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Star Wars Episode VI Rewrite


I was heavily inspired to do my own version of Return of the Jedi after reading this:

And seeing the Channel Awesome fanscription of Return of the Jedi:

So this rewrite will be pulling elements from those versions from those into this rewrite along with stuff from Disney’s Star Wars, the EU, and the earlier drafts of Return of the Jedi.

Personally, I think the biggest mistake with ROTJ is making Darth Vader related to Luke and writing everything in a corner so that the Sequel Trilogy can suck in anyway you write it and you have to fill in the blank for the Prequels. So I hope I attempt to rerectify that with this. If you don’t think so, leave me your thoughts or how you would’ve changed ROTJ.


Star Wars
Episode VI
Return of the Jedi

Luke Skywalker has returned to his home planet of Tatooine in an attempt to rescue his friend Han Solo from the clutches of the vile gangster Jabba the Hutt.

Little does Luke know but the GALACTIC EMPIRE is going to unveil a new space station even more powerful than the dreaded Death Star.

Spies loyal to the Rebellion have made their way to this ultimate weapon to begin the final battle of restoring freedom to the galaxy…

-The camera then reveals the forest world of Endor, now transformed into a mega superweapon, THE STARKILLER. The Starkiller contains half a city part of the planet and the forest is the unfinished part of it. It’ll be chopped down later to be another part of the city on top. The Executor, Darth Vader’s Super Star Destroyer orbits in front of it.

-Star Destroyer moves in over screen - like Ep.IV and lowers an Imperial Cargo Shuttle similar to Rogue One where it heads towards the Executor-Wedge Anitlies and Toryn Farr are in charge of the rebel mission and sneak in using fake codes and Imperial Outfits and Stormtrooper Disguises only to get caught and make a run for it-we are introduced to Death troopers-Darth Vader appears and takes out rebels and chokes Wedge but he sends a signal to rebels-Grand Moff Jerjerrod talks with Vader and The Emperor is said to be arriving to The Starkiller with the Regional Governors to see the destruction of the Rebels and the first planetary destruction use of The Starkiller

-Tatooine - C-3PO and R2-D2 wander to Jabba’s Palace - at the Gate they meet Leia in Disguise calling herself Booush - C-3PO doesn’t know she’s Booush but R2-D2 but doesn’t mention it - they enter Jabba’s Palace and are taken by Boba Fett to Jabba the Hutt-R2 plays Luke’s message and refuses Luke’s offer and instead takes the droids to service-Jabba executes Oola, the slave girl to the Rancor-that night Leia frees Han Solo from Carbonite but are caught by Jabba’s guards and Leia is made a slave girl and Han is thrown in prison with Lando and Chewie

-Lando and Han fight-Chewie and Lando explain the situation but Han is not believing Lando-Luke arrives and Force Mind Tricks guards-Luke meets Jabba and fights Rancor-Luke kills Rancor - Luke and Friends to Sarlacc Pit, but Luke unleashes his green lightsaber-Leia kills Jabba and they escape-Boba Fett secretly follows Luke

-The Emperor and Governors arrive at Starkiller/Endor - Vader and Emperor talk - Vader is choked by Emperor - on Dagobah, Luke speaks with Yoda and tells Luke that Vader is NOT his father, Yoda dies - Ben appears as fireflies - Boba Fett appears, Luke tries to fight but Boba Fett is revealed to be LUKE’S FATHER, Anakin Skywalker - Anakin explains his backstory

-Rebel Base on Sicemon, grass planet - Mon Mothma, Admiral Ackbar and General Madine assemble rebels - Han still untrustful to Lando (Lando is a General)-Luke and Anakin/Boba arrive on Sicemon-Anakin/Boba is arrested - Luke begs for his freedom - rebels view Wedge’s signal about The Starkiller/Endor but it’s not enough but Anakin/Boba tells more about the planet and the Empire’s plan because of his experience in the Empire and what he’s learned through Vader - Mon Mothma gives him freedom and plans to have him lead Luke, Leia, Han and the rebels to Starkiller/Endor’s forest side - Han tries to leave but Leia convinces him to stay- Han warns Lando not to leave a scratch on it or he’s dead - Anakin/Boba, Luke and Company ride on Slave I to Starkiller/Endor - On the City Side of Starkiller/Endor - The Emperor has sensed a tremor in the Force and tells Vader to be weary and await orders on his command ship-Slave I tricks Executor and Admiral Piett and officers to land on Forest Side of Starkiller/Endor, Vader senses Luke and Anakin/Boba

-On the Forest Side-Anakin/Boba lands Slave I near an Imperial Campground Post where Han orders the team to follow Anakin/Boba while he, Luke, Leia, and Chewbacca take a look at it-they fight the Scout Troopers and Death Troopers stationed and Luke and Leia chase the two Scouts on Speeder Bikes- Leia crashes and Luke uses lightsaber to deflect and destroy a Scout’s speeder - Luke reunites with the group but NO Leia yet - search for Leia

-Wicket the youngest Ewok finds Leia and she makes friends with him-Death Troopers find Leia and Wicket springs into action and uses his spear and weapons on Death Trooper 1 and Leia takes out Death Trooper on Speeder Bike - Leia is taken to Village because of Wicket knowing about something of the Empire - Vader informs Emperor about Luke being with Rebels - Emperor sends Vader to the Forest Part to hunt Luke - Luke and Company meet Ewoks and reunite with Leia - C-3PO is crowded their God and they introduce their history of the Empire and The Starkiller’s construction and how it affects the Ewoks-Luke senses Vader’s attack and talks to Anakin/Boba and Leia overhears and joins in, Luke reveals she is his sister from Anakin’s backstory - Leia cries in Han’s arms

-General Veers and Vader in AT-AT search the forest for Luke until they see Anakin/Boba with a captured Luke - Vader confronts Luke and knows he is not his father and he’s not afraid of him anymore - Leia, Han, Chewie, C-3PO. R2-D2 and Ewoks prepare an attack on Imperial Base thanks to Anakin/Vader giving the Rebels the coordinates to the base when he brought Luke to Vader-Ewoks creates a distraction for Stormtroopers; the rebels enter the base

-Luke, Vader, and Anakin/Boba arrive on City Side of Starkiller/Endor and The Emperor’s Throne Room where Anakin/Boba requests to stay in the room - Emperor exposits his plan and how the Death Star was his prototype to The Starkiller and how he wanted the Rebels to find out about The Starkiller and how if he goes, The Starkiller goes”

-Lando and Rebel Fleet arrives at The Starkiller - Admiral Ackbar is told by Lando that The Starkiller has a shield and so does Han and Leia and they are captured - the battle in space begins - Luke watches from City Side of Starkiller/Endor as Emperor taunts him

-C-3PO and R2 tricks Stormtroopers and Imperial Officers to capture them - Ewoks attack and battle on Forest Side begins - Leia and Han to hack into the system to get into the base

-Grand Moff Jerjerrod on the city side takes command of the battle and is told of the super laser core is ready and he asks The Emperor of what target, Sicemon

-Lando and the Rebel Fleet see the super laser core and they need to destroy the trench and disable its generator- Han and Leia overhear this from Lando and Leia calls on C-3PO and R2 to help - Han and R2 are shot and Leia tries to heal Han while hacking the system of the base

-The Emperor reveals he’s known of Anakin/Boba’s hidden identity through the Force which shocks Luke and angers Vader-Vader is ordered to kill him and Luke begins the duel - Chewie takes over AT-ST with Wicket and another Ewok-Leia gets an idea-she takes over the Slave I and tries to pilot it - Luke and Vader fight and Vader Force Probes Anakin’s mind to toy Luke’s emotions and he cuts off his arm - Luke refuses to kill Vader and saves Anakin angering The Emperor-Leia manages to autopilot Slave I to the base and crashes itself into it as she escapes with a jetpack- troopers cheer for her and Lando and Rebel Fleet begin into Trench of Starkiller/Endor

-The Emperor shocks Luke with Lightning and Anakin tries to block but is shocked too - Vader tackles The Emperor and they both die by falling down the reactor shaft of The Starkiller/Endor-earthquakes begin around the planet - Vader and The Emperor’s death proved The Emperor’s point, “if he goes, The Starkiller goes”

-Imperial Ships like Executor and some Rebel Ships get sucked in by a pull and are exploded by The Starkiller’s earthquake’s Force Energy Shields-Luke and Anakin learn of the reactor bomb and Luke and Anakin use the Force to disarm it using the Force and save the planet and the Rebels-Lando escapes as the reactor bomb is disarming - Luke uses the Force the hardest and is killed taking the Throne Room down too

-Rebels cheer for the reactor bomb ending-Anakin finds Luke dead and tries to use all his strength to Force Heal him and Luke is revived and he hugs Anakin but he’s used up his Force Energy and falls dead and disappears with the Force leaving his Boba Fett armor and helmet

-Leia, a healed Han, Chewbacca, the Droids, and Rebels approach the City side of Starkiller/Endor and capture Grand Moff Jerjerrod and the remaining Imperials and a sad Luke with Anakin’s Boba Fett helmet

-Rebels regroup on Forest Side of Starkiller/Endor - Ewok Bonfire and Celebration and Luke is alone with helmet until he sees the ghosts of Anakin Skywalker, Ben Kenobi and Yoda cheer him up - Anakin hugs him and says he is proud of him and Leia appears to see the ghosts and they return to celebration and dance into the night-End Credits