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Star Trek Into Darkness Bonus disc (Released) — Page 12


Thanks, any links to these?

BeatleJWOL said:

pittrek said:

A question - what is not on the Compendium ?

Trekcore detailed a few items that did not appear there:

There are also a few other bits still left out for unknown reasons, including:

 Two deleted scenes from the XBOX Video release:

   "Pike's Office (Original Ending)"

   "Kronos Fight Before Khan Arrives"

The "MTV First" roundtable interview series, totaling approximately 30 minutes

Several minor behind-the-scenes clips and VFX pre-vis videos released via XBOX Video

The six different Port of San Francisco music cues

The Into Darkness 'B-Roll' video

The nine-minute IMAX preview cut of the film's introduction, released with the first Hobbit film

Any leftovers collection should basically be the two deleted scenes, the MTV First series, any of the BTS XBOX Live videos, the music cues and the b-roll. The IMAX preview material would be covered by the ratio-shifting full feature.



What a clustershmuck this entire thing was (as far as the studio's end, not our effort here).

I really hope studios learned a lesson from this and don't pull a stunt like this again. This was beyond sleazy.


To this day there isn't a CD containing every version of the song that played during the bar scene. Those who watch the Australian version on you tube are stuck with "clear the room!".

Maybe someone here can post every version of that song.

Nobody sang The Bunny Song in years…



There doesn’t need to be any DVDs made for this. Just an extra bonus BD25 to stick with the Compendium. If said left off bonus features are in HD at least.