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Star Wars Episode III: Broken Forces


Well folks, I know its been a long time, with far too many delays, but Episode III writings have finally begun. Work and my own creative struggles have kept me from getting some real progress, but this summer season has really put me in a good mode for getting these ideas out, and I hope I can once again get these updated regularly. This is a bit of a humble start in regards to the first post; don’t expect any long updates like the first act of a Galaxy’s Fury was for while.

Overall this is going to be a bit of a different beast in terms of tone compared to the first two episodes; the action will be there, but its a bit more drama with elements of thriller this time. Might get full blown operatic come the third act, but I’ll try to keep the elements grounded in character as I hope I’ve done thus far.

Once again, my apologies for the long wait, my gratitude for your patience in waiting, and my hope that you’ll enjoy the final ride in Star Wars Episode III: Broken Forces:

Opening crawl details the reversal of fortunes for the Coalition as the Republic has gradually turned the war around largely driving the Mandalorians and their forces back to their home star system. Republic controlled territory is still is gripped by fear of clone Jedi infiltration as areas in the Outer Rim are struggling to recover from the loss of life and resources. Pockets of resistance still remain on war torn planets as Jedi and a newly efficient Republic army fight to liberate the last occupied worlds in the devastating conflict that is the Clone Wars.

Camera slowly fades to a huge devastated battlefield , destroyed bits of various land and space vehicles littering the landscape. A lush green sky contrasts heavily with the piles of ruined brown and silver wreckage dominant on the ground. In the distance movement is heard mixed with the noise of occasional explosions and large blaster shots.

Cut to a vast and open underground bunker, where thousands of Mandalorian shock troopers are gathered. Their armor and equipment has seen better days, clearly repaired and patched together from whatever they could gather. For the first time since they’ve been seen by the audience, the faces of the Mandalorians are not steely eyed or lusting for battle. They’re tired, with some grim determination resembling the former intensity typical of their kind. A token amount of clone soldiers stand awaiting orders. Only thunderous bombardments raining down above break up the somber silence.

The commanding officer present gets their attention and launches into a monologue about their history. Initially bringing up the outnumbered enemy forces, she waxes about how they’ve been the conquered people of the galaxy and they’ve been masters of it; through it they have lived on because their will to battle has never ceased. “We have died millennia ago, we have died yesterday, and when we step out, we may very well die today. But let there be no doubt, our people and our enemies will remember us tomorrow!”

A cheer breaks out as the rallying cry appears to lift some spirits. She looks out over the assembled mass and passionately concludes her speech, “Jedi have the will of the Force and these Republic cowards think victory is fate. History will write that every fighting Mandalorian standing here made their own. So go to your destiny. Not for victory, not for defeat; for the fight!”

Chants of “For the fight!” roar out as the shocktroopers pull their weapons out and move in formation, only small artillery weapons breaking up the endless lines of soldiers. They gather facing a large door and forcefield combination at the end of bunker, ready to exit out into the tunnels and out onto the battlefield. The aforementioned commanding officer stands near the front, her own weapon tightly gripped for the final battle about to come as the forcefield begins to slowly go off.

That’s loudly interrupted by a pounding explosion on the ceiling, shaking the whole building. A few of the troops (including the commanding officer) break their concentration look above but seemingly see nothing. A tense silence passes for moment when deep cracks in the ceiling appear. Small bits of the building begin to fall as the cracks spread and before they can do anything the bunker begins to cave in.

Immediately alarmed, the commander tries to order a retreat outside; its futile and within seconds the large army is crushed underneath an endless onslaught of dense metal and soil. A single shocktrooper near the front almost gets out, but doesn’t get far enough and is buried under the collapsing rubble. A wide shot of the collapse from the tunnel show the only surviving element of this Mandalorian force; a single blaster.

Cut to kilometers away, outside a makeshift settlement ,where a Republic officer of some rank calmly observes with a pair of binoculars. Seemingly satisfied, he speaks into his communicator and reports that while they need to verify with a deeper scan, it appears this latest bomb did the trick. An oddly familiar voice responds, pleased at the news and tells him to utilize it again for any other suspected underground bases on the continent.

The officer assents and as he walks back into camp the camera shows him nonchalantly stepping on small piece of battle debris; a faded and forgotten bit of battle armor with the Mandalorian symbol.

Cut to a young humanoid Jedi on the same planet some ways away overlooking the destroyed section of a city. Its a metal and concrete jungle, impossible to tell the original shapes of most of the buildings. One of her troops walks up and tells her they’ve discovered nothing significant in the most recent sweep. The Jedi nods and replies that she doesn’t sense anything significant. She tells the soldier to leave a token force in certain areas, but to recall the rest back for new orders.

Before she can finish, he suddenly stops and looks behind herself in the distance. The soldier’s confused and asks if something’s wrong. The Jedi stares intently at the sky and mentions there’s Republic bombers headed their way. He suggests they’re probably doing reconnaissance, but she’s not convinced. She pulls out her communicator and asks the local HQ if there’s a bombing raid planned for their location.

She gets dead silence. As the nearby officer begins to get visibly nervous at the prospect of bombers getting closer, she loudly asks if there’s a bombing planned for the area. Again getting no answer, she shouts for HQ to respond. After an agonizing pause, this time a crackling is heard, and a distorted sound lets out a few indecipherable words at first. Soon a clear male voice replies they need to maintain code in case of enemy surveillance.

She quickly cuts him off and yells to cancel any bombing raids for at their location now, repeating the phrase even louder. Through his own binoculars the officer finally sees the crafts for himself and realizes she’s correct about their presence. Seconds tick by as he looks back and forth between them and her, awaiting either the Jedi’s orders or the bombs to drop. Neither makes a noise; only the steady roar of the bombers in the distant sky is heard.

Just as they pass high above, HQ’s voice breaks out on the communicator, repeating to that the raid has been aborted. The officer nearly sits down out of relief, and even the Jedi briefly closes her eyes, grateful at the news. Headquarters explains there was a mis-communcation about coordinates and apologizes, asking about the status of her people. She explains that they’re fine, and they’ll discuss the matter later. HQ understands and cuts out.

Danger now averted, the officer is still a bit shaken by the near destruction. She asks if he’s alright. “I’m not afraid to die”, he replies “but killed by your own side; what’s worse than that?” She considers the question herself.

“I don’t know.”


Yes, Episode III finally begins! Sorry for not commenting before, but having created a new topic, I did not get the notification by mail, not being subscribed.

I would like to tell you something about this update, but there really is not much to comment on. I’ll comment on the next one. I hope that in the next update Anakin and Obi-Wan appear.😉

And by the way, being a short update and having it put more or less at the beginning of the week, will there be another update this week? Or is this the update of this week and next week there will be another?


Hey folks, I’m back. I have no real excuse for the long delay. Life and work has been a big chaotic, but its also been case of just not managing until lately the writing discipline to sit down and get this stuff finished. I’m hoping to change that, and once again get back to giving updates to this with some regular frequency again. But enough blathering, here (and I’m warning you its largely character and dialogue work, no return to action sections just yet) is the continuing story of Broken Forces.

Cut to the busy streets of Coruscant. The section of surrounding city has been improved since the last film only a few nearly constructed buildings in the distance suggesting any history of damage. The streets and skies in general are abuzz with activity, somewhat more chaotic than the more orderly movement seen during the Coalition Occupation. Massive video screens on various buildings display victorious reports from the war, with bombastic graphics highlighting soldiers coming home and maps of Republic territory retaken.

On the balcony of a high skyscraper, a pair of humanoid Republic (male and female) bureaucrats walk quickly, both in the midst of an argument.

“Its not the type of question you can just bring out out nowhere.”

“Please. As if there aren’t thousands of people in this building asking the same thing right now.”

The male responds there are some institutions you don’t openly doubt, at least not in public. She replies that its not an issue of doubt, its one of security. He stops and gives her a pointed look, reiterating that they’ve protected the Republic since before there was Republic and asks if she really wants to tell the group that selfless and dedicated that we don’t trust them. “For all we know they’re might not be enough clones of them left out there to staff a star cruiser!” he says exasperated.

She sighs and makes her point clear. “The Jedi are compromised. Ten clones, ten thousand clones, the threat’s there, and until enough people here are certain its gone, then yes a few limitations and some uncomfortable question are going to be something they’ll have to deal with.” She asks if he’s really not concerned of the possible danger. He scoffs and says of course he’s concerned; only a fool wouldn’t be frightened at the idea of rogue Jedi in plain site ready to strike at any time.

Before he can finish the the thought, the two are interrupted by the figure they failed to initially notice in front of them, which is an aged and stonefaced Obi-Wan Kenobi, adorned in brown clothes. He’s silent, seemingly curious to see what they’ll say. After an awkward silence, the pair sheepishly greet him; the woman stating she wasn’t aware he was visiting as the man asks if he needs any directions.

Kenobi offers a polite, (though not overtly) warm smile, saying he just needs to see the Senator and can find her office on his own. “Unless you’d prefer I have an escort?” he adds with a raised eyebrow. The two emphatically say no and make a hasty exit after stating its a honor to have him there. Obi-Wan is briefly satisfied seeing them go, but the reality of what they said and the slightly uncomfortable looks various other staff have soon hits him, and he’s left in deep contemplation as he begins walking again.

On a large scale spaceport, a crowd of various citizens waits for a ship to land. Part of the gathered group parts to reveal (from the shoulders up) an older Carima; looking the most refined and ladylike we’ve ever seen of her. A nearby member of the crowd mentions she’s waiting for her wife and inquires if she’s waiting for someone. When Carima nods the stranger says that if he one of the veterans coming back on that ship, he must be brave. Mrs. Skywalker warmly smiles and states he has to be, he’s married to her.

After a smirk the stranger admits she doesn’t know how her wife and others manage to going back to the fighting. Carima gives her a knowing look. “They know they have to. I’ll never stop hating these tours of his, but the war’s needed leaders like him. Who am I to keep him away?”

Cut to the interior of the soon to land vessel where a Republic soldier stands stiff, however the sweat coming down his face tells the real story. From behind we see an imposing figure in dark clothes casting a shadow over the room. We hear a stern, somewhat husky voice order him to explain what happened. After a stammer, the soldier explains that the enemy fire just got to him more than he expected. A tense silence follows, and he adds some of their recent losses included old friends of his and couldn’t get them out of his head and-

Its a harsh voice that cuts him off. “Do not speak to me about losses.” At this we finally see the harsh source is a now older Anakin Skywalker. His hair is slightly grown out since last seen, with a pristine black Jedi uniform informing us of how far he’s advanced. But the eyes betray a tired and worn out man looking a bit older than the early 30s age he’s reached. His words are deliberate, but the anger albeit restrained slips out of them.

“Every person on this ship, practically every man and woman in uniform has lost someone. I used to count every single man and woman that died following some order I gave or strategy I devised. Do you want to know how high it got when I stopped?” The question strikes the junior officer hard, and unsure on how to respond, he remains silent. Anakin isn’t finished.

“You mourn for your friends. You need them avenged. You want the enemy to pay. And you’re telling yourself that means you’re a good soldier.” Skywalker moves in close and looks his subordinate straight in the eye. “It doesn’t. It means you’re a fool, risking the lives of everyone around you and for what? A clumsy attempt at revenge. A single stupid officer is dispensable, large squadrons under his command are not so easily replaced.” The object of Anakin’s scorn can only swallow hard.

Nik takes the opportunity to slowly circle around, rarely taking his eyes off him. “Tell me Commander, if you were watching any other man in your place right now, with that’s at stake right now, would you say he deserves anything other than being thrown out of this army entirely?” The other figure is quiet at first before admitting he doesn’t know.

At that, the Skywalker stops. “Fortunately, I do.” He explains that the man let his emotions take over, put his desires ahead of his fellow soldiers well being, and made a terrible mistake. However he has displayed exemplary service as an officer otherwise, and whatever bad judgment he’s displayed in wartime, Anakin is not the man to completely deny him a chance to prove himself in peacetime. While a mark will be on his record, he will be able to serve again.

Protocol or not, the subordinate lets out a deeply relieved sigh, and quietly thanks the Jedi before being dismissed and allowed to depart. After he exits, Anakin rubs his hand over his face, and closes his eyes; a man very weary of the role’s he’s slowly inhabiting.

Outside the ship various soldiers pour out, happily embracing the friends and loved ones gathered to reunite with them. The last one out is Nik himself and the camera follows his walk as he sees Carima and …(as the wide profile shot reveals to the audience) her very pregnant belly. Its a wide smile on his face as he quickly kisses her on the mouth and hugs her tight, months of anxious worry from both of them melting away in seconds.

When they finally release he asks why she isn’t at the medical center. “There are wonderful medical droids that are a joy to talk to and make all those the hospital visits fly by. They’re not the ones I’ve been assigned.” He chuckles. “Besides, the one thing I’ve wanted more than anything is to spend every single second we’ve got together. I know you’ve got some meetings, briefings, and everything in between soon, but… gods, I’ve missed you.”

She buries her face into his shoulder, just soaking in the moment of having her husband back. He holds her close, gently stroking her hair. “Me too.” She regains her composure, quickly and subtly wiping some small tears from her cheeks. Holding her tight he tells he’s not going anywhere and she’ll get sick of him soon enough. “I’ll get us a transport…” he gets a wry grin “Unless you’d prefer to walk the whole way.”

Carima sighs. “If there’s any hope in this galaxy our children will not inherit your sense your of humor.” The two kiss and walk off.

Cut to Darelda’s office where she warmly greets Ben with a light hug right after he walks in. Organa is dressed in surprisingly casual attire for once, with even her hair looking a biz frazzled. The room is in a similar fashion, half filled with furniture, and various containers not completely filled. She offers him a seat as she sits down at her own desk. He takes a cursory glance around the room. “The building staff not assisting a former politician I understand, but I would think a Queen would warrant some help.”

The remark gets a bit of a glare from Darelda. “Don’t call me that. My husband has a wonderful family, but their decisions in passing down royal lineage leave much to be desired. I think the greatest victory I’ve had is convincing them to wait till at least my term was finished before they started throwing royal titles on my head.”

Kenobi asks if she’s prepared for life away from Coruscant again and she says between this war and this senate anything back home will be a quiet relief for her, even with Bail taking her place in office. Peaceful as Alderaan is, she says she’ll be far more needed there than she would be here. Obi-Wan is skeptical of that, but Darelda tells him that the Republic now has the fresh ideas its desperately needed for a long time. “New Senate, new president, new blood.” Kenobi observes that some of the old blood appears to be in the top office.

She shrugs and says she figured with the war winding down and the critical role he played in cleaning up the elections they could use some of the old guarding helping in the transition, but doubts he’ll serve a full term. “Once we get some sort of peace agreement signed, I doubt Palpatine will think it necessary for him to sit quietly in a Vice President’s office for the next couple of years.”

After a beat Kenobi explains that he didn’t just come to wish her well, but to ask point blank if and when any security measures are being discussed in regards to Jedi. With some disdain she says its been a lot of ridiculous questions and paranoid theories, but no real proposals. Ben slowly nods, but affirms there have been talks then. Organa dismisses it. “Its a few bureaucrats and staff members, Master Kenobi; the ones who hear the crazies out on the streets and think they’re offering sound security advice.”

Obi-Wan still isn’t entirely convinced, and steps out of his chair and looks out the window out onto the vast population moving about on the Coruscant streets. He mentions that he’s gotten enough stares and nervous glances recently to know its more than just a select paranoid view. “Before the war I was prepared for someone to misunderstand the Jedi, or even to have forgotten what we were. I never thought I’d see the day people would be afraid of us.”

That gets her to stand up and walk over to him. Darelda makes it clear that people out there are worried about desperate plans of Mandalorians and Coalition uprisings, however every Republic citizen knows what he and his knights have done for them. “They’re scared of the present Kenobi yes, but the future needs Jedi. They know that.” Her words do seem to reassure Ben somewhat.


I regret not having commented on the previous update, but being an update a bit short, I was waiting for you to put more updates to give you feedback. Good start. The people of the Republic are beginning to be concerned about the Jedi and their clones. And Anakin acts very hard in this episode, each time he looks more like Darth Vader.

Could you answer a question:
-How old is Anakin in this episode? I ask you this question, because I thought that in A Galaxy’s Fury he was in his mid 20’s, however in this episode he says he is in his mid 30’s. I thought it had been 4 years since II.

Thanks and I look forward for the next update!


CHRomer that was an error on my part as I had wanted Anakin about 55 circa ROTJ, but had forgotten to account for the time in between ANH and Jedi. Timeline wise its probably gonna be:

SOTS: Early 20s
AGF: Mid 20s
BF: Roughly 30
ANH: Roughly 50
ROTJ: Roughly 55.


I see that you have resumed the updates of Episode III. An interesting start. In this film it begins to be noticed more than Anakin acts more like Darth Vader and Obi-Wan is worried about the reaction of the citizens of the Jedi because of the Jedi clones.

I know that you don’t like this kind of questions, but can we hope (as much as possible, of course) that there is more
regularity with the updates and not so much time between them?

Thanks and keep up the good work!!


What a pleasant surprise, we can finally get back to enjoy your Episode III. This two updates are interesting, the Jedi are more involved in the war, Skywalker is more affected by the war than in Ep.II and the vision of the citizens of the Jedi is more damaged because of the Jedi clones of the previous episode.

Good job, and I look forward to the next part.


At last, Episode III continues! The truth is that I was beginning to think that the year would end and there would be no news (updates). Good job. The Senate is worried about the Jedi clones, Anakin is more harsh in this movie, Carima is very pregnant, Ben is concerned about the citizens’ vision of the Jedi.

Thanks and I’m looking forward for the next one.


Finally updates resume. Good job, the Republic is winning the war, Anakin more like Darth Vader and Ben is worried about the Jedi. Reading this update leaves you wanting more.

By the way, I know that asking this now may be a bit early, but how is the situation of Ep.III?
With this I mean that if you already have everything clear, especially the basic plot and as for the acts if you already have everything figured out (sequence of events and all that) of all the acts or only of Act I?

I ask you these things, because I believed in June when you put the first update that you would have figured out at least Act I and apparently it was not, it is mostly to know if we can expect more regularity in terms of updates or it will be more similar to what happened in June.

Thanks and let’s hope that soon we can enjoy another update.


Hi, after many months without any news, you gave us this great gift. I regret not having commented on your previous update, but as CHRomer was waiting to have more substance to give you any comment.
Great work as always, CWBorne. It is true that it is noticeable for now that it is a different film from the previous ones, this one is drama and thriller, but it has to be because it will be the destruction of the Jedi, Skywalker definitively becoming Darth Vader and the revelation of Palpatine’s plans.

I look forward to see the next part.


Well folks, no real excuse for the delay, have just struggled to get the mental energy and creativity flowing as of late. But I am back, so here’s the next bit of episode III with hopefully more to come relatively soon.

Cut to a large outdoor stage with a podium on Coruscant, where loads of high ranking officials and officers are waiting, as a vast audience of Republic citizens in the crowd watch. As the last of the dignitaries are arriving we those on stage, including the likes of Palpatine, Bail Organa, with a formally dressed Anakin and Carima sitting at the very end of the stage.

She asks on when he’s planning to contact Tatooine. At the question, Nik looks away somewhat gives a non-committal answer. Nivir immediately picks up on this, and softly what to problem is, and he replies that he doesn’t want to talk about it. After a pause and seeing her concerned look he sighs.

“What’s the point? I could send something today, tomorrow or next season, and what would we get from them? Beru can’t even be bothered with the token “how are you” letter these days and all the money I could gift to Owen would make about as much difference as the last few years of messages did.”

She’s sympathetic, but reminds him that they’re his family. He gently grabs her hand and gazes at her pregnant stomach before looking her eyes. “I’ve got a family here, and its the only one I need.” She’s touched by his words, but does ask him to at least think about sending a message to the Lars, which he reluctantly agrees to but makes no promises. They then spot Kenobi arriving; and he sits beside Anakin.

Teacher and student have a warm handshake, and are both thankful for the reunion. Ben’s enthusiasm falters just a bit when he looks at Anakin’s expression and actually sees just how weary and detached his eyes have become. For the briefest of moments and perhaps for the first time in the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan gets a small idea of what exactly this conflict has done to his old friend. He remarks that its been too long since they saw each other and asks with some seriousness how Nik’s been.

The question immediately gets the younger man’s emotional guards up in the presence of his mentor and he does his best to reassure Kenobi’s subtle worry. He jokes about Jedi meditation to ease one’s mind is best helped by a cozy bed and that he’s still healing from an all ration diet. Obi-Wan smirks at the quips, yet his countenance suggests he isn’t entirely convinced. He shares a single look with Carima and its obvious there’s a conversation between them about Anakin to be had soon.

Its at that moment that the major speaker arrives as President Llanand steps out onto the stage. With a fresh face and youthful smile framed by a curly hair and full brown beard, he’s a man seemingly worlds away from the older and more experienced figures of his administration around him. Adorned in a far simpler set of modest robes than those previously seen on Palpatine, everything about him projects the image of the common man in high office.

He looks about the assembled crowd with restrained pride and opens by saying that the people that stand here today don’t do so as survivors, or victors, but as the heart and soul of this government. Lanand mentions that that so many times it easy to define themselves by their loss; by the tragedy and evil that has befallen all of them in this horrific war, and that they have not done that. “This Republic stood in the shadow of annihilation and we have emerged into the light; alive and more importantly for the generations to come… as just.”

He continues, mentioning while many have fought and given their lives to reach the day where that ultimate sacrifice will not be necessary anymore, the spirit of that selflessness must continue even as war becomes peace. “Let us not become a Republic so tired that we will do anything to get rest.”

While the speech continues, Anakin himself begins to get more and more uncomfortable; a sense of growing unease in him as he examines the area around him. The camera follows his gaze as he looks at the security in the distance, the assembled crowd, and eventually those on stage. He settles on Palpatine and a young and blond male human sitting next to him (one not without a certain resemblance to episode one era Anakin), the latter attired in a suit identifying him as a Jedi. Staring intently at the pair, Skywalker begins to shift in his seat, slowly turning his body towards them.

Both Carima and Ben are confused by it at first, before he sees precisely what Nik’s looking at and soon is looking just as intently. There’s a brief zoom to see the unidentified Jedi moving his arm out and opening up his hand. As those around are getting confused. Anakin immediately stands up and starts moving. There’s a cut to a lightsaber moving fast just above the ground, getting close to the stage. In a series of quick cuts the weapon ends up in the blond Jedi’s hand and just as rapidly he activates it. A split second later he makes a spinning throw towards President Llanand, intent on cutting him in two.

It gets within inches of doing so when Anakin grabs the hilt of the blade in mid air. Llanand can only barely react to the act before Skywalker begins charging towards the would be assailant with the other assembled guests hurriedly moving out of the way. The blond Jedi is nonreactive to this until an apparently panicked Palpatine grabs him, seemingly believing he’ll attack again. With his attention on the vice president, the Jedi easily overpowers the older man, knocking him down. From Palpatine’s perspective the audience sees the figure about to attack until he suddenly stops.

The camera reveals a lightsaber in his back, Anakin keeping it there for several seconds before sharply pulling it out. Republic security swiftly moves everywhere to spot other potential ttackers while the crowd and guests on stage are stunned. Llanand is surrounded by guards and rushed away to safety as Coruscant soldiers/police make ensure both audience and others are contained.

With his attention still on his victim and without even looking at him, Anakin offers his hand to Palpatine, who grabs it as Skywalker pulls him to his feet. The vice president appears a bit confused, but as he’s lead away into a safe zone himself by security, he looks back at Nik and seems more intrigued than ever.

Obi-Wan watches in grim silence as the unknown Jedi coughs up a small bit of blood before collapsing into shock. Nik has little response, staring at the dying attacker with pure disgust while the latter is swarmed and carried off by police. Only when Kenobi gets near does he snap out of it, and the shock of the moment seems to hit him. Between heavy breaths Anakin tells his mentor that he sensed something was off about the situation and he knew something was going to happen to, but he can’t even finish before he lets out Carima’s name and runs off to find her.

She’s thankfully nearby and he hugs her tight. He’s talks a mile a minute asking if she was hit, if the baby’s okay, if something happened where she was; she reassures him over and over that she’s fine and wants to know if he was hurt. Nik dismisses any worry about him saying he’s not important right now, and again inquires Nivir if she’s fine. Its Ben who answers, telling him that no one was hit and offering a comforting hand on his shoulder to calm him. Skywalker looks uncertain about the move, but the assuring look on Ben and Carima’s faces manages to ease him a bit.

When Kenobi gently asks if he’s alright, his old friend can only gesture towards his wife and unborn child. “They’re alright, so I’m alright.”

From her office Darelda watches a news video feed, looking sickened as variations of a single headline is repeated by the announcer: clone Jedi attempts assassination.

Cut to a small Republic military meeting room with Bail Organa, Obi-Wan, and Anakin around a table. The former motions to a holographic display of the local Corsucant area. He explains the current intelligence which suggests a half dozen clone Jedi set up replay points at select spots nearby, bypassing security checkpoints via moving the lightsaber just long enough for the next clone to then sense it and then move it further along.

Kenobi asks if they’ve captured all of them and Organa replies that most have been accounted for, but its difficult to determine how many more involved with the attack are still close, even with most ship traffic temporarily stopped. Ben brings up the attacker specifically, and Bail responds that they couldn’t get anything out of him before he succumbed to his injuries.

At that Anakin speaks up “That’s assuming that he knew anything and wasn’t just another confused drone the Mandalorian churned out.” Organa points out its a operation that only makes sense of the planners knew how tight security was and that all Jedi nearby would be without weapons that could re-purposed for an attack.

Obi-Wan brings up the obvious conclusion: there’s some specific gap in their security. Bail agrees, and informs the two that the incident has prompted the President has ordered even tighter clearance of information with increased safeguards at all points and that the prepared assault of Mandalore has been moved up to begin as soon as their forces are ready.

The latter news has major implications and both Jedi know it. Obi-Wan wonders if that’s ideal, however Nik points out that if the Coalition’s trying to assassinate heads of state, then the sooner an attack is launched, the better. Organa mentions that the Vice President strongly agrees, and the latter’s arguments had Llanand fairly convinced that a move now was for the best. Kenobi is still a bit uncertain, and is a bit surprised when he’s told that he’ll be co-leading the operation.

Its expected news to Anakin though, who stands up with a sigh and asks when they’ll ship out. After a pause, he’s told that he’s staying on Coruscant. Nik is greatly confused, even when Bail explains that the President wants an experienced Jedi on the planet in case there’s another clone attack. Skywalker slowly sits back down not sure how to take the news, though he does add that if this is where the Republic needs him, its where he’ll be. Obi-Wan inquires about what the plan is.

In his answer Organa states he’ll give him more specific details in the briefing, but that with a quick and large scale siege already ready to be done with their best ships, Jedi will be the critical point of initial attacks against their remaining ships and eventually the land invasion of Mandalore.

At that revelation Anakin looks up in disbelief. “A land invasion? We’re putting some of the best knights in the galaxy in the line of fire, on the enemy’s home territory, when we have the resources to take care of them from the sky?”

The question throws off Bail just slightly, not used to that kind of talk from Anakin. He details that they will be doing strong bombing campaigns and artillery movements to maximize their position. This isn’t enough for Skywalker who again points out the Republic has the kind of stronger weapons that could devastate all manner of Mandalorian defenses. “We can defeat them without losing a single man if we did it right.”

Kenobi and Organa share a look and the former steps up to address what he said. Softly, but sternly he reminds Anakin that they’re looking to get the Coalition’s formal surrender, not destroy all of them. The older man tells his former pupil that the Republic can’t end this war as a force that wipe out its enemies when it has the advantage. Convinced that his old friend understands his point he turns back to Bail, but is interrupted by a single forceful question by Skywalker.

“And just how many are we going to lose because we decided mercy to them was more important than keeping ours safe?”

The stark silence that follows tells Nik all he needs to know and he walks out, oblivious to the troubled look on Kenobi’s face.


Something I just wanted to mentioned in this separate post is that I will try to eventually turn these into more formal screenplays, but not until Episode III is completely finished. I’ll probably just make them their own threads when the time comes.


I knew you were up to something like this and that’s why you did not answer the message.
A very interesting update, Palpatine begins to notice that something happens to Anakin, and this is much more than ever obsessed with the loss of lives and that more brutal methods could avoid it.

Thanks and I look forward to the following part, let’s hope that this time the waiting it’s not so long. Good Job.


Glad to have you back, CWBorne. This update really brings interesting things. Skywalker’s obsession for Carima’s safety, the loss of life in the war, and the quickest way to prevent more people from dying in the conflict, even if these are more extreme methods.

And by the way, you could answer this question:
When you say that “I will try to eventually turn these into more formal screenplays”, obviously I already know what it means, but does it mean that you already have completely clear what you are going to revisions/edits from the previous episodes? And if those revisions/edits will we see them directly in script or will you start modifying the treatments that are already posted and then do the scripts?

Thanks and I look forward to see the next update.


No doubt a great update, it is clear that Anakin is not happy with the methods used to end the war, and something very important, Carima has become the axis of what matters to Anakin. Also as an interesting fact, Palpatine is no longer the President but the Vice President of the Republic.

Apart from the update, I would like to recommend one thing: If in the future, there are more breaks of updates, which probably will happen, hopefully not many and not so long and breaks are only between acts. But leaving this aside, it would be fine, if when you go to put an update and you know or intuit that you’re going to have to make a break, you say so. It would be nice if you put it in the introduction that you always do before the updates.

Let it be clear that I do not tell you to say something like “I’ll make a break for two months”, but to say something like: “After this update there will be a break of updates”, I’m not asking you to say reasons, time or anything like that. Another thing is that you know that they will be for example three weeks, then if you want, you can say it.

I tell you this more than anything so that we are informed, and we do not have to wait for three weeks to realize that there is a break.

Thanks and I look forward to see the next post.


Great work, In this update it is very clear that Anakin is on the verge of exploding, but Carima is the one that prevents him from doing it. The Jedi clones have tried to assassinate the new President, which will increase the fear to the Jedi and the assault to Mandalore is mentioned and about to begin.

I look forward to see the next one, that I hope we don’t have to wait so long to see it 😉.


Welcome back! Good job, CWBorne. Anakin is very disturbed and those around him begin to realize this, including Palpatine who is no longer the President, I guess that means that Llanad will have to die so that he can be again. And the Republic is preparing for the attack on Mandalore, which Anakin will not participate in and is very much in disagreement with the methods that they will use.

I am very eager to see the next one.


Welcome back, You have brought us a very interesting update. It seems that the relationship between Obi-Wan and Anakin seems to have cooled, and Obi-Wan seems to be realizing the toll that the Clone Wars are having on Anakin. And this seems very obsessed with the safety of Carima and his unborn child, revealing that his family is what matters most to him. And that the Republic is preparing an attack on Mandalore, which Anakin prefers to use more brutal methods if it means that no more lives will be lost, while Bail and Obi-Wan prefer to show more piety even if that means losing some lives.

I look forward to the next update.


Another update after less than a week? Yeah, believe it or not I’ve actually managed to regain something resembling efficiency as of late, so here’s the newest bit of Episode III. Not sure if I can keep up a regular update schedule necessarily, but I will make the effort. I’ve also made a small change to the previous update as I realized Bail and Kenobi came to a conclusion a little too early for the story so that particular revelation has been moved to a scene with Darelda here. As always, thank you for patience and kind comments, and enjoy the next portion of Broken Forces.

Outside the room a fed up Anakin storms out, eventually stopping to lean against a wall. Eyes closed, he takes several deep breaths, doing what he can to calm himself. The process is interrupted by a voice off camera saying “Meditation of the force, a technique worthy of mastery.”

As he opens his eyes the camera moves to show the face of Palpatine some feet away, looking at him with admiration. Flanked by two red adorned security officers he steps in closer. He apologizes for interrupting his moment, saying that he hadn’t gotten the chance to properly thank him for his courage in saving himself and the President. Skywalker, distinctly used to this kind of praise, casually downplays the kudos, offering that he was doing his duty as a soldier, and any Jedi including his master would have done the same.

The Vice President nonetheless points out that Anakin was the one that did it and says he has to shake the hand of the knight who’s done so much to keep their people safe. He indeed does so, adding a friendly slap on the shoulder and tells him the galaxy once again owes him a great debt of gratitude. The two begin to walk and with the tone and ease of their conversation its obvious that it’s a relationship that’s become warmer and less formal since the last film. Nik replies that at this point he’d just settle for the galaxy never having another large scale battle to fight.

Palpatine sadly agrees. “One of the greatest disappointments of my life has been not getting the chance to serve the Republic in peace. “The War President” has its own legacy of course, but speaking honestly it was never what I wanted mine to be.” Skywalker is surprised by that, noting he has the honor of being the leader who led them to victory. The older man gives him a knowing smile. “You know as well as I do my young friend that if galactic history teaches us anything its that the strength in achieving the peace rarely compares to the strength needed to keep it.”

At that Anakin can agree, yet he adds that he (Palpatine) and the new President are an ideal administration to pull it off. The other man slowly nods and replies “We’ll need to move quickly and efficiently; so may the Force be with us then.” Those words remind Skywalker of the earlier comment and he asks him about how he knew he was meditating with the Force.

Palpatine lightly chuckles at the question, answering that a power that helps win wars is one worth respecting and understanding as much as possible. He mentions how he’s dabbled in studies of the Force, believing that maybe the more he knew, perhaps the better he could understand the best role for the Jedi to play. Anakin is a bit intrigued and when he pushes for what the Vice President has researched, the older man casually brushes off any serious comparison between their respective knowledge. “I’m no Jedi Knight, Sir Skywalker, just an enthusiastic learner of sorts.”

Finally reaching their diverging point, the former president laments that they’ve reached the point even mentioning such an interest publicly would get politicized in no time on the floor of the Senate. Skywalker sighs, and says he unfortunately understands why he would be discrete “The more I learn about the Senate’s priorities, the less I seem to understand them.” As the older man makes his exit he turns back to Anakin and tells him he’s thankful a Jedi like him will be on Coruscant for now. The quietly proud smile Nik has afterward seems to show that he’s starting to agree.

Cut to a now formally dressed Darelda working in her office, before quickly standing at attention and officially addressing one President Llanand. He is the picture of stoicism, his impenetrable gaze briefly concentrated on a mounted photo display of her and Palpatine in the news following a major Senate bill being passed. After a pause her words get him out of his stare, and with a small nod he greets her. They shake hands and he sits down nearby.

Llanand brings up the plans for Mandalore and compliments Bail Organa for his work in developing the tactics for the siege, adding a small apology for the latter’s last days before retirement from the service being so dominated by strategy meetings. Darelda lightly smiles and responds that her husband would never forgive himself if his last days as a commanding officer weren’t pouring over planetary maps and reading reports. The President adds he hates losing her as a Senator, but has little doubt Bail will be as dedicated as she’s been in the office.

She replies that he’ll be invaluable in this critical period, especially when so much of the public still doesn’t believe the Republic’s close to secure. “Nor its public servants for that matter” adds the President. Darelda inquires if he’s recovered from the stage attack and he says he’s fine, but the attempt is why he’s requested her presence. He looks around the room, seemingly checking to see if there’s anyone who could be listening.

Some of the earlier stoicism drops a bit to reveal the almost middle aged man now with a great weight on his shoulders. He tells her in no uncertain terms that a high level of the Republic has been compromised by the Mandalorians. In detail the President describes that even with the constant screenings for clones, constant checkpoints, and security acts of all types, the Coalition has managed to infiltrate and coordinate movements right there on the planet.

This gets a dark look at Darelda’s face, confirming a fear she’s definitively had for some time. She asks if they’re certain someone is working for them inside and with a sigh he answers its either that or they’ve developed a surveillance so hidden and so efficient, its beyond their detection. Regardless, he can no longer trust any official investigation into it without either the possibility of being lied to or informing the spy outright. Thus that’s where she comes in. “You’ll have me working with the investigator?”

Llanand is to the point. She is to be the investigator.

Organa needs a moment to let that settle in. She tells him that there are better people for that role and he can only reply there are, but not ones above suspicion. The President mentions her previous history, discovering the initial invasion on Nar Shadda, and assisting the Jedi in the battle for Coruscant. Simply put, she might be the only one he can entirely trust to be faithful and rely on to be effective. “I know your record and I know you Senator. If you can’t get to the heart of this, I’m not sure anyone else can.”

This time, there’s no silence she needs, and Darelda immediately asks what she must do. He replies that that no one outside this room can know the full extent of their conversation. Some aspects can be told to whomever she implicitly trusts to help her investigate, but not everything. Llanand also stresses the need to be careful in whom she gets assistance from as if it is indeed a spy they could be in Senate, among the service ranks, or somewhere else entirely. She makes it clear she will be extraordinarily cautious.

With that, he departs, thanking her for her service, and telling her to update him on any significant information. She tells him that given he’s a target here, he would be safer away from Coruscant for a bit. Llanand replies that her understands her concern, but that the people are owed a President and he won’t ask any of them to risk their life for the Republic if he can’t do the same. Its a sentiment she clearly respects and the look between the two underscores the shared understanding of their respective duties before he formally leaves.


A very interesting update, really. The relationship between Anakin and Palpatine is closer than before and Palpatine is already beginning to “manipulate” Anakin. On the other hand, Llanad asks Darelda to investigate and locate the spy responsible for the attack.

As for you trying to make the effort to continue for regularity, if you have Act I completely figured out or almost, please make the effort, at least until the act is finished, then if Act II is more advanced or less that’s another issue but try to at least maintain the regularity of the updates.

I look forward to see the next update.


A very good update. The relationship between Anakin and Palpatine continues to evolve, and Palpatine begins to take advantage of Anakin’s frustrations and Darelda has to look for the spy.

I look forward to see the next one.


Very good update, you show us that Palpatine and Anakin’s relationship has evolved and that Anakin seems to increasingly trust in him. As for the change of the scene I like more like this now, I’m curious to know who will be the spy. At first I thought Palpatine, but because your Palpatine is not like the original prequels, but an opportunist, the truth is that I do not know who could be.

And I agree with CHRomer, at least make the effort until act i is completed, then depends on how advanced is act II (if you have completely figured out the sequence of events, fill the gaps, etc) then you can do one thing or another, but at least complete act I for now.

Thanks and I look forward to see the next post.


Good job, CWBorne. It is increasingly clear that Anakin begins to see Palpatine as the ideal leader for the Republic, although this will increase as the story progresses. And Llanad knows that there is some spy in the Republic and gives Darelda the mission to find him.

And please, yes do the effort until act I is completed.

Thanks and I look forward to the following part.


How fast! Good update, there is a spy in the Senate and Darelda is in charge of discover him, and I suppose he will ask help from the wrong person (Palpatine), I am very eager to know who the spy is and Anakin begins to trust more and more in Palpatine.

I am very eager to see the next one.


Good job. You show us that Anakin and Palpatine’s relationship is very similar to those of the original prequels, and that there seems to be a spy in the Republic and Darelda is in charge of investigating it.

And as the others say, please at least try to keep the pace until you finish this act, then with act II, will depend that how advanced it is, but please, try not to do more breaks until you finish the updates of this act.

Thanks I look forward to the next update.