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Star Wars Episode VII: The Search for Skywalker - IN PROGRESS


This Episode VII fan story plot thread continuation of my ideas for my Sequel Trilogy rewrite:

The mission here is to keep the soul of Star Wars pure, make the sequels as a continuation to Episode I-VI, keep to George Lucas’s original vision and fix the plot holes the Sequel Trilogy did. I hope you enjoy, thoughts and criticism is need.


A long time ago in a galaxy, far, far, away….

Star Wars

Episode VII: The Search for Skywalker

Luke Skywalker has vanished! In his absence,
an alliance of pirates, the Onyx Order have formed
willing to destroy the legacy of Skywalker.

Chancellor Leia Organa, willing to save her planets
from destruction, has dispatched her search parties
to find information on her brother’s whereabouts.

Leia sends her son to the graveyard world
of Jakku to retrieve information on Luke
and restore balance back to the galaxy…

The film opens with an X-Wing heading to the planet of Jakku. A planet consisting of a backwater, deserts and mostly shipwrecks, junk, and other wreckage from all eras of the three Trilogies: the Clone Wars, the Galactic Civil War, and the Age of the New Republic. Inside the X-Wing, we meet the son of Chancellor Leia Organa, Sam Solo, and his droid SR-3 AKA “Surley”. He lands in a junk village with a Trade Federation Battleship chapel owned by Force Bishop Lor Sen Tekka who gives him a piece of memory bank from an astromech droid.

Before Sam can view or dissect the piece of memory bank, a squad of pirates unleashed by the evil Onyx Order arrives at the village and slaughters all the villagers and captures Bishop Lor Sen Tekka. Sam luckily puts a memory piece into SR-3 and he flees into the desert. Sam is captured too and we are introduced to Darth Neto, the Jedi Killer who interrogates Tekka and Sam, and when Tekka tells him not to ignore his heritage, it enrages him and his ignites his crossguard lightsaber and kills him and orders Sam Solo onto the transport.

We are also introduced to the young pirate, Finn who has been riddled with PTSD from being raised with pirates, and his father was killed in combat in the opening battle and back on the Onyx Order’s Pirate Star Destroyer, he throws up over his horror. His commander is Haarah, a twi’lek female who abuses Finn and was a commander and chief to his father and him. She makes him go off the deep end when she orders him to launch a group of some prisoners from the village into space by an airlock which is the final tipping point for him and he decides to make a move.

Back on Jakku, we see a young woman named Kira exploring a Republic Star Cruiser from the Clone Wars and she grabs some valuable things like a Clone helmet and some droid parts. Afterward, she skims across the sands and water to a junk town where she meets her caretaker, Minch Unattu, who helps her buy her daily food portion and clean water supply.

She travels to her house which is a downed AT-AT Walker where we see her make her dinner and watch into the distance as starships take off into space. She is joined by someone else, a glowing yellow and white figure, an angelic figure, Kira’s imaginary friend, “Ethereal.” They talk for a bit until Kira hears of SR-3’s beeping and she sees a hunter named Teedo fighting with him and she frees him and she gives him a place to stay for the night, but “Ethereal” suggests to look into the droid some more. It could give her an answer to something she’s always wanted.

Meanwhile, Darth Neto is meditating and Lady Temptress, a female seductress, and his counterpart enters asking if he was successful in finding the clue to Skywalker. But he hasn’t. She starts seducing him and trying to woo him into making him think about his choice and he gets an idea, to mind probe Sam which he does and he plots to send out the Onyx Order to find SR-3. But before he gets out more information on where he is, Sam escapes with Finn on a Pirate Ship but is taken down by the Pirate Star Destroyer’s cannons.

That night, Kira discovers the piece of memory bank in SR-3 and asks if she can view it in him but when it does, it doesn’t work. At that same time, Sam and Finn crash in the desert and make their trek through the desert and into the night. Finn too has to use some debris like a wagon to help Sam since he’s broken both his legs.

By sunrise, the Onyx Order has returned to Jakku, and Kira and SR-3 are scouting around in junk piles outside the junk town to see what can play the piece of memory bank and they find R2-D2’s scorched head. They head to Minch’s and with his help, R2’s head comes to life and beeps and they view a hologram map of the galaxy. But this map is a puzzle, it’s missing a few planets and it has some sort of chunk missing in it as pointed out by Minch. At that same time, Sam and Finn enter a town and are confronted by some thugs, Kira comes to rescue and SR-3 zaps them too and Sam is happy to be reunited with his droid, dispute not using his legs.

Finn explains he is part of the Onyx Order but defected and he’s trying to get Sam back to the New Republic but when Kira explains the map and R2-D2’s head, the two get confused. Especially when they find out R2-D2’s name since they’ve never heard of R2-D2 but Sam was familiar with R2 units before they went out of commission. They take the R2-D2 head and the map from Minch and are confronted by Onyx Order pirates who attack the village and Minch suggests taking his ship, the Millenium Falcon to escape.

Along the way, Minch gives Sam a power chair (similar to the one owned by Cliegg Lars from Episode II) which helps him out so much.

The trio and SR-3 hop aboard the Falcon and Sam starts fangazaming over that this was his father, Han Solo’s ship and now he’s flying in it at last. The trio flies from the Onyx Order’s best fighter pilots and through a graveyard of Rebel Alliance ship leading into an Imperial Star Destroyer where the Falcon manages to blast them all thanks to Kira’s piloting and her instincts from “Ethereal” guiding her.

Once off Jakku, the trio finally gets a proper introduction to each other and Kira decides to show off the map again using what parts are lying around to reprogram the R2-D2 head and this time she accidentally turns on a hologram of Bishop Lor Sen Tekka, logging of his progress on his mission to find Luke Skywalker and his record on the most popular planets he’s been since the Battle of Endor. If the map can be shown in its entirety, it needs a full R2 unit because of the map’s programming and old data. Knowing what must be done, they must find the rest of R2-D2 to complete the map of Luke Skywalker.

Back on Jakku, Darth Neto and Lady Temptress examine the wreckage of the Junk Village and a captured Minch, who before he is killed by Temptress, spills the word of Kira helping Sam and Finn and them being on the Millenium Falcon, which interests Neto.


Back on the Falcon. Finn tries piloting a bit with some help from Kira who has some knowledge of the ship from Minch. Kira also side talks to “Ethereal” and Finn wonders who she is talking to but she jokes about it. The Trio decide to take refuge on a nearby planet to hide the illustrious world of Takodana, home of the Takoanisse, and much scum and villainy. The trio head into the local Cantina and unlike Episode IV where droids aren’t allowed in the Cantina, SR-3 is allowed to come in. In a corner, we see a tall wookiee with a 70-year-old man, out drinking other patrons in the cantina at his booth and we only see the silhouettes of them at first until the man notices Sam. Kira goes to the bar “for a drink” while Finn, Sam, and SR-3 look around for help and she gets into a fight with an Aqualish bounty hunter and his friends.

This gets interrupted when the 70-year-old man and the Wookiee step up from the bar and appear from the shadows, pretending to be drunk and asking to calm down the bunch and he decides to get Kira out of the scene. But the Aqualish’s friends recognize him and put a blaster to his head, leading him to pull out his pistol and shoot first along with shooting the rest in one swift move. This is Han Solo and the wookiee is Chewbacca.

Finn, Sam, and SR-3, who were watching in the distance with another patron rush over to Kira asking if she’s ok and Sam recognizes his father and he’s in awe yet also mad. Han too is amazed to see Sam, grown-up after 30 years, and wondering why his son is in a power chair. But he takes them to his booth to talk.

Aboard the Onyx Order’s Pirate Star Destroyer, Darth Neto in black robes now kneels before Darth Vader’s burned helmet and speaks to it saying he will undo the will of the Chosen One and the Last Jedi. But he will restore the Justice of the Sith.

In this scene, it’s evident to set up for the Trilogy, Neto believes Darth Vader and Anakin Skywalker are two separate characters and he will be wronged by it later in Episodes VIII and IX.

Back on Takodana, the trio tell Han their plan to find Luke Skywalker and reconstruct R2-D2 by finding his pieces scoured throughout the galaxy. Han agrees on helping by going first to where Luke began The New Jedi, the place where he was trained by Yoda, Dagobah. They head back for the ship. Kira then hears Ethereal talking to her again if she trusts Han Solo and she feels some connection to something, one of the R2-D2 parts at a junk store. Kira makes a stop there away from the group, and she encounters a female toydarian who doesn’t give Kira the part. But then Onyx Order pirates that are stationed on Takodana spot Kira bust into the junk shop and attack the shop.

Han notices Kira’s disappearance and they race back to the city while Chewie starts up the ship. There, Kira grabs the part and races through the junkyard and she grabs a wrench lying around and she uses it as a weapon. She gets into a scramble with one of the pirates and she is grabbed by the neck by one of them and she flips them over and Han shoots them to save her. Chewie arrives to save them all and they escape Takodanna with the piece.

Somewhere in deep space at a New Republic base on Polis Massa, Admiral Ackbar is informed of high activity at Jakku and Takodana from the Onyx Order who then contacts Chancellor Leia Organa of the New Republic. Leia, knowing of what’s been going on with the Onyx Order and wondering of what has happened to Sam, insists some Republic pilots like Wedge Antilles into action and scout the Outer Rim and Unknown Regions.

Back on the Falcon, Kira and Finn reprogram the R2-D2 head to show Han and Chewie the map and Lor Sen Tekka’s hologram logs. Chewie pats R2’s head and Han feels actual remorse for the droid. It’s here where we hear Han exposit the backstory of why Luke went into hiding. Luke started The New Jedi after training many students, after a few years, he isolated himself from the galaxy until word broke of a new Sith Lord named, Lady Temptress who seduced one of his students and destroyed it all for him and Luke went into exile. From Han’s knowledge, Tekka was a friend of Luke which explains why he began constructing a map to Luke. Kira asks if he believes in the Force and the Jedi, contrasting to Episode IV, he does because of his experience and emotional connection to Luke and Leia.


The Falcon approaches Dagobah and Han takes the trio to where Luke’s Jedi Temple was located at, Mount Yoda. Across the landscape, Kira, Sam, and Finn look down at the swamps, bogs, and mountains of Dagobah in awe until they get a good view of the ruins and devastation of Luke’s Jedi Temple. They take the R2-D2 head with a few mechanics to hold it together and SR-3 detects another lifeform in the area, Han and the trio chase it down and corner it until it’s revealed to be a male alien, a 500-year-old weird-looking wise alien pirate, Maz Kanata. Han recognizes the alien and kneels down to hug him, apologizing for mistaking him for something else.

Maz was once Han Solo’s mentor when he left the Imperial Academy after he freed Chewie and became a smuggler and afforded the Falcon from Lando Calrissian. Maz usually comes to Luke’s Jedi Temple to research and scavenge for salvageable things. He too also has a part for an R2 unit, the second leg which he hands to Kira and he instantly feels a strong Force connection and wonders who the girl really is. She just implies she’s nobody. He doesn’t think so and he advises Han that they should train her.

Meanwhile, Temptress summons Neto in her chambers and says there has been an awakening in the Force. Neto has felt it too but he doesn’t know what it could be. She feels the same and they conquer to use a Sith Ritual to find the Awakening in the Force together. She takes a satchel of vitals and potions and puts them together in a cauldron and using both their Force Powers, Temptress and Neto begin searching through the Force.

Back on Dagobah, Kira is on a fallen pillar with Maz at her side, Han, Finn, Sam, SR-3, and Chewie watch from around her as Maz guides her. Han tries to give her his experience too from Luke but it’s just played for laughs. But Kira begins to levitate and feel the Force around her. At the same time, Temptress’s eyes glow red and breathe into Neto. He and Kira connect within a plane of the Force where she freaks at his appearance and he ignites his crossguard lightsaber and tries to throw it at her but she awakes and escapes. Neto awakens to and he and Temptress order their best Onyx Order pirates to Dagobah.