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Star Wars 1982 Rental Copy Preservation (Released) — Page 4


HansiG said:

If it’s a rental then how do you still have it? Hmmmmm?

Are you a non-returner? Are you? ARE YA? >:[

Not sure if you’re a troll, but back in the 80s, video rental stores let customers purchase their tapes as a “lifetime rental” as a workaround.

Jedi Master Skywalker said:
Btw I have started a petition:
Please sign
towne32 said:
They should build a whole website and forum based off a petition like this.


They still did that on occasion in the 90’s. I have a couple of old tapes like that.

Nice colors. Not too bad a transfer.


Saw this thread and downloaded the preservation last night. There was a couple of things that surprised me:

All of that “color noise” that’s on several of the prints that the various teams have scanned wasn’t noticeable on both the ship flyover of Tatooine and during the sandy scenes.

The color on the first half the film seemed really good/natural… but on the second half/death star scenes there seemed to be quite a lot of red push. Neverargreat’s last preview video lays WASTE to it.

It brought back good memories. Empire Strikes back was one of the first movies I saw in a theater… So until 1997, TV/VHS full screen is the only way I’d ever seen Star Wars.


This stuff downloaded from previous day.

This scene (few frames missing?):

Compared to four versions copy from movie. Four copy, four variation from scene. (3 VHS and 1 TVRIP.)


retarted’s 1982 RENTAL NTSC VHS copy*
GUILD HOME VIDEO Hungarian RENTAL VHSRIP copy (Rental rls date: 1992-93, Bőrarc)
Star Wars '77 TC Bootleg copy (Moth3r)
Star Wars '97 SE HUN TVRIP (X911)**

*Please compare to StarKiller RENTAL version this small scenes.
**This EP4-6 '97 SE TVRIPs available from Usenet posted by 'Star Wars Irrelevant

ESB and ROTJ first RENTAL VHSRIPs available?

Found the frame, from VHSRIP. VHS-mastering error or bar code??

Time code: 1:56:17.863
Frame number (VirtualDub): 168716


Can you PM me a Google Drive or Mega link?

Project creator and film enthusiast.