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Star Wars 4K77

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Can someone please provide me with a link to a site where I can download Star Wars 4k77? Can’t fine it anywhere.


Check your pms

I can answer almost all questions anyone might have about the Sith from Star Wars Legends, and please do PM me for the bd25 DEED(Despecalised Editions), as I have this version, though I can’t answer technical questions about them. Do not go gentle into that good night, Though wise men at their end know dark is right, They
Do not go gentle into that good night.
“Star Wars is a buffet, enjoy the stuff you want, and leave the rest.” - SilverWook
Feel the love.


If I could also get a link that would be greatly appreciated.


The relevant project threads are far better places to discuss these issues - and will hopefully stop the boards becoming further clogged up with these type of additional threads.

In the future, if fellow members could kindly point each other to the relevant project that would be a big help - thank you.

The site doesn’t allow links to downloads on the site; and we encourage members to look through the site find the relevant thread to find any information required.

For info on 4K77… they’ll be in the ‘Star Wars Preservation’ section of the site.

Please take the time to read through the following - and also have a look around to get a feel for the place and how it all works here - thank you 😃

If you are new to the OriginalTrilogy•com then the following info may be of some assistance…

Firstly, the About and Help sections may be of interest to you regarding this site and what the OriginalTrilogy•com is about.

Secondly, the ’How do I do this?’ on the - some info & answers to members’ queries thread should also hopefully be of some help as to many of the functions of the site, along with other related info as well.

Thirdly, the Announcements Section - including Site Rules & Guidelines, Fan Edit & Preservation Rules & FAQ, as well info for Signatures, Linking Policy for Downloads, and Plot Spoiler Policy (and much more) that may be of use too.

If you are having any issues with the site, have a question, an idea to improve the site, or would like to give some feedback - then these can be done in the Feedback Forum and General Assistance sections.

Finally, the self-explanatory An timeline thread - a history of the site and why & how it came to be… contains a fair bit of additional info chronicling both the site & also numerous changes made to the Original Trilogy over time. Moderator

I find that answer vague and unconvincing. Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves?
Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here? And say something righteous and hopeful for a change?