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Star Wars Despecialized Editions - Custom Bluray Set — Page 70


solkap said:

Hi markvh123,

I’ll help you troubleshoot if you are willing to post back and forth, either on my guide thread or by sending private messages.

Downloading the blu-rays can be difficult. But please … do not buy anything that someone else has burned or ask anyone on this site to burn the discs then mail them to you.

The biggest reason Fox, Lucasfilm, and Disney tolerate Despecialized Editions is that nobody makes any money from them and the users of this site do not physically distribute them. Selling or mailing discs would cross that line and put this site at serious risk of lawsuits.

However, I can help talk you through the operation. What is the first step from my guide that is confusing you?

Hi thanks for your answer .
I did not knew about possible lawsuits . I do not want to create problems .
I can try to download by myself and if i am not able post where i will block myself in the process .
And trust me you will have to be patience with me … i am not a guru in these things to download 😃


markvh123 said:

I did not knew about possible lawsuits .

By making the Original Unaltered Star Wars Trilogy available in High Definition in any form, technically, those involved at are breaking copyright law. However, what we are making available is material that the copyright holders refuse to sell.

Since we urge that those who want copies buy the commercially available versions first, and to not sell the Despecialized Versions, in theory, none of this has any financial impact on the movie producers. But there isn’t any legal protection for these projects at all. The studios are looking the other way, but only because they choose to look the other way. They could easily shut everything down if they changed their minds.

We want to do everything we can to make sure they don’t change their minds!

markvh123 said:

And trust me you will have to be patience with me … i am not a guru in these things to download 😃

That’s fine. No problem at all. I had to learn a lot of this myself when I discovered these versions a few years ago. Plus, I am a very patient man.

Besides, I know you will also have to be patient with me. I don’t speak Italian. Even though I will do my best to keep my language simple, sometimes, I think I talk too much. 😉

We will take it step by step. All of the steps to get the NJVC blu-rays are in the guide I posted here.

Let me know if a step is confusing, or if something I say as we talk to each other is unclear, and I will do my best to help make things more understandable. Trust me, if you have a computer with good internet speed, you can do this. You’ve already proved you know how to use a computer and a web browser just by posting here. And I can talk you through anything else that might be confusing.

One last thing. I would suggest that we continue this discussion in private messages if that is okay with you. That way we won’t add stuff that gets in other people’s way on the main threads.

The NJVC Custom Bluray Set of Harmy’s Despecialized Editions is available on Mega.

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