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Star Wars Collectors Release Guide?


Lets say I just won the lottery (hypothetically) and my life goal was to collect all Star Wars Episodes I-IX home media (35mm, Betamax. CED, Super 8, VHS, Laserdisc, DVD, etc.) releases & re-releases available in the US for the public to purchase at some point before I die.

Is there a complete list, guide, wiki, database, or repo that I can reference to complete my collection? If yes, where can I access it? An-Index-Thread-for-Theatrical-Cuts-vs-Subsequent-Releases by @oojason is a masterful level of detail and cataloging but not exactly what I am looking for. Thanks in advance!

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I do not know of a ‘all in one’ guide (I wish there was too!), but oojason has links to several good sources of information in the An Index Thread for Original Trilogy Discussion… thread.

It is under ‘The various Home Releases - and formats - of the differing versions of the Original Trilogy films…’ section.

I love these two member’s sites on this, both are superb and insightful, with many images and general information:-

Video Collector’s - ‘Star Wars on Video’ website (mainly OT & PT)

projectcclarke’s - ‘Star Wars On Home Video’ website (mainly OT & PT)

Many people regard this youtube video channel highly as well - Nathan P Butler, and this video in January 2018 in oojason’s list. I do not know if there is a newer video, sorry - but he does cover all Star Wars releaes and also some ‘homage’ films too!