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Spiderman(2002): De-Boned – Dixon's Edit (CURRENTLY ABANDONED - FILE LOST)



Despite adoring Raimi’s trilogy from the first time saw them, I recently came to consider editing the series to be more serious, and what some people forget, is that from the first scene of the first film, to the last scene of the third film, the series was goofy as hell.
And so, I have started from the beginning.

INTENT: Darken and Serious-ify the classic film.

Theatrical Running Time: 2h 1m
Edit Running Time: 1h 46m
Cut Time: 14m



Green tones lowered throughout the film, and saturation lowered by a fraction. Saturation lowered and green tones heightened to indicate concern, danger, or the Goblin

The majority of ‘Look, Spider-Man’ lines removed, I just hate ‘em

No More Opening Narration

Removed the 90s-2000s nerd bullying Bus segment

When MJ looks at Peter, she is no longer waving at her friends, she now just looks at Peter

No more ‘ashamed of who you are’ or ‘it’s just’ lines. Straight from ‘Of course it was’ to ‘forget it’

‘His father’ll fire your father.’ and subsequent high five removed.

No ‘Those guys are jerks’ or ‘Spider sense’ lines

Shortened Harry’s ‘Did you know that this is…’ line so as for it to look like he’d been talking through the presentation as the spectacled Teacher says.

Peter doesn’t moan like a sex pest as he takes the photographs

Norman no longer smashes the mispronounced ‘Pro(ma)chlor(a)perazine’

No ‘Oh, it’s cold’

Removed Norman’s semi-effeminate breath

Shortened the score synced resuscitation, which I always laugh at

Removed the shot of Norman waking and transition straight from him grabbing Dr. Stromm to Peter waking

Removed Parker staring at MJ

Cut from MJ’s abuse to Peter chasing the bus

Removed the goofier half of Peter smiling at MJ, just a little too painful for my tastes

No CG Spidey Sense moment, Peter simply subconsciously dodges

Fight scene edited to be slightly less hokey

Peter no longer gets shamed for defending himself, instead he feels regret for his actions and runs off

No finger hairs

No Spaghetti man Peter

Web shooting scene kept intact – I kinda like it

Web shooting scene colour corrected to appear later in the day – hopefully successfully

Removed Wrestling match

Major colour correction from the death of Uncle Ben till the beginning of graduation

The burglar doesn’t shoot at Parker once he’s out of the car

As we see Peter decide to become Spider-Man we see a return to full saturation

Worst civilian interviews removed

Peter and Betty’s conversation ends at ‘Welcome to the Daily Bugle’, if you haven’t noticed, I hate cringe comedy

Refined and Recoloured Fight at the Unity Fair

Tone down how much of an ass Harry makes himself sound when speaking to MJ on the phone

Heavily shortened Norman looking at the masks

Removed Jameson asking Hoffman for the copyright to Green Goblin

MJ no longer kisses Peter, he instead pulls out before she can unmask him

‘I’ll be here when you get back’ and ‘Not coming back, chief’ removed, leaving more of a selfless understanding between Peter and the Officer

‘It’s you who’s out, Gobbie’ removed, now Spidey just says ‘Out of your mind’

‘Oh, great’ removed

‘No one says no to me’ and subsequent transition and shot of Norman removed

Removed Norman looking creepy / concerned when Peter is heard upstairs, along with Aunt May calling out for him

Removed CG blood hitting the floor along with the second shot of the Ketchuppy substance

Norman no longer suspects something in Peter’s room

Removed Aunt May insisting on saying grace, I don’t want to think about Religion in my Spider-Man movie

Cut the first half of Norman and the Goblin discussing what to do to Peter

No prayer scene, too silly, and, of course, bad guy is a heathen and good old woman is a saint

Major recolouring in this segment

Removed Peter looking side to side

Removed Peter saying how ‘Cool’ Spider-Man is

Removed Goblin transition

Removed the Itsy Bitsy Spider

Removed Spider-Man’s arrival, no ‘Gobbie, what have you done?’

Removed the close ups of the people on the bridge, they still help, but no ‘New York’ lines

Peter is no longer grenaded

Fewer slow-motion shots

Close up reaction from Goblin removed

Glider flies quicker, leaving little time to react

‘You’re the only family I have’ removed, as Franco clearly doesn’t say a word

‘It’s been so hard without him’ removed, obvious and unnecessary ADR

MJ’s confession shortened

Peter Narration doesn’t explain that he loves her

MJ doesn’t realise that he’s Spider-Man, seeing as she seems to forget in the next film


paja said:

Very cool!

I’m a little iffy on this though.

Removed Wrestling match

I was unsure myself when I removed it, it’ll be absent from the first release, though if I make later releases I may try putting it back in.
And besides, removing the scene gave me a cute title, lol.


Interesting! I was going to do something like this until you took it upon yourself to do it 😀

An editor with a dumb username


Hey, guys, happy to report that the export is in progress!
So, as to quote Patty Bateman; Keep your eyes open


I would love one as well. Been a fan of these movies since they came out!



I can answer almost all questions anyone might have about the Sith from Star Wars Legends, and please do PM me for the bd25 DEED(Despecalised Editions), as I have this version, though I can’t answer technical questions about them. Do not go gentle into that good night, Though wise men at their end know dark is right, They
Do not go gentle into that good night.
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Feel the love.


This sounds interesting. I would definitely be interested in watching it


Peter is no longer grenaded

If you remove Spidey getting a grenade to the face, then why would his mask be ripped during the fight?


Darth Batman said:

Peter is no longer grenaded

If you remove Spidey getting a grenade to the face, then why would his mask be ripped during the fight?

He was thrown through a thick brick wall. I thought that was a sufficient explanation.


I would like a link please!


Darth Batman said:

Have you started editing SM2 and SM3 yet?

Actually, I’ve not touched anything Spider-Man since I finished this edit.
However, I’m considering making an improved version of this edit. If I do so, I would likely follow up with 2 and 3.

  • Dixon

I would also like to watch your version.


i will watch this but will cringe