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Special Edition to 2011 Audio Changes


I was looking to try and sync the 1997 SE LD Rips alongside the 2011 BD Video - I know there will be issues with the sync during the celebration seq but I was wondering if there was a list of changes anywhere.

I wanted to look at:

  • 1997 SE 5.1 (LD Rip)
  • 1997 SE 2.0 (LD Rip)
  • 2004 DVD 5.1
  • 2011 BD 5.1


I've started to sync the 1997 SE 2.0 Rip and so far it's pretty good, although when listening to it next to the 2011 BD Center track, there's some minor phasing every once in a while.

So Far, I've only had to make 2 edits:

  1. When Threepio is introducing R2 to Jabba's Door, I've had to add about 6 frames.
  2. When The Emperor tells Vader to rise, I've had to add a couple of frames.


Has anyone had any issues?

Is it even worth trying to sync these tracks? We know there's the Vader Nooo! at the end as a difference, but otherwise is there anything of note between the above tracks?


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