then.

LLOMON: So be it.

The guard nods once. The vidphone display then goes dark.

Deactivating his translator, Llomon steps away from the vidphone and walks on over to the sofa, where Mahttoh -- in spite of all the commotion caused by the vidphone and the ladies' departure -- is still asleep. Placing a clawed foot on the Wookiee's shoulder, the Trandoshan pushes the Wookiee off the sofa. Hitting the floor with a thud, Mahttoh wakes with a Wookiee wail.

MAHTTOH: (in Shyriiwook, subtitled) Hey, what the hell!? (looks about the room) Where are Suroow and Ghueew?

LLOMON: (in Dosh, subtitled) A potential client just called. He wants to meet with us tonight.

MAHTTOH: (subtitled) What time?

LLOMON: (subtitled) 61:00, at Chance Castle. So get up, go to the 'fresher, and have a shower. He won't hire us if you come stinking of Wookiee love musk.

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The DuQuesnes, Kenobis, and the Skywalker kid enter the grounds of Zorqo's Zoo of Zaniness with thousands of other visitors. A medium-sized amusement park, a fair amount of various different attractions and rides can be seen over the throngs of people.

NEMEC: (sighs) Well, we're here. Now what?

CORIN: We could visit the Wormhole of Love.

NEMEC: Wormhole of Love?

CORIN: Like we did when we were teenagers. (beat) God, how long ago was that -- seventy years ago?

NEMEC: Seventy-three.

CORIN: Remember our first ride through the Wormhole -- 

NEMEC: Fifth ride, Corin, fifth.

CORIN: (cont'd) First, fifth -- whichever, it doesn't matter. (beat) It was the most romantic night of our lives. It was the night we truly became one --

NASHIRA: (covers her ears with her hands) I don't need to be hearing this.

CORIN: (cont'd) -- the night we realized we'd always be together.

NEMEC: (smiles) 'Til death do we part.

CORIN: (grins) Yes, exactly.

NEMEC: (sighs) That was a good night, dear, but I'm too old for cliched rides like that. (claps Anakin on the back) The Wormhole of Love's perfect for Nashira and her snot-nosed punk of a boyfriend, though.

ANAKIN: (frowns) Who's snot-nosed?

Nemec pulls Nik and 'Shira to him then lightly pushes them out, away from the rest of the group.

NEMEC: Go on, Nik, take Nashira and go ride through the Wormhole. There's a good possibility you'll never get the chance to again.

Deciding to do as the man says, Anakin and Nashira join hands and take off to find the Wormhole of Love. In short moments, they're both lost from sight within the crowd.

OBI-WAN: So, what should the rest of we four do? (looks about the park) I'm kind of lost here so I can't really offer any suggestions.

NEMEC: (places a hand on Obi-Wan's shoulder) I'm hungry. Are you?

OBI-WAN: Well, I suppose --

NEMEC: I'll treat you to a dog or a burger -- whatever levitates your skiff. We'll leave the girls to find their own entertainment. 

OBI-WAN: Well, I wouldn't want to just ditch Siri and Corin like that ...

SIRI: (smiles wryly) I wouldn't mind.

CORIN: You boys go off and enjoy yourselves. That's what we're all here for, after all, isn't it?

NEMEC: (grins) See? They can't wait to be rid of our ugly faces. So let's be off!

At that, the two men depart, Nemec's hand placed firmly on Obi-Wan's back to lead him along. Obi-Wan turns to look back at Siri, staring daggers her way. She merely gives him a parting wave and a smile in response.

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DuracellEnergizer said:

NEMEC: I'll treat you to a dog or a burger -- whatever levitates your skiff. 

 Things I'd never thought I'd hear in Star Wars...

Seriously, though. This is going great.

I’m just here because I’m driving tonight.


LOL, thanks.

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