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Star Wars : Episode I - The Ancient Lore [Episode I - REMAKE]


Star Wars - Episode I: The Ancient Lore

Episode I is the best-looking of the three prequels, with a lot of devotion put into them from both the crew, actors as well as the director himself before he went all ludacris on Digital moviemaking. It is also the most dull of the three prequels, with little to no character banter or real character development. It has to be remade.

[The Plan]

Moving on from my Harry Potter Revisited franchise, It was time to rework one of my other childhood memories. One that lacked a good story and good surprises and villains. For those who know me by now, you know I don't do with only editing pace or lines or simple cutting. I really change everything. Mattepaintings, music, sound effects, visual treatments you name it.

The Phantom Menace will not resemble anything close to what you have seen before. There is a completely new narrative and structure to the story, and with that a completely new beginning, middle and end.


Master and Apprentice

The Hunt for the Sith Lord

Nemodians talk to their Lord - Beta

Qui-Gon - The Rogue Jedi Knight, saving the Queen.

[The Changes]

- There are many new visual effects, and many alterations to both audio (voice and alien language) as well as music and sound effects.
- Appearances of Lord Sidious will have his hologram face hidden, as well as his one real-life appearance with Maul, as well as voice altered and new plot points given.
- The Nemodians (Nute Gunray & Co.) now speak in foreign Alien language, to give of new and menacing voices, as well as completely new plot points for the story.
- The Purple saber of Mace Windu will be removed in my trilogy, and given to Qui-Gon. It makes him more important, and fits his rogue style as he choses not to be on the Jedi Council. Mace Windu will get green.
- Jar-Jar Binks has a new voice.
- Battle Droids has a new voice.
- Jar-Jar Binks will serve as comic relief, although appearances or voice from him that diminish an important character or story moment, will be removed or decreased.
- Qui-Gon is the main character of the story. Obi-Wan and Anakin are sidecharacters that will get to shine a little bit throughout, but are part of a bigger puzzle to occur in the later entries of the trilogy.
- Story narrative completely altered. The beginning of the movie in the Trade Federation Ship now takes place in the middle of the movie, and the story now starts with a Space chase, Naboo and the saving of the Queen.

The original thread is over at, so if you want to follow this closely you'll find my thread over there. :)


Not meaning to be rude but you are using the word franchise incorrectly.

I think the word 'series' or 'projects' make more sense.

To paraphrase Leonard McCoy MD : you can't be franchised to do a legally dubious thing!

Your edits do sound interesting though.


This edit seems interesting and very ambitious

i look forward to seeing the completed product.

i have an idea though; i recently decided to do an edit of AOTC that includes a completely newly composited scene of Dooku and Palpatine talking. i think my method might work for you, especially in the scene with Maul and "Sidious".

also i used a voice actor to do some lines for me as well. now i understand that you are trying to hide the identity of Palpatine as the villain, but you could still used a voice actor and garble/distort his voice. that way it is easier to watch those scenes. 

it might also be better to black out Palpatine's face as opposed to blurring it.

just some suggestions

i think this will be a refreshing change.

“You can’t polish a turd. But you can shape it to look like candy.”


It's all fascinating in concept. 

 Questions.... Are these videos laid out chronologically? Also, will Palpy always speak some strange new tongue? I mean, I get that you had to do that to force your narrative changes. But it seems to me if you're going through the trouble of changing voices, why not find someone who can give you fresh Palpy dialogue so that half of your film doesn't become a foreign film with the Neimodians also with a language change.

Also, I recommend you find a new method of concealing the hologram face. Blurring looks like it's an episode of COPS. Instead I would create some shadows over his face. There are ways to achieve this in After Effects.

And a personal thought. Gui-Gon with a purple saber seems off to me. And I hated the purple saber at the get go. If you're trying to illustrate his rogue nature then I would think other colors that have not even been used. Yellow comes to mind.

That's all I can contribute at this point not knowing much else. If you need help, feel free to ask for it! These are some strong/bold ideas. I think you should push forward, but really think about the quality at the end of the day. I've learned that lesson in the past to be sure! =) Good luck!




Hope you didn't drop this. 

Just letting you know that my comments were meant as constructive criticism.