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Star Wars: Deleted Magic — Page 22


utsnia said:

This is my favorite fan docs on the making of ANH; though I admit I haven’t seen all that many. As of 1-2019 the second half of the doc can be found on YouTube.

The first half however can be found on Videa.

For how long? Who knows! That’s the internet!

this is why jambe davdar makes his trilogy with star wars begins,building empire and returning to jedi.
all find here:


[sarcasm]Nice necrobump BTW.[/sarcasm] Almost 8 years difference in between none’s post and utsnia’s post.

The Bunny, The Bunny, woah, I love The Bunny

Possessed said:
Danfun, do you also love the soup and the bread, or just the bunny?

SilverWook said:
Use of the bunny outside off topic is getting out of hand.
When outside off topic, use a link to the bunny if you really feel the need to invoke it.
Warnings will be next if some restraint is not shown.