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Star Wars Episode 1: The Old Order


I found that many here are re-writing the PT, so it seems a good place to share! This is my novellized Episode 1. I got some excellent feedback from the RLM forum and I'm always hungry for more!

Some notes on it: The attentive reader will note that this story is written in a style that somewhat differs from most on these forums, and indeed most sci/fi/fantasy literature. Specifically, there is no introspectives, no discussions or revelations of the thoughts or feelings of any of the characters. This is intentional. This story started out as a screenplay, and in an attempt to keep the "feel" of a movie, I have ventured to write only "what you see on the screen", which makes the text less explicit than many others tend to be. So lets see if that movie feel can be retained...

(Disclaimer: this work of fan fiction should in no way be construed to be a challenge to Lucasart’s copyright relating Star Wars)

Opening Crawl: For a thousand years, the GALACTIC REPUBLIC has been the steward of peace and prosperity in the Galaxy, its Senate a place of peaceful negotiation. Lately, however, the SENATE ISOLATIONISTS - who fiercely defend the sovereignty of their systems - have questioned the Republic’s peacekeeping. The integrity of the Republic is about to be tested as a coup d’etat on the peaceful planet of Alderaan brings the issue to the breaking point...

And here's the link: