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Star Wars: Death of the Author


tl;dr: A new, fanmade Star Wars continuity, starting with nothing but a clean slate and the Original Trilogy as our source material, and a community around writing fanmade stories to populate the canon.

Death of the Author

Philosophically I’m a hard believer in Death of the Author. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s the belief that once an author released their work, their beliefs and interpretations on it no longer serve as the ultimate authority, and that limiting a work to one definitive meaning or interpretation is restrictive. The author dies, and becomes part of the audience just like us.

That could also extend to the idea of canon in general, since deciding whether something belongs in canon is based in whether they align with the decider’s subjective interpretations. It then follows that neither the author, nor a company or anyone should have the complete authority to decide what is and isn’t canon if they shouldn’t decide which interpretations are and aren’t valid. The only reason Lucasfilm has this discretion now is because people listen to them.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with making a canon, making a consistent shared continuity between stories. This isn’t a #ResistDisney movement, you’re allowed to have a canon. This isn’t challenging the legitimacy of Lucasfilm’s EU either, or bellyaching about how bad the new movies or new canon is, I personally have enjoyed the new movies myself. But there doesn’t have to be just one canon, and I think it would be a fun experiment if there weren’t.

That’s not a new idea in the Star Wars fandom, especially amongst fans of the Old Legends EU, a lot of whom continue to follow it as if it never got reset. There’s no reason we can’t collectively make our own continuity.

This is what Star Wars: Death of the Author would be, a community-created continuity, with fan-written stories populating it.

The idea would be that it starts out empty, with nothing but the source material all of Star Wars is based on: The Original Trilogy. From there, the continuity would be expanded upon, more episodes could be written, stories short and long would fill the canon to a full and thriving timeline.

Members would democratically decide together whether or not the story fits into the canon we’ve established.

Something that I’d hope is for this continuity to develop its own personality and crazy ideas. I would hope it wouldn’t be too similar to the New Lucasfilm EU or the Old Legends EU.

The stories written in this continuity don’t have to be bound to the assumptions and ideas from either other continuity. The prequel trilogy of this continuity doesn’t have to have anything to do with Darth Vader’s fall to the Dark Side or the fall of the Republic, nor do either of them have to happen concurrently. Maybe Darth Vader is a rebel spy who betrays the rebellion and joins the Empire. Maybe he’s just a battle-hardened general who picks one side of a purely political civil war between the Republicans and the Imperials. It doesn’t even have to be a three-part story, you could have them be three disparate unrelated stories. Think outside the box! The state of the galaxy thousands of years before the Empire doesn’t have to be all Darth Revan Darth Bane Knights of the Old Republic, maybe the Jedi go on epic quests to fight off evil Force Monsters, or maybe there are tons of Force Religions or sects, not just the Jedi and Sith, but maybe the Bendu and the Ashla and the Nightsisters or a bunch of other crazy ideas, too, all fighting each other and the Jedi are just the ones that last into the age of the Empire.

I could go on with examples, but the point is: Let your mind wander and be as creative as you want: Don’t be bound to the ideas of Legends EU or the new Lucasfilm EU!

I made a discord here! Our first order of business is to decide what our first order of business will be.

At the very least, you should join us because it’s a guaranteed audience to share your writing with.

Death of the Author


I am in the process of writing a what if story about the Sith being the good guys and the Jedi the bad, with Darth Vader becoming Emperor as the end result.